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  1. I've added some software download pages to my blog at Macs Are Great! There is one for games only, and one for all other downloads. Once you make a selection you'll be connected to Apple to download your file. There is also a new Photo Booth Gallery section with Photo Booth pictures taken with my MacBook.
  2. The Professor

    MacBook cases

    Your comment made me curious, so I tracked down the foof bags at their source of origin in the land Down Under. Did you mean that you ordered the half light blue half tan corduroy foof bag? That's the one I ordered, they do look verra nice.
  3. The Professor

    Dell's iMac Wanna-Be

    Those folks at Dull Computers sure know how to make them look dull!
  4. The Professor

    SMB on OSX 10.4 gets confused

    We had a similar problem with human users becoming confused when sharepoints had the same name. I believe that Windows will allow you to create more than one share at the same folder, giving each a different name. So pick one of your Win 2003 servers, and create an additional share that presents the same mount point but uses a different name. A workaround is as good as a fix in much the same way as a wink is as good as a nod to a blind bat.
  5. You can set up a share on your second drive. Google SharePoints for a handy little program that makes it easy to set up and customize Windows and Apple file sharing.
  6. The Professor

    MacBook: $100 Rebate

    You can buy an Apple computer from Amazon and then buy AppleCare either from Amazon or directly from Apple and you are covered by Apple directly for service. You are not limited to buying directly from Apple to get Apple service.
  7. The Professor

    Disk volume problem

    You need to boot from some other drive. You could use a bootable firewire clone, if available, or your Tiger install DVD. Once you have booted from some other media you'll be able to select repair disk on the normal boot drive. It sounds like there is simply unclaimed drive space.
  8. The Professor

    MacBook and Boothcamp

    Step 4: Installing Macintosh Drivers in Windows After installing Windows, use the Macintosh Drivers CD to install Macintosh-specific drivers and other software for the Windows XP operating system. The Macintosh Drivers CD installs the drivers to support the following capabilities on your Macintosh computer: graphics networking audio AirPort wireless Bluetooth See this PDF document for more details.
  9. The Professor

    MacBook Out Of Box Experience

    I received my MacBook today, and took pictures of the out of box experience. I really like this notebook, it's the size I like, I'm very pleased with the glossy, high-contrast display.
  10. The Professor

    All sort of bugs

    Go directly to Repair Permissions, do not pass Go, do not collect $200.
  11. The Professor

    MacBook Out Of Box Experience

    I bought the basic 1.83GHz model with a 120GB hard drive. Then I took out the two 256MB SODIMMS and put in two 1GB sticks. I like it, it's great.
  12. The Professor

    How should I turn a old PC into a storage server?

    I would definitely use a free linux distribution for this, I would not even consider any other OS for a file server.
  13. The Professor

    MacBook Battery Issues

    Perhaps the Core Duo is not sleeping as deeply as the G4 notebooks do, and so it consumes more battery power per hour of sleep. The temperature of a notebook computer will increase or decrease largely on the basis of how much power is being used. If you take your notebook out of the bag after it has been sleeping and it is noticeably warm it was using more power while it was dreaming than another cooler notebook would have used. Hard sayin', not knowin'.
  14. The Professor

    easy update website?

    I agree with the Contribute suggestion, it's quick, easy, intuitive and completely compatible with a site originally created in Dreamweaver. iWeb is simply an eye candy toy, which is fine, but it does not suit your requirements at all - especially because she uses Windows. There are also online browser-based web editors, but they are an abomination and should be cast out. Ruby on Rails is best suited for sites that have an actively engaged webmaster, at least to get started, don't go there for this project.
  15. The Professor

    DC Adaptor for Macbook?

    How'd I do? It is not immediately clear why they would say this. These DC to AC inverters often put out a very dirty AC waveform, if you look at it with an oscilloscope you're likely to see a sawtooth waveform instead of the expected sine wave. When you then connect a switched power supply, as notebook power supplies tend to be, you may have a situation where a badly shaped input power waveform has a bad effect on the reliability or output of the notebook switched power supply. I'm just guessing though, it certainly seems very strange.
  16. The Professor

    Removal Software

    For flash drives and USB-connected hard drives you can simply use the Apple Disk Utility and erase the volume. In the case of a CD-R or a DVD you can not simply erase this type of media. Some document shredders can eat CDs. Or you can take a sharp pointy thing and scratch the surface of the media quite a bit. But maybe what you really want to do is to go deeper than just erasing or deleting by actually overwriting the drive with zeroes and/or ones to prevent any later attempt to recover deleted data. You can do this with Disk Utility too. Go to the Erase panel and select security options. Depending on what selection you make, it could take a day or more to write over each space on a hard drive.
  17. The Professor


    Since you already know English, you just need to learn Japanese and you'll be able to do the translation. You'll need to save out each frame of the video as a still image file, edit each frame - you might be able to fill the subtitles with an adjacent color. Hmm, 26 episodes, assume 30 frames per second, there's probably not quite a million frames you'll need to edit manually one by one. Probably only take 15 or 20 years.
  18. The Professor

    DC Adaptor for Macbook?

    That was looking pretty good, until I read this part: "Note that this power inverter is not compatible with MacBook or MacBook Pro notebooks."
  19. The Professor

    G4 400 and ATA/Ultra 100

    You certainly are not mistaken.
  20. The Professor

    Ram Suggestions??

    I bought 2 of these SODIMMs to make 2GB in my MacBook. It's so happy I think it started mooing, no, just kidding. I put the same darn RAM in my Intel iMac as well. Both machines are working splendidly.
  21. In order to charge a battery a charger must apply a higher voltage than the rated voltage of the battery. So your charger gave you a better hit than your battery would have. Chargers tend to range from about 12VDC to about 20VDC. Still not enough to harm you in any serious way, but I can picture it being unpleasant. We're still talking peanuts here. For a good shock try the high voltage connector on the bell of a CRT. That'll get your juices flowing. All this talk of electric shock reminds me of the good old days when I was a TV Repairman. This dates back to the time when electronic products used vacuum tubes instead of transistors or integrated circuits. There was only one time I got a really, really bad shock. This set had a power transformer that was supposed to isolate the chassis from local earth ground and hot lines. This made it safe to touch this chassis and ground at the same time. All nicely isolated, no worries, and I knew this. So I'm leaning against a massive cast iron radiator, covered in sweat on a hot day, when I reach under this TV to adjust the focus. My hand touched the lip of the chassis and I was out cold. Fortunately for me my customer was right there, and he unplugged the TV when I started vibrating. I woke up wondering what this guy was doing in my livingroom, when of course I was in his. It turned out that a short between the primary and secondary windings in this transformer had put the chassis 600 volts above ground. Under the circumstances, with me grounded against my back, current was flowing through the trunk of my body. It could have very easily killed me, because there was lots and lots of current available from this transformer. After that I was much more cautious about touching plumbing fixtures while I was working on a TV.
  22. The Professor

    Is it just me?

    On the MacBook the eject key is at the top right corner of the keyboard, above the delete key and to the right of F12.
  23. The Professor

    (not-so) Good MacIntel Vibrations

    Maybe you are sensing the higher rotational speed of the 5400 RPM drives used today? It's safe to say that the RF emitted from a computer is at a low enough energy level that direct harm to tissue will not occur, no matter where it is. In the worst case nearby tissue might be made warmer, but there is no ionizing radiation and genetic damage will not occur. The danger is from the heat produced by notebooks, and the fact that it builds up slowly and might escape your attention somehow. The reports a few years ago about men harming sensitive areas involved heat coming from Pentium 4 CPUs that should never be used in a notebook anyway, they are meant to be used as space heaters. There is also the fact that men who are actively interested in becoming a father should avoid keeping certain areas too warm. This is only a temporary concern, as certain counts are temporarily reduced.
  24. The Professor

    iTrip in the UK: Go To Jail

    It seems that the teeny little FM transmitters designed for use with iPods (and MP3 players for people that are not cool) are all illegal to use in the United Kingdom. Such devices, of course, transmit a very low power FM signal to be picked by a car radio. Such transmitters may not be used in the UK because the law says persons transmitting radio signals must be licensed. I'm going to be visiting the UK later this year, and I was planning to bring an iPod and FM transmitter. I still will. Stupid law. See the story here.
  25. Well, I just went into my kitchen and of the three types of fresh fruit that I saw, the grapes were the smallest. I think Matt's point is that the CNET article is as relevant as my fruity comment just now.