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    Combination iPod Dock and Toilet Paper Roll

    Notice that the speakers are described as "moisture free". This seems to indicate that they are not pre-moistened at the factory. Maybe they meant to say that the speakers are moisture proof. And the line Enhance your Experience in any room with your favorite music from your iPod makes me wonder in which rooms the designer expected this product might be used. I'd think that in most homes this product would be used in a specific type of room, but not in every room. I just hope the speakers don't sound shitty, that would piss me off.
  2. The Professor

    MacBook cases

    I received my Foof Bag today, all the way from the Land Down Under. I'm very pleased with it, my expectations were exceeded. I have blogged about it and posted photos here. Prof
  3. The Professor

    Cluttering Desktop?

    Right! I have one desktop devoted to web surfing, one for doing Who Is lookups on IP addresses that appear in my web server error log, one for email, one for an SSH session into my web server, one for the web server control panel, one for Macrodobe DreamWrecker, one for other uses.
  4. The Professor

    RGB -> CMYK conversion

    At the risk of seeming to resort to shameless puns, I see your point, Doc. In fact I see eye to eye with you. I think your perspective shows 20/20 vision. No need to drop in just for full dilation, if you're a good pupil(ouch) of optical science. I hope my suggestion acts as a lens to provide corrective contacts for you. No nearsighted saline solutions here. I shouldn't speculate so much though. OK, I'll stop now.
  5. The Professor

    Cluttering Desktop?

    From just a quick look at the description of deskshade here, it seems the two programs have related but different functions. I'd guess that deskshade would be more likely to work with Desktop Manager than with YouControl Desktop. The YouControl product defaults to creating X unique desktops, each possibly with it's own icons, so each in a different file folder. Desktop Manager does not do as much creation of new files so it might integrate better with deskshade. This is just speculation. Please let us know how it works out if you try this.
  6. The Professor

    RGB -> CMYK conversion

    This page seems to suggest that you can use the popular OS X program Graphic Converter to change the color space in an image. Graphic Converter does not require Photoshop. It's conceivable that Graphic Converter was pre-installed on your Mac.
  7. The Professor

    Cluttering Desktop?

    I'm using YouControl Desktops on my 2 Intel Macs and Desktop Manager on my PPC Macs. Desktop Manager does not work on Intel Macs, at least not for me, so I took Kerry's suggestion and tried YouControl Desktops. It does seem as though YouControl Desktops interferes with cloning the boot drive on my Intel iMac. so I just quit it to do a backup.
  8. This is the kind of thing that worries me. I bet we have 50 different wall warts, power bricks, and other little power supplies in our house. Houses are flammable. This kind of thing presents a much more serious risk of harm than some terr'ist 6,000 miles away. I see that the original poster is in Japan. Parts of Japan use 110V 50Hz AC and other parts use 110V 60Hz AC, very much like the USA. The amount of power available from a household power outlet is several hundred times more than what is required to start a fire. This could happen to almost anybody at any time.
  9. The Professor

    Spam Mail

    Many senders of spam are unethical slime, and I'm being generous by saying that. Keep this in mind when you see unsubscribe links in a spam message. In many cases by requesting to be removed from a spammers list what you are really doing is confirming to these subhuman dirtbags that they do in fact have a real working email address that is reaching a human being. The result is an increase in spam instead of a decrease. If you are dealing with a reputable firm that is one thing, but if you get spam of the typical sort offering you products we will not discuss here, DO NOT reply or ask to be removed. Personally I enjoy the spam that arrives with a Windows virus attached. It makes me think of the Simpson's character Nelson Muntz when I say "Ha Ha". Mandatory prison terms for spammers might be a good idea. Long prison terms. With big, brutal, violent cell mates.
  10. The Professor


    I had always thought that you looked like the avatar! That picture was taken about a hundred years ago. The avatar is more recent. :mrgreen:
  11. The Professor

    I don't want to switch

    When I don't like the people on a particular forum I don't go there so much.
  12. The Professor

    New Macbook, 1 gig or two?

    Your decision on the RAM should depend on which way you intend to run Windows. If you use Boot Camp then you will never be running Windows and OS X at the same time, 1GB of RAM should be enough. On the other hand if you use Parallels you would only be able to run Windows while OS X is already running. In that case 2GB of Ram would be better IMHO. I've got both Boot Camp and Parallels installed on my iMac, and I doubt if I'll ever use Boot Camp again. I prefer Parallels because why would I want to exit from OS X? I guess it is your reason for wanting to run Windows that is the deciding factor. If you want to play games you'll want Boot Camp. If you just occasionally want to run a Windows program in conjunction with something you are doing in OS X, then Parallels makes more sense. You are not likely to find you have too much RAM, so on that basis alone buying more won't hurt.
  13. The Professor

    Anything is worth a try...

    they havent updated their site in a few years. It's dead, Jim.
  14. The Professor

    Need moore ram-memory, intrested to buy yours

    The gentleperson wishes to pay in euros. Perhaps US vendors are not the best choice.
  15. The Professor

    Website crashes Safari - help needed

    Q: Does this page reference any content that requires a plug-in instead of just being handled by Safari? Q: Do systems on which Safari abends when visiting this page contain different plug-in installations than those systems in which Safari does not crash? It is incumbent upon a person designing a web page to know what content it contains.
  16. The Professor

    Free Single of The Week

    Seraphenemies comment repeated once.
  17. The Professor

    MacBook mini-DVI to DVI/HDMI cable to HDTV --no input

    What you are doing is perfectly legitimate, it works on my MacBook. With the MacBook connected to the display, run Preferences -> Displays -> Detect Displays You should see both the MacBook and the TV displays flicker. If this does not work try powering down the MacBook, connecting the TV, then powering up the MacBook with the TV already on.
  18. The Professor

    Syncing program

    This sounds like a job for Automator, don't you think?
  19. Good for you with the backups! I have never met anyone who regretted making a backup.
  20. The Professor

    Syncing program

    You can connect a flash drive and it will be mounted just the same as an external hard drive, indeed it will use the same drivers as an IDE hard drive. So then you can use any program that can copy or move files from one drive to another (SilverKeeper, Carbon Copy Cloner, SuperDuper, etc.) to copy files to or from the flash drive. Please tell me if I misunderstood your question.
  21. The Professor

    Syncing program

    Let A represent a local computer Let B represent a network share utilizing SMB If Silverkeeper can copy files from A to B do we not expect Silverkeeper to be able to copy files from B to A? Is one of them a write-only drive? (hint: the trashcan may be thought of as roughly analogous to a write-only drive, or more accurately as a move-only drive) It certainly is easy to inject confusion into a technical discussion, innit?
  22. The Professor

    browser choice - when you don't really get one...

    Maybe someday they'll have the going out of business sale that they so richly deserve.
  23. The Professor

    CCPMUG Weekly Press Write-Up

    Matt, you don't have to thank me twice and you don't have to call me honey :-)
  24. The Professor

    CCPMUG Weekly Press Write-Up

    Congratulations to MT!!! I think you've earned this one.
  25. The Professor


    SDRAM describes a type of memory chip. This can be further specified in the case of Intel Macs as DDR2 SDRAM. DDR describes a practice of reading/writing memory twice per clock square wave. Earlier, pre-DDR memory was only read or written once per clock cycle. SODIMM describes a type of printed circuit board that has a certain physical format and which always carries some type of memory chips upon it. You will often hear a description of the physical connector given in association with the term SODIMM, ie 200-pin. While SODIMMs are typically used in notebooks they are also sometimes used in larger computers as well, for example the Intel iMacs use SODIMM cards. One might think of an Intel iMac as being very much like a notebook that has been attached permanently to the rear of a 17" or 20" LCD. The important difference is that the iMac uses larger, faster 3.5" hard drives, while notebooks usually have dinky, slow 2.5" hard drives.