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  1. OK, Look on the right-habd side of the Ad, about half way down the page. It's speaks of a 30GB iPod nano for $299.99 (but with a picture of the current iPod video). But just in case you still don't see it, I got my newspaper out of the trash, scanned the ad, and posted it on my server. Take a look here. Dred242
  2. Just for fun, lets take a look at those wacky guys over at Fry's Electronics again. Here's another major typo on the front page of today's (05-05-06) Fry's Ad. I hope no one went looking for this. A 30GB iPod nano w/White case for $299.99? Good times man, good times. Dred242
  3. Dred242

    Hacking the volume limit...Is it possible?

    iPod Volume Limit feature is only for the iPod Video, and the iPod Nano, but not my 20GB iPod Photo......bummer! Once again I feel left out by Apple.
  4. Dred242

    gMail Accounts

    Gmail invites for all! I have lot's to give away. Email me, and I'll shoot one over to you.....ok? Dred242
  5. I too had an iPod replaced on the spot a few years ago. My 1st Gen iPod locked up after a firmware update. I did a hard reset, but still the iPod remained locked. I took it to the apple store, and they were unable to get it going so they just swaped out my old 1st Gen (5GB) iPdd for another.
  6. Dred242

    Invites for everyone

    Your Welcome! Dred242
  7. Dred242

    Invites for everyone

    I still have Gmail invites too!!! Dred242@Gmail.com
  8. Dred242

    Invites for everyone

    You are correct.
  9. Dred242

    Invites for everyone

    Hello everyone, I have Yahoo 360° invites to give out to anyone who wants one. I'm not selling these like others......that not cool! If you would like one, drop me an email, and I'll send you one. And yes, yes, yes, I'm the power PC user who wants to switch to a Mac, but needs 10 "good/real" reasons to switch. I will say this, everytime I'm at my local computer store, my nipples get hard when I walk pass the Mac Mini's on display.......maybe thats too much info, sorry.....Ha ha! If you need a Yahoo 360° invite, email me at Dred242@Gmail.com