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    iWeb - remote editing question

    I don't have a definitive answer for you, but I do believe it is quite likely this can be done. I recall reading somewhere that .Mac supports the WebDav protocol for file transfers to and from websites. So if the PC user was setup with a WebDav capable HTML editor, Dreamweaver is one example, they ought to be able to access and edit a .Mac site no matter what application created it. If I'm wrong I hope somebody will correct my error.
  2. The Professor

    Sent in my MBP to be worked on...

    You might try removing the battery for a moment while the power is disconnected. This has helped me with other notebooks (not Apple products) when they would not boot.
  3. The Professor


    This is a loaded question. Before answering one must agree with your assertion that Macs can not be upgraded, then proceed to justify that alleged fact. It is roughly like asking someone why they have not stopped beating their mother yet, a modified classic loaded question. In fact your assertion is false from the beginning because Macs can be upgraded, so I'm unable to explain why they can't be upgraded - since that is false. I'm sorry, but I can't give you a passing grade for this question. ---- Good news everyone, Macs can be upgraded.
  4. The Professor


    I love my brother and sisters, but I'm tired of being their free tech support person, especially since none of them will take my advice and escape from the clutches of Wormware. Just last night I spent several hours on the phone helping my sister with her WiFi network. I need that shirt! It was a topic of conversation here just last night.
  5. The Professor

    Reaction to Spambot

    We all share your pain, muX!
  6. The Professor

    12" PB mini-DVI-->DB15 (analog)?????

    Sadly I live very close to the edge of the Earth and there are no stores nearby, I just don't know.
  7. The Professor

    12" PB mini-DVI-->DB15 (analog)?????

    I discovered that and fixed the link. Please try again.
  8. The Professor

    12" PB mini-DVI-->DB15 (analog)?????

    Apple also makes a miniDVI to VGA adapter. That's what you need. EDIT: Replaced incorrect original URL with correct URL
  9. The Professor

    Ideas for home theater for registry!

    Sounds like a marriage made in Cupertino! Seriously, best wishes to you both. I see lots of discussions with knowledgeable users on the subject of HTPC over at the 123 Mac Mini forums. It's a friendly place too.
  10. The Professor

    vlc stop working

    i thnk i wd try rnstllng it c if tht hlps k?
  11. I'm not making this up: Atech's "iCarta" Stereo Dock for iPod with Bath Tissue (sounds better than toilet paper) Holder promises to "Enhance your Experience in any room with your favorite music from your iPod." Features: • 4 Integrated high performance moisture-free speakers deliver exceptional clarity and high quality sound • Charges your iPod while playing music • Audio selector allows you to play iPod shuffle or other Audio device • Integrated Bath tissue holder that can be easily folded as a stereo dock • Requires AC Power (AC Adapter included) • Easy to remove from Wall Mount See it here. Let the comments begin
  12. The Professor


    And your skills and good judgement are frequently displayed here. Congratulations!
  13. The Professor

    iWeb Problem

    Possibly. They say it supports RSS feeds and Podcasts, but I have not investigated those features myself. They have some Quicktime tutorials posted that might shed light on these questions. While I'm fairly certain the main URL of your .Mac account would not change, it seems likely that the URL for any RSS feeds or podcasts would change.
  14. The Professor

    iWeb Problem

    OK, not to hassle you or anything, but just so that you know; Sandvox does let you publish your site to a .Mac account by simply selecting a radio button in the Edit Site setup. So it is not the case that you need iWeb to easily and effortlessly publish a site to .Mac.
  15. The Professor

    Shopping for Macs in Scotland

    That sounds like a plan to me.
  16. The Professor

    Shopping for Macs in Scotland

    I'll be visiting my Out-Laws in Scotland soon, and they have expressed an interest in getting a new computer. I'm wondering where one might shop for an Apple Computer in southwestern Scotland?
  17. The Professor

    iWeb Problem

    I fixed all my iWeb problems by not using it anymore. I'm deeply disappointed with the way Apple tries to use iWeb to promote .Mac, I think it is underhanded and sleazy. Have a look at Sandvox from Karelia Software. It has a similar overall design concept, but it does not constantly harangue you to put everything on a .Mac account. It also does not reduce functionality of your site if it is not on .Mac. I've been able to go from original site conceptualization to registered domain available online in under an hour. Why, I like it so much I even blogged about it. Mind you, it is not without flaws either, and some might prefer RapidWeaver to Sandvox, but it is worth a look IMHO. In the interest of full disclosure, I almost always use Dreamweaver to touch up or tweak the output of any of the programs mentioned in this thread.
  18. The Professor

    MacBook storage (gigs)

    I think you might find that your 80gb drive is only 74gb after formatting, and that is *before* the OS and applications are loaded, not after. So it is not 6gb of pre-installed stuff plus 18gb missing, it is more likely 18gb of pre-installed stuff and nothing missing. Or something like that.
  19. The Professor

    Shopping for Macs in Scotland

    The only problem with that idea is that my Out-Laws are currently skeptical about OS X. My first order of business is going to be to sell them on escaping from Redmond Prison. Then the buying of a computer.
  20. The Professor

    Reaction to Spambot

    Spambot bad, Rob good.
  21. The Professor

    Combination iPod Dock and Toilet Paper Roll

    I nearly had a very disastrous event one time. I was listening to my iPod nano while conducting certain routine business. I was using my wonderful Grado headphones at the time. Now the cable for these headphones weighs more than the nano. So as I completed the activity and stood up, the weight of the headphone cable pulled the nano out of my pocket, and the nano began moving in an undesirable direction. Fortunately the plug fits into the headphone jack very well, and just before the nano became, er, damp I was able to pull up on the cable and prevent the impending disaster. I'm very pleased to report that my nano did not fall into, well, you understand what it did not fall into....
  22. The long awaited general release of Parallels Desktop for Mac has been announced. I discovered this fact by reading the News page at Macs Are Great!. Yes, I am shamelessly promoting my own site
  23. As Milan says, it is really a personal preference issue. I was very happy using FireFox before I escaped from Redmond Prison. But once I saw Safari the game was over. I like eye candy, I like pretty rounded form buttons. There are a number of opportunities for improvement in Safari. It does occasionally pull an endo, it uses ridiculous amounts of RAM, but I forgive it for everything because it does not come from Redmond, and it does not automatically install malware by default. Opera is drop dead ugly IMHO. Camino is great, I just prefer Safari. I have Parallels Desktop for Mac installed primarily so that I can verify my web designs will work for the unfortunate masses that do not know or care about what an enormous heap of crap Internet Exploder is.
  24. The Professor

    Getting my first Mac

    Many people select the Mac Mini as a gateway drug, I mean first Mac. Since you already like the monitor you have it makes good sense to go the Mac Mini route. Otherwise I would suggest the iMac as a hook, I mean first Mac. If you get the CoreDuo model I doubt very much that you will be disappointed with the speed. I received my first Mac about 13 months ago, a G4 Mac Mini, and it is a perfectly useful computer. I'd expect the CoreDuo Mac Mini to be much much faster. And I'm not addicted to Mac computers. I could stop buying them anytime. I only have 5. Why are you talking about an intervention? :mrgreen:
  25. The Professor

    Bluetooth Update for PowerPC Macs

    While looking at the OS X Software Downloads page on Macs Are Great! I observed that there is a new item in the Apple Downloads section. It seems there is an update for Bluetooth that applies only to PPC Macs.