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    << free macbook's >>

    This is not spam, it should not be reported, and it should not be deleted. The Original Poster is a human member of the forum and was asking for our input. That's the way I see it, since you asked.
  2. The Professor

    Apacer Handy Steno TN202 Help

    It's dead, Jim.
  3. The Professor

    << free macbook's >>

    Googling "define: pyramid scheme" returns: A pyramid scheme is a non-sustainable business model that involves the exchange of money primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, usually without any product or service being delivered. Pyramid schemes have been in existence for at least a century. ... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyramid_scheme
  4. The Professor

    Website crashes Safari - help needed

    I tried the supplied link in my installation of Safari under 10.4.6 and there was no problem. In looking at the source code that was presented to my browser I see a section with some if / else conditions that suggest different content is served to users of Mac computers than other visitors. <!-- if(w0){ var imgN='<img src="http://server-au.imrworldwide.com/cgi-bin/count?ref='+ refR+'&cid='+pCid+'" width=1 height=1>'; if(navigator.userAgent.indexOf('Mac')!=-1){document.write(imgN); }else{ document.write('<applet code="Measure.class" '+ 'codebase="http://server-au.imrworldwide.com/"'+'width=1 height=2>'+ '<param name="ref" value="'+refR+'">'+'<param name="cid" value="'+pCid+ '"><textflow>'+imgN+'</textflow></applet>'); } } document.write("<COMMENT>"); //--> Perhaps you might comment out this bit and see what effect it has.[/code]
  5. The Professor

    Blackbook power adapter?

    Yes, no, agreed. And most importantly welcome and congratulations on your escape from Redmond prison.
  6. The Professor

    computer is being stupid

    Have you recently installed any new fonts or deleted any existing fonts? Clearly iTunes is using a wrong font. It is conceivable that a corrupted font might cause this. If you have been changing language settings this could be involved too.
  7. I am not an authoritative source for which browser is best. My personal favorite is Safari, but I consider Firefox to be better than most others too. I like Safari in part because it makes web pages look better, but also because it integrates so well with OS X and .Mac. If I bookmark a page on any one of my Macs that bookmark propagates to all of my Macs by way of .Mac synchronizing. I like that a lot! And the passwords too, they go from one Mac to another by syncing. Very, very nice for a person with 51 websites.
  8. The Professor

    Booting Windows on an iMac G5

    Missing if detected. Windows can boot on a PowerPC Mac if you first install an emulator, like Microsoft Virtual PC, and then use that to run Windows. You're still not really booting the Mac underWindows, you're simply running a Mac program, Virtual PC, which in turn runs Windows verrrrrry slllowly.
  9. The Professor

    Request: specific OS X Shortcuts

    Not too many of those in the Sonoran desert!
  10. The Professor

    MacBook Pro Fan grinding sounds

    Back in the days before I knew the joy of using OS X I had a number of notebooks that used that other operating system. One was an Averatec. Unlike Apple, the design goal at Averatec is to make the cheapest possible thing you can legitimately call a computer. They often use AMD processors in their notebooks and then cheap plastic to trap in all of the heat. As a result these crappy notebooks have fans that sound like an electric razor, - tinny, loud, annoying, and piercing. Averatec also warns people not to leave the notebook on a soft cloth surface like furniture. What can happen with the Averatecs is that the plastic starts to melt and changes shape just enough to let the fan start rubbing things it should not normally touch. If a notebook is left to do processor intensive tasks while the ventilation is poor it is that much more likely to suffer consequences. The Original Poster reported leaving his notebook doing iTunes encoding, very much processor intensive. Make sure your MacBook or any other notebook is getting enough airflow around it. I agree with mobilexile, raising the rear of the notebook by propping it up on something is a really good idea to prevent these sorts of problems.
  11. The Professor

    Contact Forms

    Mailto links embedded in web pages = billions and billions of spam messages
  12. The Professor

    Macbook Pro crashing during downloads

    I'd contact Apple, this is abnormal and not acceptable.
  13. The Professor

    Hardrive space

    You certainly can add another external drive. I suggest that when you first connect it you should clone the 80gb internal drive to this new drive, giving you a bootable external drive. Many external firewire drives will have more than one firewire connector, thus allowing you to daisy chain drives. Your plan to use a different firewire port is probably better though, as neither external drive would be dependent on the other that way.
  14. The Professor

    When Do you need encryption?

    I like to say that the Democrats are up to 4% less evil than the Republicans.
  15. The Professor

    When Do you need encryption?

    Our Glorious Christian Leader has determined that the Constitution does not apply to people He does not like. Before Our Glorious Christian Leader was deified all human persons had civil rights. Before Our Glorious Christian Leader a human person could not be incarcerated indefinitely without being charged with a crime. Before Our Glorious Christian Leader a human person was entitled to legal representation and a trial before being sent to prison. Now only corporations are entitled to due process under the law.
  16. The Professor

    When Do you need encryption?

    It5 depends on the program you are using to get your mail and the protocol you're using too. If we assume you are using Apple's very usable Mail program and the widely used POP3 protocol, try this: 1] Drop-down Mail and select Preferences 2] Select Accounts 3] Select a specific account in the list on the left 4] Click Advanced 5] Select the Use SSL checkbox, the port used will change 6] Test that the server supports POP3 over SSL by trying to check your mail Not all servers support POP3 over SSL, but it is usually supported in the case of a typical web hosting account that includes email. Gmail supports POP3 over SSL on port 995. Help fight theocracy and creeping totalitarianism by frustrating Our Glorious Christian Leader today!
  17. The Professor

    When Do you need encryption?

    In a society that claims to be a democracy, it is the responsibility of the citizens to keep the government under control. Unfortunately this attitude is not widely held, or practiced. Our Glorious Christian Leader wants to spy on everyone, so my response is to frustrate His efforts in as many ways as possible. Whenever i check for email I use a secure session. That way Our Glorious Christian Leader is not able to see the contents of my mail. There is only one reason that I do this, and that is to frustrate Our Glorious Christian Leader.
  18. The Professor

    DC Adaptor for Macbook?

    Yes, I think you would be pretty well covered in that case. The inverter I bought is the one from Harbor Freight, the URL is available 0n my blog.
  19. The Professor

    DC Adaptor for Macbook?

    The types of power connectors available vary by airline, not by aircraft type. I believe that Delta, United, and America's Worst (sometimes called America West) all use the little Empower connectors, while American and some others use cigarette lighter connectors.
  20. The Professor

    DC Adaptor for Macbook?

    Yes there is. An MD-80? Wow, I don't think I've even heard about those for maybe 6 years, I didn't know they were still in the air. I think the last time I flew in one was about 8 years ago... American Airlines and Alaska Airlines are both using many MD-80s and MD-82s. I think they are great airplanes, on flights not over oceans they are my favorite plane to be on.
  21. The Professor

    DC Adaptor for Macbook?

    Yesterday I purchased an inexpensive cigarette lighter style 12V DC to 3 prong 110 VAC power inverter and then used my MacBook power supply with it during a 2 hour car ride. Everything worked very well. I'll be using this solution on my flight to Scotland later this summer. For more details please see the entry on this subject in my blog. And please promise not to do this while driving a car!
  22. The Professor

    find ip address of web page

    Really really old people might use the command "nslookup example.com" in a terminal shell because they are old and they remember this command from decades ago before it became deprecated. Sort of like old people being deprecated too. Of course modern people like Bombadil are correct when they suggest you use host instead of nslookup.
  23. The Professor

    Multiple Desktops on iMac

    The issue is not the cable, it's the OS X video configuration. Apple initially shipped many G5 iMacs with Open Firmware configured to disallow spanning. There is a very widely used and possibly very safe hack for older iMacs that do not have spanning enabled. It can be found here.
  24. The Professor

    Operational problems out of the blue - how to repair

    This is just a guess, but it is conceivable that a firewall could be involved, or a very confused router. If you have a WiFi router try resetting it. Also reset any cable modem or DSL modem. The Apple firewall in OS X should not stop you from creating outgoing connections, so it should not be involved, but if it is on try turning it off momentarily.
  25. The Professor

    Safari: Bad Request? WTF?

    When you get this error look at the URL in your address bar. Does it begin with https: instead of http: ? If it does not say https change it so that it does and try again.