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    wheres google?

    You would think with all that money Sergey would be able to buy every Google domain possible .
  2. Er.Mu

    wheres google?

    Sorry about the multiple posts, my internet went weird and it ended up making a million copies.
  3. Er.Mu

    wheres google?

    Actually, www.gooogle.com redirects to www.google.com .
  4. Er.Mu

    wheres google?

    Actually, www.gooogle.com redirects to www.google.com .
  5. Er.Mu

    wheres google?

    Actually, www.gooogle.com redirects to www.google.com .
  6. Er.Mu

    Motorola USB Bluetooth Adapter

    Yeah, I've been really, really busy working on my podcast, and I just haven't been able to keep up. I'm not working as much now so hopefully I'll be on more.
  7. I got a Motorola HS820 Bluetooth headset for Christmas, along with a D-link DBT-120 USB Bluetooth adapter, but I plugged in the adapter and soon found out that it didn't support headsets. So I found the Motorola PC850, a Bluetooth USB adapter. I did some looking around and went on a phone wild goose chase and still haven't been able to figure out whether it's Mac compatible, I was wondering if anyone knew whether it's Mac compatible or not, thanks.
  8. Er.Mu

    Problems with Tiger

    How many problems did you guys have with Tiger?
  9. Er.Mu

    Griffin AirClick iPod Remote for Sale

    Well if they'd stay until around the end of the year (Yeah right), I might just buy one. But I can't right now because I'm saving for an iPod!
  10. The way I did mine was by first connecting a FireWire cable between the two, then booting up both while holding down the T key on just my old Mac and once my new one booted up it asked me "What do you want to do?". You click on the "Get files from an older Mac" button, and it uses the old Mac as a FireWire hard drive and you can copy all your stuff: Accounts, everything. Edit: I forgot if you get your new Mac at the Apple Store and you bring your old one they'll do it for you, yay!
  11. Er.Mu

    my impression of an iPod video commerical

    I WANT ONE, NOW!!!
  12. Er.Mu

    Sharing contacts, safari bookmarks etc

    Do you have Tiger? How about a .Mac account? If you have both then you can use .mac Syncing to share everything or nothing. Just go to System Prefs --> .Mac --> Sync, and click on whatever you want to share.
  13. Er.Mu

    Archive and Install

    I did this once and yes it's totally fine to delete the older system. As for where you can find it, it's either in Macintosh HD, or your Home Folder, or your User Folder :? . I'm sorry but I did this a long time ago and I really can't remember the one folder, just the few that I think I found it in ](*,) #-o :x :-({|=
  14. Er.Mu

    working at the Apple store

    You should go here to find out what they want in a worker, and as for becoming a Genius, you'll have to live in Calif. to do that; If you want to be a Genius, you go to Apple University in Cupertino for a while and learn how to be one. I haven't found this out online but the manager from my Apple Store told me that's why he isn't a Genius. That's all I really know I mean I'm not a worker (I'm 11) but I know a couple of things about this whole retail thing, just my 2 cents.
  15. Er.Mu

    Vista beta screen shots, does anybody really care?

    Not only that but if you look at the Windows Explorer search bar, the little magnifying glass on the end of the bar is exactly the same thing as the Finder one except flipped!!!
  16. Er.Mu

    Buy Music Internationally

    You can't. If you want to look at songs you can click the Choose Store button up at the top of the page, but when I tried to actually buy something it told me I had an account from another store and I couldn't buy anything. :-({|= :cry:
  17. Er.Mu

    Free Web Hosting

  18. Er.Mu

    X10 Automation in OSX?

    Well I can't think of any off the top of my head but I do know that there are some, a few for that matter. So just keep searching and not only that there was an article in MacWorld about it and they suggested some good stuff. I bet you could find some there. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful but at least I am sure it's out there.
  19. A Kensington Mini Mouse, a printer (HP is the best), and some good Harman/Kardon speakers. Those are the essentials.
  20. Er.Mu

    iBook video card is core image compatible

    I have the late 2004 iBook and this is my Graphics/Displays section in System Profiler: As you can see the name of the card is at the top in bold black letters.
  21. Er.Mu

    terminal in mac classic?

    No, only OS X is UNIX. That's why you have to emulate Classic Apps, because it's based on a different system.
  22. No, it's not funny. They've already had to do a major change to work with Apple. And now they're going to have to do the same thing just so they don't have to shut down.
  23. Er.Mu

    Web Hosting

    Linux is ten times more reliable than Windows, that's all it is.
  24. Er.Mu

    Vista beta screen shots, does anybody really care?

    Oh man do you think they copied Spotlight?! Look at the Start Menu!! There's a little search box at the bottom and if you search it gives you the results in the menu itself!!! Why does Microsoft even exist??!!!
  25. Never mind, sorry about that I just got it working.