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  1. SteinzartR

    Wireless problems with MacBook Air

    Hey tried this too. Still boots me out. i will try to upgrade 10.5.2. and then keep you guys posted.
  2. SteinzartR

    Wireless problems with MacBook Air

    Thanks for this. I tried it and it still boots me out 10mins :-(. I am going to try out upgrading to 10.5.2. I was unable to do so over the weekend. Let me see and hopefully it will be resolved. If not, it might just be the Router hardware thats needs to be looked at or changed.
  3. SteinzartR

    Wireless problems with MacBook Air

    No problems :-) yes i think you covered the major details.
  4. SteinzartR

    torn between headphones

    Hi There, I am not too sure what "sparkle" means for you. if you are interested in trying out the Bose In Ear Headphones or have you had experienced them already. I have them and well, when you listen to an accoustic piece with more than one instrument, you are able to hear all the instruments crystal clear. It's best when you set the volume reasonably, not too loud as the Bose In-Ear Headphones can be alittle "bassy" :-) Hope this helps ..... http://www.bose.com/controller?event=VIEW_...intcmp=USB06001
  5. SteinzartR

    How to Convert Video to work on iPod touch

    Hi There, Just a small question, is this the same possibility for Windows for Itunes ? That AVI can be viewed in IPOD Videos ? I had to consistently convert from AVI to MP4 using Videora always in order for me to view the file in my IPOD Video 30Gb. Thanks. Cheers, SteinzartR