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    iPod artwork glitch?

    I've found this glitch to be true of both my Macs, using my 60GB iPod Photo and coworker's 4GB Nano. When you add or change the artwork in the ID3 tags of a file stored on an iPod, it's not shown on the "Now Playing" screen of the iPod during playback. I've found that by changing the local file's ID3 tag, then syncing those files to the iPod solves the issue. For those of us with multiple systems... a full, local library on both is a pain, rendering artwork changes / additions to files stored on an iPod a necessity. Odd how any other ID3 changes to iPod stored files work without a hitch. Can anyone else verify this issue?
  2. hellocharlie

    iPod USB freeze

    a couple of resets, reformats, reinstalls, etc later, I'm still having the same issue with iTunes, the iPod Photo and USB 2.0. I've heard of USB problems with Tiger but I can't imagine that this is the issue. Would there be any reason to believe the USB cable is shot? Sorry to be annoyingly persistent, but I'm completely out of ideas at this point. Thanks all!
  3. hellocharlie

    iPod USB freeze

    I spent an entire day archiving my music and backing up the data on my iPod. I then used the latest iPod Updater ("iPod Updater 2005-06-26" at the time)... then used Micromat's PodLock software to defragment. However, USB 2.0 continues to cause iTunes to freeze. I'm out of ideas at this point. Any suggestions are welcomed and appreciated.
  4. hellocharlie

    iPod USB freeze

    resetting was my first resort. i think that the updater (not itunes 4.9) may have caused the issue... but i haven't completely restored yet. once i back up my 60 gigs (wish me luck)... i'll update. can't imagine something in the ipod would effect only USB and not all transfer... but i'm no apple tech, so i'm going to give it a whir. thanks for the suggestion
  5. hellocharlie

    iPod USB freeze

    Ever since upgrading to iTunes 4.9 I've been unable to keep my iPod (60 Gb Photo) connected to any Mac (tested over four machines, 3 separate Dual 2 Ghz G5s and an iBook G4 1.33 Ghz) and via USB for more than 5 minutes without freezing iTunes (sometimes without even reacting to "Force Quit"). Connecting via Firewire is flawless on all machines. I waited for an iTunes upgrade (thinking it a minor bug in 4.9) but 5 didn't seem to alleviate the issue. Maybe it's "iPod Updater 2005-06-26?" In any case, everything was kosher until I updated everything the day of the 4.9 launch. Any ideas?