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    Twin Finder

    Here's a Script I wrote to open two Finder windows up. The script will open one Finder window with your User folder and one with your Documents folder to allow you to drag things from one to another. I have mine set to open my downloads folder and my dropbox folder. Feel free to download the app or the script and modify. A link to my site www.WaynePriestley.com
  2. Legion

    Resize images

    Here's a link to resize your images to 200 pixels in length keeping the height in proportion. I wrote it to adjust image size's so I could post them on my blog. If you require a different size just leave a comment on my blog and I'll edit the script and get back to you. I've also included a nice icon for the script so you can drag it onto your finder bar and just drag your images onto it to resize. IMPORTANT: This script does overwrite your image so make a copy if you'll be needing the full size image again. Enjoy link to download