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    Yosemite Bug... Mac Keeps Waking from Sleep

    OS X Yosemite 10.10.1 No change. No help.
  2. 2008 Mac Pro (Desktop) Will just wake from sleep. Don't know the exact frequency. From what I've read others are experiencing it too.
  3. $29.99 for a month.... ends sometime in August.
  4. http://www.bombich.c...es/ccc-3.5.html
  5. Update: Microsoft 2008 still showing in application folder.. Moved this to the Trash.. This removed the update popup. Now running "Empty Trash securely", and this will take some time.. over 20,000 items... Thanks MS...
  6. Why is it that while running MS Office for Mac 2011 (Home and Student) and I "check for updates" I get an update entitled: Office 2008 for Mac 12.2.8 Update screen shot Scratching my head here.... I Uninstalled Office 2008 for Mac using the MS unistaller BEFORE I installed Office 2011.. weird.. anyone else having this issue? Thanks.
  7. Greetings Mac Community. Need some help. It is over my head........ Apple Says: Apple Ad Access your drive over the Internet. Say you're traveling and you need a file on the hard drive connected to your AirPort Extreme back at home. If you're a MobileMe member using Mac OS X Leopard or Snow Leopard, no problem.* You can access all the files on your shared drive over the Internet. Simply register your AirPort Extreme with your MobileMe account, and your drive appears in your Finder sidebar just like any other attached drive. It's like having your own personal file server wherever you go. Q; How do I "Simply register your AirPort Extreme with your MobileMe account". This is what I have done: System Preferences-MobileMe-Back to My Mac ON Airport Utility-Manual Setup-Advanced (top of window)-MobileMe- and I entered my MobileMe Member Name and Password What how does this thing work? I went on a network that was NOT my own and I did NOT see my Airport Extreme External Hard Drive. And Yes I did format and partition the External HD to my liking and it DOES show on my home/regular network under the "SHARED" category of the Finder window.
  8. Lexonex

    itune Vista 64 bit and the ipod Touch

    Yeah I Know.. bought the "Pro" version too... cheap! BTW Since I have a Mac upstairs and one downstairs there is free software Dropbox.. GREAT! any changes to my 1password goes directly to my other Mac! Of Course, the iPod Touch will sync... MS is just another bumpy past memory....
  9. Lexonex

    itune Vista 64 bit and the ipod Touch

    Thanks. You know that is an important point. The Community. Apple Community. From the Company Apple to every owner, developer and user. Something I did not really appreciate until I was up to speed. Lot of very good people in the PC world willing to help. but, it was always about getting drivers or solving errors/issues to get back to "normal". I do get issues with my Mac and I'm still in the learning curve but, help goes way beyond just getting the Mac properly working... Apps are really time savers and way cool. People writing Automator workflows for Twitter, URL Shorteners and all sorts of programs/software... Just installed 1password and WOW what security and ease of use going into my accounts. My iPod Touch gives me complete access to 99% of the iPhone apps store....iPod Nano for all my audio podcasts....NO REGRETS. ALL IN. Not looking back....... Again, Windows7 ?? Who gives a crap! Mac Man Lexonex
  10. Lexonex

    itune Vista 64 bit and the ipod Touch

    I have done a complete migration to Mac! Love it!... Gave away all my MS equipment, PC, Zune the works... I have a Mac Pro Upstairs and put the iMac downstairs.. IPod Touch working great along with my iPod Nano...Added some AppleTVs to my HDTVs. Windows7? Who gives a crap!
  11. Lexonex

    Snow Leopard UNABLE to combine PDF files

    For Snow Leopard 10.6.0, Apple changed the way this feature works in Preview Version 5.0 (501) and made it more cumbersome. Here’s how it’s done in Snow Leopard: Open a PDF (using Preview). Expose the Sidebar. Drag the PDFs you want to include in the Sidebar area. Note B: The PDFs all retain their name in the Sidebar (contrast with Note A) Select all but one of the PDFs in the Sidebar. Drag and drop the selection into the unselected PDF recipient. Note C: You only get one chance at this or you’ll need to start over. You can only drop one set of PDFs onto the recipient. Note D: After doing so, the recipient icon changes to include a Binding Comb on the left edge. Moving the arrow cursor over the combined PDF exposes a circle-left-turn arrow on the right edge. Save or Save As the PDF. Voilà – one PDF. Thanks. Don't you think the old way was easier?
  12. mmmmmmmmm..... I USED to be able to open a pdf file using Preview and then add additional pdf files in the side bar view and save as an entire new document with all the pdf pages I had added. This I can NOT do with Snow Leopard. WHAT HAPPENED? Thanks if you have a work around
  13. Lexonex

    Snow Leopard 10.6 64bit?

    Macs that can boot into 64 bit Kernel
  14. Lexonex

    Snow Leopard 10.6 64bit?

    Per Gary at MacMost: Go to "about this mac" - "more info" - click directly on "software" IF you are running 64 bit you will see 64-bit kernel and extension: YES If you are running in 32 bit you will see nothing or in my case: 64-bit Kernel and Extensions: NO Just curious. Got several error messages running 64 bit. Went back to the default 32 bit. Kinda cool to easily switch back and forth........
  15. Lexonex

    Snow Leopard 10.6 64bit?

    I have 8GB of Ram Memory (downstairs Mac Pro Xeon Processor). Again, How do I tell I'm really running 64bit?