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  1. DMorrison

    iLife 06 and Leopard ?

    I figured as much, thanks. I appreciate it. Just wanted to double check. I had heard that you could download iMovie HD, but never found it online, i supposed it's available soley through the 08 software. thanks for easing my mind.
  2. DMorrison

    iLife 06 and Leopard ?

    I know this question is probably apparant, but I wanted to double check. I am getting ready to upgrade my macbook to leopard, and want to reinstall iLife 06 (im an imovie HD fan) from my original macbook installation CD's. Does anyone see a problem with this? I can't imagine it would be, but I am not ready to replace iMovie HD with the new dumbed down version. I appreciate your feedback.
  3. DMorrison


    I recently became aware of a new program for Gmail Integration to your desktop, called Mailplane. As many you may know I am an avid admirer of all of Google’s services, and have several Gmail accounts, so naturally I was intrigued. Mailplane is still in Beta and is available through email invite, but I was intrigued when I visited the site and found it’s catch phrase to say essentially that Gmail and OSX don’t work together. I failed to understand what he meant. I have had very little trouble using Apple’s Mail.app to manage my Gmail accounts. Granted, through Pop3, which has it’s limitations, but i don’t find them to to be particularly problematic. As I explored the website I found it’s features interesting. It integrates into iPhoto, adds drag and drop capabilities, even a useful screen capture feature. So I requested a Beta invite, and received one promptly. For the rest of the review, visit http://macfeed.net
  4. DMorrison

    I have invites!

    I've tried both Skitch and Mailplane. Skitch is awesome, fun, and intuitive screen capture program. I also reviewed Mailplane...see that here http://macfeed.net/2007/10/01/mailplane-a-review/ I was unimpressed.
  5. DMorrison

    www.macfeed.net join in

    Hey everyone who doesn't care. lol. MacFeed.net is up and running, in a fairly simple form, i'll admit. But look forward to a more unique presentation in the future. Anyway, I am glad to join the MacGeek blog-o-sphere. I am open to comments, suggestions and of course material contribuition.
  6. I started my blog only recently, and then was inspired to take on another project. A sort of Mac Blog index site. Featuring bloggers, links for switchers, recources, tutorials. There isn't any money making thing involved if you publish a podcast, or a Blog that is Mac/Apple/OSX related, email me, or go to the site, and fill out the form. It's in it's in very early stages...beware. LOL. Anyway. thanks alot check my blog out at http://blog.morrisonfeed.net and the new site is www.macfeed.net .