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  1. Ugh, when I click on Get Info for both WMP and the new icon and Paste it on it just replaced the WMP icon with the generic Preview .icns thing. Please I am not having a good time with this whole icon thing!! :-({|=
  2. I love the icons and I wish I could use them but when I click on them I just get this: Could someone please help me? I really hate the stupid WMP icon :cry: .
  3. Er.Mu


    You don't need to "unleash" it, the 64 bit chip just does things faster. It's just like having a faster G4 chip, things just go faster, much faster.
  4. It mainly happens on my account (I'm the admin). Others are usually logged on as well. Quite frankly, I can't remember if it happens when other users are the logged-in user. Does it matter? Looking forward to your reply... Yes it does matter. If it just happens to your account then it's probably just an account problem and you can fix it by deleting your account and remaking it. But if it happens when other people use it, that means it a problem with the entire system and you'll need to do something bigger.[/i]
  5. Er.Mu

    menu bar and time

    First hold down Command, then drag it to wherever you want it to go
  6. Well I have had many stories, but I can't really get them off the top of my head. But there is one thing that drives me crazy: Windows people think that everything is "Mac". Apple is Mac, iPods are Mac (Yes I'm serious I've run into people who think that iPods are called "Macs"). And there is one thing that just happened to me a few days ago: There was this Windows lover that thinks that the PowerMac is a box, I mean he really thought that the PowerMac is a metal box with nothing inside and you have to add the parts yourself. I have more but like I said there are just so many that I just can't remember all of them off the top of my head.
  7. Anyone? Guess not. Well never mind then I guess I'll just have to live with Adam's iTunes badge (Sorry to steal it Adam I just really like it).
  8. Hi guys, this doesn't really count as a software thing but I don't know where else to put it: Do any of you know how to make a web badge that will automatically put your podcast in the subscriptions folder of the person who clicks on it? I'm thinking of something along the lines of the iTunes subscribe button that adam has, but for iPodder and iPodderX. If anyone can come up with something like this I'd love it. P.S. Adam, I think this has been asked before but I just really want it: Could you make an HTML and Java or even just HTML forum in? I've really been wanting one now that I have my own site (http://mrmacgeek.blogspot.com).
  9. Er.Mu

    Forum Rankings

    Sometimes, but not everywhere.
  10. Er.Mu

    Forum Rankings

    Eh, let him do it, then his account will get suspended and we won't be bothered with it anymore. Yeah, get him out of here. P.S. This post makes me a Supreme Mac Geek! :wink: I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt since he is only 13. Maybe he is new to forums, and maybe I was like that when I was 13. Who knows. I was just trying to let him know that it isn't okay just to post to get your ranking up. Mainly because it makes many people mad, and it doesn't contribute anything to teh community. I know, I know. Oh and by the way, you know I am 11 .
  11. Er.Mu

    Forum Rankings

    Eh, let him do it, then his account will get suspended and we won't be bothered with it anymore. Yeah, get him out of here. P.S. This post makes me a Supreme Mac Geek! :wink:
  12. Er.Mu

    Forum Rankings

    I'm not totally sure but I think it goes like this: Mac Geek: 60 Posts Uber Mac Geek: 100 Posts Supreme Mac Geek: 250 Posts Not sure about the other ones (I don't even know if there are any more! ). P.S. I'm only one post away from Supreme Mac Geek as of 10:01:45 ET Saturday, July 23rd, 2005!!!!!!!
  13. You can just push Apple --> H really fast a bunch of times to hide everything.
  14. Er.Mu

    Airport Express and airtunes with iDVD

    OK think about why Apple would want to make it just for iTunes, two words: market share. Do you really think they'd let you use MusicMatch? How about Windows Media Player? They made sure that the only way you could do it is with their product, meaning that they get more users meaning that all the people who don't use iTunes will see that all the people who do can do a bunch of stuff that only iTunes can do, meaning (This is getting old ) they switch and Apple gets more market share. I'm dragging but I hope you get my point.
  15. Er.Mu

    Finder "Chicklet" Tips

    You can do this by Control-Clicking the Menu Bar and selecting "Customize Toolbar". I've known about this for a while, if I had known everyone wanted to know then I would've put it up here! Oh by the way you can do this in any app with a toolbar. You know, Safari, Firefox, anything.
  16. Er.Mu

    Apple ditching IBM or IBM ditching Apple?

    Why don't you make up your own mind instead of your Dad telling you what to think? And your prediction is never coming true, if you really listened to the Keynote you should know that Jobs already said by 2007 they want to be all the way off PowerPC, no PowerMacs no iMacs no nothing. And Apple knew that IBM had better processors and they kept asking IBM for them but it never happened, and if you'll notice IBM gave the better processors to Microsoft for the XBox 360. And they aren't switching for price (Well they are a little), they're switching for power, as Steve said. And I side with Allizard (Wow! I thought I'd never do that, EVER), 1. Intels are better than PPCs and it really doesn't matter what chip it's on Macs are still the best machines on the face of the Earth and 2. crap.
  17. Er.Mu

    iPod Video Screen

    Yeah well it's not really a new idea. I mean the PSP, all PDAs, a bunch of devices have it already and I think the only way to get vids on an iPod.
  18. Er.Mu

    Microsoft Amnesia

    Um sorry but you have to get another image host. It takes you to you're Gmail account but if it's not you who's accsessing the file then you can't see it. It just says the attactment is not avalible. I would reccomend Flickr.
  19. Er.Mu

    Personal Finance App for Mac

    You get Quicken free with every new Mac.
  20. Er.Mu

    Pentium D

    Sorry no offense .
  21. Er.Mu

    Pentium D

    Yeah sorry like I said I have the brain RAM of an ant .
  22. Er.Mu

    Pentium D

    Yeah I watched it the day it came out but I didn't remember that (But I do have the brain RAM of an ant).
  23. Er.Mu

    Pentium D

    Oh yeah shure Danny we believe you :wink: . You REALLY like Photoshop don't you .
  24. Er.Mu

    Airport Extreme Question

    I do exactly the same thing! I have a D-Link router and my PC is pluged into it via ethernet and my iBook is using an AirPort Extreme card.
  25. You should put this in the listener polls forum. And I do think if the whole power per watt figure is right then I would get a Mac (But I already have one). What I will do is buy an Intel for the rest of my family.