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  1. I've got to agree with Joe. This sounds like AT&T employees talking out of their collective ass. A $9.00 monthly fee for GPS, maybe; but that's hard to stomach, especially in light of the fact that most GPS devices are non-phone related and require no fee at all. Also, AT&T has already stated that if an AT&T customer wants to upgrade to the new iPhone they can simply start a new 2 year contract regardless of when the old one started. -Rob
  2. Rob

    Handbrake 0.9.2 Still Won't Work with OS X 10.5

    Try ripping a different/older DVD. Handbrake can break most DRM schemes, but I have had problems with a few DVDs. For those DVDs, I use MactheRipper to create a copy of the disk without DRM, then I use Handbrake to convert the DVD for iTunes. I'm using Handbrake on a new aluminum iMac with 10.5.2, no problems. -Rob
  3. Rob

    Video TS in Front Row

    When you drag the folder from the DVD, the OS doesn't copy the invisible or protected files. It's a bit like trying to copy the system folder by a drag, you just don't get everything. Like Huskermn, I recommend MacTheRipper, but you shouldn't need anything else. The Mac's DVD player, and the new version of Front Row, can play Video TS files created from MTR. BTW, MTR is freeware. -Rob
  4. Rob

    Helping my son to learn to read

    My son is also four and we've been using headsprouts.com about twice a week for about a year. He can sound out words and read small books on his own. http://www.headsprout.com/ It's not a free site, but it does have a free trial. I teach reading/English in high school and I've found this site follows pretty standard "best-practices" for teaching reading. I've been impressed. You also might want to look at http://www.starfall.com/ Starfall is free. I'd like to know what you think. -Rob
  5. Oddly, I'm most interested in the changes to Mail. I like the coming integration with iCal and Address book. And I'm really looking forward to the notes and to do functions, which makes a lot of sense in an email app. I think I'm more likely to use todos in Mail than in iCal. I don't use the todo function in iCal. It seems clunky. I think it's interesting that Mail will now work as an RSS reader, but I'm not sure I'll use this function. I don't really care about the mail stationary, but it might be fun for a while. I find Backup works really well for me, so I'm not sure how Time Machine will be a benefit unless it has a significantly improved compression algorithm. I do like the idea of being able to view my documents in Coverflow before opening them. As a teacher I have several similarly named documents, so it will be nice to see them before opening. Some files I only use once a year, so remembering my naming scheme from year to year gets to be a pain. To reiterate, MAIL is the update for which I'm most excited. -Rob
  6. Rob

    Mac version-behind?

    Kenny, All of the point updates to OSX, .1, .2, .3 (panther), .4 (tiger), and the soon to come .5, are equal to the version upgrades from OS 7 to OS 8 to OS 9. Apple spent a great deal of time creating the OSX brand. They aren't going to throw it away every year or two by changing the number. I don't think there will ever be an OS 11. Apple will keep OSX for a long time, and when they ever do an upgrade that changes everything we know about the Mac, they'll create a new brand for the OS (change the name completely). -Rob
  7. I use Keyword Manager, which is an iPhoto plugin. It works really, really well. It has sped up my keyword tagging 100 fold. However, to move photos to the web or other applications or other iPhoto libraries with the keywords, you need iPhoto Library Manager. Hope this helps. -Rob
  8. Rob

    Any great software for teachers and/or students?

    jroller, Did you mean EGP (EasyGrade Pro) or is IGPro a program. I really like EGP. There are some user interface quirks that are a pain, but I find the program to be fairly easy to use, very powerful, and nicely integrated. However, I'm geeky and I have the printed manual for the program. In my former district where everyone was required to use EGP, I spent quite a bit of time instructing teachers in how to use the program; so I can not claim that the program is intuitive. -Rob
  9. Rob

    Any great software for teachers and/or students?

    I had to use SASI for years, and I agree it's no picnic, with lots of drawbacks. I moved to a district this past year that uses PowerSchool, and I can honestly say that PowerSchool is significantly worse than SASI. I'd give up my raise to get this district to move to SASI. In my previous district, the techies worked with the SASI development team to get some hacked integration between EasyGrade Pro and SASI. This integration isn't necessary in PowerSchool because the gradebook program is part of PowerSchool; however, I never lost grades with the EasyGrade Pro hack. After losing my gradebook twice and spending hours re-entering grades, I gave up on PowerSchool and used it as minimally as possible, keeping my assignment grades on my laptop with EGP. I honestly feel PowerSchool is the WORST student management software I've ever seen AND it is incredibly slow when everyone is trying to get grades in at once, like the end of the semester. Maybe you'll like it. If you get to use PowerSchool, I'd really like to know how you think it compares to SASI. I didn't like SASI, but the grass isn't always greener. -Rob
  10. Rob

    Any great software for teachers and/or students?

    I don't, yet, have any earth shattering suggestions; however, Easy Grade Pro is excellent grade management software. It's 100 times better than PowerSchool, which was developed by Apple and sold off a year or so ago. Here are a couple of example of teacher websites, for ideas, ya know: http://www.paloverde.org/mrs_statucki/ http://www.mr-williams.net/school/
  11. Rob

    Handbrake Issues

    Your disk might have some type of copy protection that Handbrake can't crack. I'd try MactheRipper, then convert the VideoTS file to something else with either VisualHub or Handbrake. I could be wrong though. Maybe your disk is scratched or dirty. -Rob
  12. Rob

    JOIN THE MacCast Folding@home Team

    I'm still folding. I leave my computer on all the time, but it only folds while the screen saver is active. -Rob Addition: Just a note, Graham, after looking at your set-up, your mini is twice as fast as my computer, and your MBP is significantly faster than your mini. Other than the screen saver limitation, I'm not sure what takes my machine so long to complete a work unit.
  13. Rob

    Temporarily Copy a DVD

    I haven't used Instant Handbrake, but you can adjust the settings in Handbrake to get the best quality video that your iPod will play. I don't remember the required settings for the iPod, but Handbrake will do both H264 and Mpeg-4. You could copy the file to your computer using MacTheRipper, which is pretty fast; AND you could make a copy for your iPod with Handbrake. If you don't end up watching the movie on your iPod, you have the full quality version on your computer. When you're done watching, you can trash them both. Also, because the hard drive is faster than the optical drive, I've found that converting files with Handbrake on a movie I've copies onto my hard drive with MTR to be faster than converting directly from the optical drive.
  14. Rob

    Temporarily Copy a DVD

    MacTheRipper will not make iPod ready files, so Handbrake is the better choice; however, you won't get all of the extras with Handbrake. -Rob
  15. Rob

    Pen-it and the pairing code

    If you haven't already, you might want to try 0000. Many bluetooth connections use this generic code. Best of luck, -Rob
  16. Rob

    Steve Jobs v. Public Schools

    The fact that it is almost impossible to fire a bad teacher IS a big problem and it IS caused by teachers' unions. Yes, it is NOT the only problem, and I'm sure Jobs is aware that it isn't the only problem. IMHO, I think he's simply speaking out about one problem he finds very frustrating. As a developer of technology, bad teachers would be particularly frustrating because schools "waste" money on great technology that is never used or implemented in the classroom. Many teachers are hoarders. They want anything and everything for which a district or school will pay. I have personally seen hundreds of thousands of dollars in technology sit in boxes for years because the teachers who requested it never bothered to take the time to learn how to use it. As a teacher when I spend time putting together a lesson, unit, or idea requested by and for my department, and then I see that lesson either implemented poorly because some teachers wouldn't take the time to personalize the lesson to their own styles OR not implemented at all, I find it very frustrating. -Rob
  17. Rob

    Steve Jobs v. Public Schools

    #1. His right comes from the first amendment to the U.S. Constitution. #2. He is a parent and was a kid once, so he's probably had at least some experience with public schools. #3. Speaking as an experienced high school teacher, I'd have to say that bad teachers are one of the top five problems with public schools. Jobs is dead on in his assessment. This was one of the most disturbing discoveries I made early in my teaching career: many (NOT MOST) teachers are handicapped by ego, apathy, or inexperience. It takes a number of years for most teachers to become good, effective teachers, and unfortunately, a large percentage of teachers are leaving the profession before they get there. #4. The pay scale for public school makes it difficult to attract the best, most talented teachers. I've seen many of the best teachers leave because of pay. -Rob
  18. Here's a weird one... My wife and I enjoy three shows that happen to share the same time slot. Our DVR can only record two shows at the same time, so we bought Scrubs from the iTunes Store. Normally when a show is listed with the same name and season the episodes are all listed together grouped by show and season, but not with this new episode of Scrubs. (This is under the TV Shows listing under the library with the "group by artwork" button selected. My newest episode of Scrubs shows up under it's own artwork by itself despite having the identical artwork as the other episodes. I've checked all of the tags under iTunes and they are all identical except for the episode number and the episode title. I even copied the artwork of the shows that are grouped correctly and pasted it into the artwork of the new episode. Since I'm an organization fanatic and a type A personality, please help me. If I can't get these episodes to group correctly, my head may explode. Any ideas? -Rob
  19. Rob

    I've Tried So Many Ways

    To convert your WMAs try EasyWMA. -Rob
  20. Rob

    Help please

    Don't forget to go to Preferences --> Sharing, and turn on Personal File Sharing. Then as Joe said, login using one of the accounts on her computer as if you were sitting at her computer and logging in. -Rob
  21. Rob

    video ipod

    I hope we'll have the real video iPod. Something similar to the phone in form factor and interface but not the phone. Something with more space. I don't know when though. Apple runs the risk of a real video iPod cannibalizing phone sales if they release one with the same interface as the phone. For the last couple of years, Apple has released products after MacWorld in special announcements, maybe in March, but there's no guarantee. Cingular will be the exclusive iPhone carrier for a minimum of two years. -Rob
  22. Rob

    Does Laporte get it?

    Hey, I've been busy this week, so I've been out of it. Can you please fill in some of the blanks for me. Does he get WHAT? I don't get it? -Rob
  23. Rob

    !! Help Needed !!

    delete your caches, and clear all of the information in your web browsers, e.g. cookies and bookmarks. delete any applications you installed that are not for work. what else calendars photos addresses hmm...
  24. Good call, Craig! -Rob
  25. Rob

    How apple should package .mac

    Great idea, russ. I'd pay $150.00 a year for that. I don't know if I'd be willing to go over $150.00 per year, but I'd also like to see some deeper storage. Particularly with Time Machine coming in Leopard, I'd like to use my .mac account as a larger off-site back-up disk. I back-up several things to .mac now, but I'd like to add my photo and music libraries.