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    Hollywood movies

    Yes, I do like it that hollywood has accepted the download movie structure.
  2. Er.Mu

    Hollywood movies

    I can't stand MovieLink and CinemaNow, they both only support Windows and they don't have any movies. People will try to combat the power of iTunes, but they won't succeed! :twisted: :twisted:
  3. Er.Mu

    crazy phone

    I know, when I see that stuff I go so insane just dying to get one.
  4. Er.Mu

    Online Web server

    Probably GoDaddy is your best bet. I have two domains with them and they're wonderful. They're cheap, helpful, and reliable.
  5. Er.Mu

    crazy phone

    Well obviously it's just a concept phone for now, but I really really want one!
  6. Well most of the setup will work, but there are some things you might not like. You will be able to dual boot with OSX/XP, but I don't know what XP will do with the TV so be warned; you might not be able to use the TV with Windows. I've used my iBook G4 with my 20 inch TV and it works, but it's not beautiful. The text is very small, and for Front Row the size is fine but when you're trying to browse the web or check your email, it's not even legible. I don't know exactly what your TV would look like but I'm guessing it wouldn't be too much better. About burning DVDs, for now I'm sorry too say you can't. Unless you have an EyeTV from Elgato or some other Mac DVR you can't burn DVDs of recorded or live TV. This might change in the distant future but for now you're going to need a Mac DVR. Hope I helped.
  7. Er.Mu

    Switch to phpBB3

    Everyone has their opinions. Some like VB some like IPB, and some like phpbb. The reason I brought up IPB Is it is far more powerful for administrators and moderators. It also has a better user interface for all users. Things that are not the easiest to do in phpbb, are quite easy to do in IPB. (like changing themes, searching users, etc.) They all have pros and cons I don't know what the status is of a possible switch, that you would need to talk to Adam about. Well as I said, if Adam and you guys (the moderators) decide IPB is a good option, I think we should hold a poll. This is a comunity and I think we should all have a say.
  8. Er.Mu

    crazy phone

    I want one right now!
  9. Er.Mu

    Switch to phpBB3

    I've seen IPB, and personally I don't like it. I think if Adam decides IPB is an option we should hold a poll.
  10. Er.Mu

    iBook Battery Died

    Well your main battery doesn't actually keep your clock running. There's a small battery inside the computer that's devoted to the core system functions. I've had this happen before and unless you had unsaved data I don't belive anything accept your clock was effected.
  11. I've just set up a home server using OpenWeb from OpenOSX. I also have a domain registered with GoDaddy, and I just can't seem to figure out how to assign it to my server. I know it can be done, but I can't find anything explaing it in terms I can understand. If anyone has any ideas, please tell me.
  12. Er.Mu

    30th Birthday Video

    That's a great video. I just wish they would've put the clips in chronological order.
  13. Er.Mu

    virtualization A Rumor? Forget it it is REALITY

    Actually Boot Camp is not virtualization, it's just a dual boot system. Boot Camp is really the same thing as what's already been done, just Apple-Certified.
  14. comp type: PowerMac G3 (Blue & White) router type: Belkin MIMO Wireless G internet bandwidth: Not sure, but until it gets to the cable modem the bandwidth is 100+ Mbs.
  15. Er.Mu

    New tab button in Safari

    Well the application I found is called SafariButtons. I don't know if that's what you're looking for, but I thought I'd give you that link.
  16. I defitely don't think computers cause bad spelling. I'm the equivilent of a 2nd grader when it comes to handwriting, but I'm a very experienced typer and while I don't think spell checker and the like encourage good spelling, I don't think they hinder it either.
  17. I know I'm starting to be annoying, but I really know nothing about this. I don't know how to forword a port to a computer or set a domain to a network IP. I do know a fair amount about web server setup and operation, the only thing I'm having trouble with is the domain. I already have everything set up and running, but I just don't know how to get a domain assigned.
  18. Actually, I'm on a broadband connection (although I don't know if that matters). I'm extremely stupid when it comes to this, can you tell me exactly what to do? I'm doing this for the first time and I have no clue what I'm doing.
  19. Er.Mu

    Mac video that i made

    Thought so 8) .
  20. Er.Mu

    Illustrator Drawing

    I think that your first drawing is better than tenth! I'm horrible when it comes to vector drawing. :cry:
  21. Er.Mu

    Mac video that i made

    Man that is great. I think I have every single one of those videos in my iTunes library (besides the Windows ones of course). By the way, is that a Moby song? it sure sounded like his voice.
  22. Er.Mu

    What Mail Client?

    Mail looks, integrates, and just plain old works better. I would never use anything else.
  23. Er.Mu

    Oh No! Whatever shall we do??

    Looks like Apple already caught it on tape hehe: http://spherule.com/media/video/switch_par...switch_bill.mov
  24. Er.Mu

    How to make a word a link on this forum

    If you you hover over the "URL" button in the menu bar when you're making a post, it will show you how to do it. It's really quite simple: URL text. So as you can guess, if I wanted to link to my site I'd type in: Mr. Mac Geek Hope I helped.
  25. Er.Mu

    wheres google?

    Hmmm... That's funny, I can't get GBrowser.com to open.