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  1. washingtonpondfrog

    How do I turn off _Font Smoothing_ in Firefox 3?

    Ok, I figured out a good work-around. I just went into System Preferences for my Mac, and in the Appearance menu, I changed "Font Smoothing Style" to Light.
  2. washingtonpondfrog

    HTML email templates - how?

    I really like the html stationary that comes as part of Leopard's mail.app. I also purchased this (kinda expensive, though): http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/inte...ionerypack.html
  3. washingtonpondfrog

    Gmail, Mail & iPhone

    Also look at these: http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer....mp;answer=77702 http://lifehacker.com/software/gmail/a-bet...imap-314565.php
  4. So, one of the reasons that I don't use Safari is because all the fonts therein look blurry and dull. I hate it. It hurts my eyes. (I'm aware of the debate about font smoothing, but it just hurts my eyes too much). With Firefox 2, all of the fonts looked crisp and great (as they do on my PC running Firefox 2 and IE). Now, I upgraded to Firefox 3, and it has the same horrible font smoothing that Safari does!! How do I turn it off? I've played with the settings for more than an hour, and I just can't figure out how to do it. Someone else feels the same way here: http://support.mozilla.com/tiki-view_forum...1&forumId=1 Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks!!
  5. washingtonpondfrog


    I use mozy for the mac to back up my iMac (which is connected to Comcast cable internet via wireless Linksys router). Let me tell you, getting the initial back-up finished was a complete bitch. But, when it fails, it doesn't need to start anew. It starts where it left off. So, after _weeks_ of frustration, trying to get the initial upload finished, I now have nearly 250GB stored with mozy. Every day at 3am it starts, and it's usually completed before I wake up, though sometimes it takes longer (e.g. if I recently handbraked movies to my mac) because there are more files to upload. I'd say that about once every 10 days, it stops working. But when I restart the computer, it works again. (And I usually just wait until Apple releases some software update that requires a restart). But generally, ever since I got the initial upload finished, it hasn't caused me any problems. In a typical month, I probably add 7 movies to iTunes (via handbrake set at iPhone quality) and maybe 40 new music albums. And photos. So I really test mozy with quite a bit of data. I set mozy to upload everything, excluding nothing. And lord, it is so cheap!! I have 250GB (and climbing) stored with them for only $5 a month??! That's insane. I love having the peace of mind of having an off-site copy of everything. So, is it totally problem free? No, especially at the beginning. But after you get it running, it's nearly problem free. I love mozy now. Though, the initial upload process (of like 150GB) was HORRIBLE. Not sure if Comcast was killing the connection, or if it was Mozy's fault. Note: my iMac is set to never go to sleep, and is always on, downloading podcasts, connecting to .mac sync, and mozy (starting at 3am) 24/7. I'm running Leopard, iLife '08, iWork '08, Time Machine.
  6. washingtonpondfrog

    iTunes Limitation: Forcing Music Into Compilations Doesn't Function Properly

    Brilliant! That totally worked. I changed the "Album Artist" to "American Idol", and left the "Artist" alone. And it grouped them together, leaving the correct "Artist" still displayed. Thank you!!
  7. Let me give you a (particularly lame) example: I go into the iTunes Store and purchase two tracks: "Papa Was a Rolling Stone (American Idol Performance)" by David Hernandez from the album "Papa Was a Rolling Stone (American Idol Performance) - Single" and "You're the Voice (American Idol Studio Version)" by David Archuleta from the album "You're the Voice (American Idol Studio Version) - Single" I go into my iTunes library, select "Papa Was a Rolling Stone..." and click "Get Info." I change the name of the album to "American Idol Season 7." I also delete the artwork, and put in a new picture. I save the changes. Then, I select "You're the Voice..." and click "Get Info." I change the name of the album to "American Idol Season 7." I also delete the artwork and put in the same picture as above. I save the changes. Then, I select _both_ tracks, click "Get Info." I change "Compilation" to say "Yes." I save the changes. BUT THE TRACKS ARE STILL NOT GROUPED TOGETHER as part of the same album (while in Album View sorting). iTunes refuses to group them together, even though I've changed everything in "Get Info" to suggest that they are supposed to be on the same album. There must be some background tags (ID3 tags??) that are still telling iTunes that these tracks do not belong together. Isn't there some way to override this? (Yes, I have gone into advanced options and turned on "Group Compilations When Browsing"). I spent 30 minutes on the phone with Apple, talked to a Product Specialist. He said that iTunes currently does not have this functionality. He said that I would have to go into each track's secret tag data, and change it somehow. But Apple does not support such things. Please fix iTunes so that the "Get Info" tab allows me to group random tracks together, from different artists and albums. I have experienced this problem (i.e. trying to re-order/group tracks from different artists/albums into new albums via changing information in the Get Info tab) for years, on multiple machines (both mac and pc). So, this is obviously an iTunes-issues, not a problem with my computer. Related Problems When I import an album (e.g. via music cd, iTunes Store purchase, or Amazon MP3 purchase), I often check to see if there are any additional LP tracks by the same artist. For instance, I import "Oh, Inverted World" by The Shins (a total of 12 tracks). Then I buy a couple tracks from "Fighting in a Sack - EP" by The Shins. I want to have the EP tracks appear at the end of "Oh, Inverted World." I change the album name of those tracks to "Oh, Inverted World." Success! They have been successfuly added to "Oh, Inverted World." HOWEVER, they are in the wrong order! They appear _at the beginning of the album_, even though I've told iTunes that it is track 13 and 14. So, when I'm in Album View sorting, I see them listed in the order of Track 13, Track 14, Track 1, Track 2.... Again, there must be some secret _information tag_ on these songs, that is telling iTunes that they belong at the beginning of the album, even though I've told iTunes to put it at the end (via changing the "Get Info" track numbers). Sometimes I successfuly add EP tracks to an album (see previous bullet point), but _on my iPhone_, they show up as separate albums!! So weird. In other words, I've successfully fooled iTunes on my computer to view the tracks together, on the same album. But on my iPhone, it knows that those two tracks belong in a separate EP album! Anyway, any help would be appreciated. I'm a bit OCD about my iTunes library looking perfect. And it annoys me to no end that I can't group tracks as I please.
  8. washingtonpondfrog

    GMail gets IMAP!

    Ok, I figured out how to stop this. You need to turn off synching with "drafts". Go to Mail/Preferences/Mailbox Behaviors/ uncheck the box next to "drafts".
  9. washingtonpondfrog

    Help me pick a printer! (want to create searchable pdf's)

    Update: I got the Canon Pixma MX310 with my new iMac (nearly free after the rebate). I haven't had a lot of time to play with it, but IT DOES CREATE PDF'S WITH SEARCHABLE KEYWORDS. I scanned a document, saved the resultant pdf to my documents folder, and then used spotlight to search for a keyword that was on the scanned paper, and no where else. It found the document, and when I opened the pdf it highlighted the search term. Very happy about that.
  10. washingtonpondfrog

    GMail gets IMAP!

    I'm having a problem with using gmail IMAP with Leopard. I've followed these directions: http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer....mp;answer=77663 http://5thirtyone.com/archives/862 And all of that seems to be working great. However, when I try to write an email using _stationary_, I compose my email (about 1-5 minutes of time), then I hit send. It sends a great message, like this one: http://www.screencast.com/users/washington...36-6b4d744cdc30 But when I log into gmail, and look in the "sent" items folder, I see that in the moments before I sent that good email, it also sent 6 horrible others! Basically, as I was composing the message, it was sending _pieces_ of the unfinished email ... sending it to my recipient. Here are some examples: http://www.screencast.com/users/washington...4c-93f9e92438b7 http://www.screencast.com/users/washington...70-c30fa8b9b741 (this example shows that I send 6 bad versions, followed by the good one) So, instead of sending one email, I sent 6 horrible emails, followed by one perfect one. This problem with stationary messages has happened three different times now, different recipients, different days. Any advice would be very much appreciated. Maybe I've made a mistake somewhere in the setup? (This is my first mac) (my setup: new iMac, Leopard, gmail, IMAP (which works successfully with my iPhone), wireless internet in my apartment from Comcast, just one email account)
  11. Awesome. Thanks for your efforts thus far. But please don't spend a lot of time on this if you don't think it would be useful for yourself. Once I get my mac (arriving Wednesday!!!) I'll have a go at it as well. Though, grad school keeps me busy. Congrats on getting an iPhone. I got one the day after the price drop, and I love it. I'm never bored any more, because I always have entertainment in my pocket. I just fold up the headphones that came with it, keep it in my back pocket when I'm not using them. That way I always have access when the opportunity arises.
  12. I don't think it would be such a big deal if quoted conversation were at the end of the mp3 file - once I started hearing old conversation, I would just move on to the next mp3. Re gmail, I think you're describing "bacon" as oppsed to spam. I don't mind bacon so much, and most bacon has easy opt-out buttons at the end of the emails. (I have no clue where I picked up the term "bacon" so maybe I'm totally wrong about that term).
  13. With gmail, I get almost zero spam, and I've had the same email account for years and use it everywhere (I've bought things from hundreds of online retailers over the years). Gmail is awesome!! I also implement the Inbox Zero (http://www.43folders.com/izero) plan, so my inbox only has a manageable number of messages at any moment.
  14. Re the easy save-to-audio, that's so great, even if it's a bit manual. I'm responsible for reading so many work documents ... this will be a great way for me to get an initial read done while I'm on the subway. And those LONG, mass emails you get from old college buddies - "Here's what I've been doing for the past year ...." - this will be perfect for those too.
  15. I'll have to figure out what Apple Script is (my first mac is coming in the mail right now!!). Do you think I could use the Automator robot to do this? Something like (1) open first email in inbox, (2) copy text into place where Alex can read, (3) turn on some recording program, (4) start alex reading, (5) save final recording, (6) move into itunes ... Or is this something that Automator can't do?