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  1. yeah, i have the original white Airport Basestation (Not extreme) and i've tried resetting it and the modem. I even did a hard reset on the Base station and reconfigured all the setting and still no luck. I've also tried plugging straight into the cable modem and I get the same problem. What's even more baffling is my girlfriend subscribes to the same cable provider (Rogers in Toronto btw) and when I bring my PowerBook there it works fine. Oh great show btw...I've been a faithful listener from the beginning!!
  2. I always thought it was port 80 but I think my ISP is blocking downloads from iTunes. I am able to download podcasts from work with no problem but when i get home I always network timeouts or it will partially download and stop. The only way I can download podcasts from home is if i connect to my work's VPN but that makes the connection very slow. I also get the same problem downloading iTMS music too.