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  1. Hi guys, thought my first post should be my switch story. I switched only a month ago. It started when the boyfriend got himself a blueberry iBook at our local Goodwill Computer Works store for a decent price. (I had used a Mac before for a friends business, but that was ages ago.) I started to mess around with it, and fell in love. I vowed that I myself would own an iBook very soon, and started to plan saving for it. A few weeks later, I find out some friends of ours picked up a blue iMac at the same store, and one half of the couple was having trouble with her conversion. The poor mouse suffered for her sins. So the boyfriend offered to buy it from them. When I found out how much they paid, I asked how many machines were still left at the store. It was then I did something I had never done before. I just impulsivley went out and bought a computer. That same night. It is not new, the monitor has a few minor scratches, but it is all mine. (and there is now three Macs in the house...with plans for a Mac Mini invasion soon) For those curious, it is a PowerPC G3 in a lovely teal color. (and cost me under $200) My only issue right now is that I am only running OS X 10.1. I won't be able to upgrade until next week. So I am frustrated at the shiny toys I cannot have. I have a wishlist in my head right now. (including hardware stuff, like an external hard drive...suggestions welcome) I am very happy and proud to be a Mac user now! What took me so long?!