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    Join Steve Stanger on "The Mac Attack" every week for an informative and upbeat show full of Mac tips, tricks, and hints you can use. The direct download and feed can be found here - The Mac Attack The Mac Attack - episode #1 Welcome to "The Mac Attack" (no it has nothing to do with fast food cravings). This first episode focuses on backing up your data. You wouldn't believe how many people don't. You back up, don't you??? The Mac Attack - episode #2 On this weeks "The Mac Attack" we jump head first into the world of Mac shareware, freeware and must have software. The focus on part one is freeware and shareware system utilities. We also look at two great Mac wireless networking utilities and touch on wireless networking security. The Mac Attack - episode #3 This weeks "The Mac Attack" is extra-large & super-sized, it's like two shows in one! We continue with part two of shareware, freeware and must have software. This episode covers everything from Word Processors to P2P applications and everything in between. The Mac Attack - episode #4 This week I answer listener email and voice mail and discuss drive fragmentation, virus protection for OS X, OS X (Tiger) books, and more. The Mac Attack - episode #5 This weeks "The Mac Attack" is all about keeping your Mac running it's best (and you don't even have to buy it sneakers). I discuss OS X maintenance along with answering listener email and more. Give it a listen, see what you think. Thanks -Steve