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  1. microdoc4

    Favorite Software

    There certainly have been some great pieces of software listed here. A few that I use already so I will try not to repeat them. 1Passwd - plug in for Safari and Firefox to remember passwords. Art Text - A fun text manipulation tool for simple artistic designs. BusinessCard Composer - Great little program for making business cards. Comic Life - Fun program for making images like comics ComicBookLover - Comic book reading program Delicious Library - A great program to keep track of the DVD, CD, Book, Software collections DiskLibrary - A good program to keep track of what I burned on DVDs and CDs DragThing - Fun little program that adds more docks iGlasses - isight camera plug in to add special effects iStumbler - To find the WIFI spots within range of my airport KIT - Organization Software to keep organized MacFamilyTree - I know I will have kids some day that will have a family tree project. MediaCentral - A Front Row Alternative for older Macs Monolingual - To get rid of those extra languages my mac will never speak PhotoPresenter - Fun little app that makes slideshows like a keynote presentation Pixadex - Icon organizer that does for icons what iphoto does for images. Synergy - itunes Plug-in that displays present track information on the desktop Tiger Cache Cleaner - A good cleaner of the mucky muck that my machines seem to accumulate. Tubesock - Now I can download and carry those embarassing YouTube videos with me. Unison - newsgroup image viewer vCard Splitter - Seperating all those vCards so that my PC friends can add them to their address book VisualHub - Good video converter What ToDo - Checklist software for making checklists Yep - PDF program that does for PDFs what iphoto does for photos Yojimbo - Organization Software - Face it we can never have enough of this.
  2. Did I listen to podcasts before I owned an iPod... No. I certainly owned an iPod before I listened to Podcasts. However, I'm a bit of an odd ball in that I usually don't place my downloaded Podcasts on my iPod. Most of my collection is kept on a personal computer I keep at work. Being that it is a family business I listen to various Podcasts throughout the day as well as music.
  3. microdoc4

    Printer, scanner, fax all-in-one

    Hello Mobilexile, I recently purchased the midrange HP Officejet Pro L7580 All-In-One. I have been very satisfied with the results and quality of the scanning and printing functions of the device. It uses seperate Vivera HP Inks which was the primary reason I purchased the this all-in-one. I have had nothing but good luck with HP printers and I greatly like the quality prints I get over Epson printers. If I had to go out and buy something today I would certainly consider this model again. Good Luck MicroDoc
  4. microdoc4

    isight ... video chat

    Logitech cameras are okay. Then if you want to use a camera other then an isight with ichat, check out the software that ecamm makes. http://www.ecamm.com/ ichatusbcam and iglasses has been very helpful with my chats.