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  1. I was wondering who is the RAM manufacturer for the late '08 Unibody Aluminum Macbooks? Apparently until I have OEM ram in my macbook I cannot get it serviced. IF anybody could help I would greatly appreciate it, so I could buy some on ebay. If someone was willing to sell their old oem RAM I would appreciate it more.
  2. diamondg14

    Cannot unlock Hard Drive on my G5 - SOLVED

    Looks like I figured it out, finally figured out after the terminal commands that a reboot was needed. The terminal command I used was. chflags nouchg /Volumes/MyServerName sudo chmod 1775 /Volumes/MyServerName echo "done
  3. Power mac G5 set up as my server. I have one 500 GB hard drive with 2 partitions. One partition for the OS, and another one for data/scratch. While adjusting the "Sharing & Permissions" on the data partition it seems I have lost all access from any computer and the drive is locked with no way of unlocking. I tried using terminal commands that I found online to unlock the drive but I could not get that to work. Does anyone have advice? There are about a half days work of files on there I need to get off it. I have a backup from the night before. If I can get those few files I am fine with reformatting the drive. Any help is desperately hoped for.
  4. diamondg14

    My MacBook won't shut down

    I can't say I disagree. If I could stand running those OS's, I would. I am on a Mac because of the OS, nothing to do with the hardware
  5. diamondg14

    My MacBook won't shut down

    No, I did clean install with no migration. The last time I wrote Zero's to the drive before fresh install. I have an Authorized reseller near me so hopefully they won't gouge my eyes out.
  6. diamondg14

    My MacBook won't shut down

    Tried that, it does seem to shut down once in a while successfully, and normally when I give it some more time. But often times I will give it a couple minutes and when I close the lid, the light is still on. FYI when I shut down it the screen goes black after about 15-30 seconds like normal. No, bluetooth is off, and the last time I paired any device would of been a year ago. I tried a reinstall of Tiger and Leopard. Fresh install on 2 different hard drives. So I can't imagine that's it. I have Never turned on filevault. Time Machine is not on. Thanks for your suggestions, it seems to me problems like this are always something small that, one bangs their head against the wall for not figuring out sooner. If anyone else has suggestions please give them to me. Thanks.
  7. diamondg14

    My MacBook won't shut down

    No it is not on. Activity monitor does not appear to have anything odd running when I shut down and it still won't shut down normally. The shut down issue is not nearly as big of an issue to me as the fact the MacBook will not wake from sleep, when I open the lid. If that would work I could avoid the shutting down and rebooting that is taking so damn long.
  8. diamondg14

    My MacBook won't shut down

    I was praying for some further advice anyone have any ideas. I guess my last last resort is sending it in for repair. Its out of Applecare. Has anyone sent in units to get repaired by Apple out of Applecare. If so how astronomical was the costs?
  9. diamondg14

    My MacBook won't shut down

    I too have this problem. Their is quite a long and similar thread I have been following on the Apple Discussion Forums. http://discussions.apple.com/message.jspa?...6633836#6633836 Here is my story. My mac shuts down successfully about 1/4 times. When it goes to sleep it cannot be woke, it needs a hard shut down. Most of the time I need to pop the battery out to shut down the mac. I have noticed my battery's life is precipitously decreasing because of all of this. Also sometime my keyboard and trackpad stop working. My firewire port has not worked since the leopard update. Now since 10.5.2 my mac takes around 5 minutes to boot up. Everything worked great under Tiger, it all started when I upgraded to Leopard. I am totally befuddled and frustrated and never been more disappointed in Apple. Here is what I have done. Does anyone else have any ideas. Reset PRAM - did not resolve. Reset SMC/PMU - did not resolve. Took out 3rd party Ram installed original Apple Ram - did not resolve. Upgraded to 10.5.1 - did not resolve. Trashed - HD/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.PowerManagement.plist - did not resolve. Archive and Installed Leopard - did not resolve. Upgraded to 10.5.2 - did not resolve. Fresh install of Leopard on 2 different hard drives - did not resolve. Updated pre-bindings. Repaired Permissions about 100 times. I used to promote Mac's to all my friends and family, but I won't do so anymore. I have come to realize they are not any more stable.
  10. Are you any of you having the issue with Macbook not shutting down and refusing to come out of sleep since upgrading to leopard. The issue is whenever I let my Macbook go to sleep either by closing lid or not using. It will not come out of sleep and requires a "hard" shut down and then start up. It also takes a couple minutes to boot up now! Also when I do go to the apple menu>shut down it looks like it shuts down until I close the lid and notice the light is still blinking, like it just went to sleep. So I literally have to pop the battery out to shut down! Originally just did upgrade to leopard, then did archive and install. Still same issue. Reset PRAM - did not resolve. Reset SMC/PMU - did not resolve. Took out 3rd party Ram w/Apple Ram - did not resolve. Upgraded to 10.5.1 - did not resolve. Trashed - HD/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.PowerManagement.plist - did not resolve. Anyone have any other ideas/remedies.
  11. diamondg14

    MacBook pickle… I am confused!

    I can get the "Y" target disk mode to show up. but yet it will not mount on anohter mac. There is nothing else that will work.
  12. Alright here we go, I had a MacBook 1st gen since June, that had Palmrest discoloration issue and just last week the battery stopped being recognized (macbook would only work plugged in). So I called applecare shipped my MacBook out this monday and got it back Wednesday seemingly good as new(awesome turnaround). However the hardrive was wiped clean and reformatted just as you get when you a new Macbook. Not a biggie I had a backup of all my data through CCC. However I have never really had to used CCC before and after I tried restoring my data my MacBook would not even boot, I probably did something wrong. Still not worried I can always get all my data back and just go with a fresh install which is probably a good thing anyways. So I used target disk mode and wiped my MacBook drive clean and then I tried booting off my Software restore disks (holding c) and I get nothing but the startup chime and a whitish blueish screen. Then I treid booting off the standard 10.4 disc and nothing. then I tried booting off an external firewire drive and nothing. Then I tried starting my macbook in target disk mode again and it seems like it is in that mode but it won't mount on my other macs. (I tested the firewire cable and it is fine). At this point I have no idea what the problem is, anyone have any advice? Please help.
  13. diamondg14

    MacBook Pro with Intel Core 2 Duo

    Checked http://www.apple.com/macbookpro/specs.html and here is what it looks like; "# 1GB (single SO-DIMM) of PC2-5300 (667MHz) DDR2 memory on 2.16GHz configuration; and 2GB (two SO-DIMMs) on 2.33GHz configuration; two SO-DIMM slots support up to 3GB # 667MHz frontside bus" So it seems like there only 2 SO-DIMM slots. The max is one 2 GB stick + 1 GB stick (stock). Sounds like matching pairs don't matter anymore. Newegg has what looks like a compatable 2 GB stick of RAM for $630.99, OWC is selling a 2 GB stick for $679.99, Apple will upgrade from 1 GB to 3 GB for $750, Crucial is selling their 2 GB stick for $1169.99
  14. diamondg14

    Zoom using lapper…

    I am sure you have all heard with 10.4.8 you can zoom by holding ctrl and using your mouse scroll ball. I would imagine a lot of you tried this but if not now you know if you hold ctrl on your notebook and use the 2 finger scroll on the trackpad it will do the same thing. Kind of useful.
  15. diamondg14

    Screen Resolution - Cannot Fix

    Tried it, no luck.