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  1. Well there goes the chance of putting a PayPal donation button on my website. :(


    Well iWeb does allow you to publish a site to a folder on your Mac, so you could edit the HTML/CSS in there. It might take a while to get the button where you want it but it should work.

  2. doesn't the AlitiVec Velocity Engine emulate a 128 bit chip and it won't be be mac pros but Macmac (pro)


    I saw you posting this somewhere else, why do you think it will be called the macmacpro? It would seem to me that there will be the macbook pro, macbook, imac, and macpro. Not to mention that macmacpro is such a terrible name. You can't tell me that as savvy as apple marketing is they would really use a name like that. It's too hard to say.


    Oh about the Macmac (pro) is just a joke for the intel powermac and i based it on this, Apple took out power from powerbook and might not keep power any longer and instead put Mac in the name hence Macmac (pro)



    I actually just came accross this joke, but Apple has already trademarked "Mac Pro".

  3. Well personally I think Apple's integrated PIM tools are a lot better. First of all, I've used Entourage and I definitely think the interface is nothing compared to Mail, iCal, and Address Book. You just can't figure out what's going on in Entourage, but with Apple's PIMs the interface is so elegant, you just know what to do. Second, you get all the Apple PIMs out of the box when you buy a Mac, where as with Entourage you have to pay quite a hefty price. Third, and this is the one that all Mac Geeks have to use, it's from Microsoft; and Microsoft applications are so bloated and convoluted that one minute you think it's working and the next all your data is gone. Some people think otherwise, and I'm fine with that, but my personal opinion is that Apple does it best.

  4. Spotlight is so annyoing, everytime I press spacebar it launches.  Is there any way to stopthat?



    The default key shortcut for Spotlight is Command-Space. You can change it (or turn it off) by going into the Spotlight preference pane. Down at the bottom there are two items: "Spotlight menu keyboard shortcut" and "Spotlight window keyboard shortcut", if you uncheck both of those or change the key, it should do what you want.

  5. Well it depends. Do you manually copy music over to your iPod or does iTunes automatically sync your new music with your iPod? If you automatically sync, then you'll have to wipe your iPod and copy your music into iTunes on your Mac. If you drag and drop your music to your iPod, you can just plug it into the iBook and it will work (this is why we love Apple). Also, if you're automatically syncing with iTunes on your Windows laptop, you can change the setting to manual copying there before you move the iPod. Then you can wipe the iPod, and after that you can move all your music off your Windows machine onto your iPod. Then you can plug the iPod into your Mac and copy everything over, and then finally you can wipe it again on your iBook and set it to automatically sync with your iBook instead. Hope you could understand that hehe :D .

  6. Apple has a long history of adopting new media formats the minute they're out. The bad side of that is that Apple also has a long history of dropping old media formats the minute they're obsolete. But I think once cheap BluRay drives arrive we'll see them in PowerMacs (or Mac Pros if the rumors come true) within a couple of months.

  7. Okay, is this legal?


    Going out and getting a copy of LimeWire and downloading music for free, non-royalty free music, similar to what you can do on BitTorrent, and iTunes for $.99.

    Limewir, bittorrent and other such stuff is legal. What you download might not be. So I would sugest you just download non roylaity stuff so the RIAA MP3 police doesn't come knocking at your door.



    Cfsporn is right, LimeWire and BitTorrent are completely legal, but a lot of users put up royalty protected content. I used to download a lot of music (and even applications) off LimeWire thinking it was legal, but I'm completely clean now :D .

  8. Well I don't know about 12 hours, but for about 10 minutes I was! I saw Adam's post on the blog and he didn't look too excited or anything, so I thought for a while it was just an April Fool's joke. I finally believed it when I realized all the rumor sites had it up.

  9. Yes..you should wait.


    And when Merom is out...wait again because something better is coming along and Merom will SUXORS. And something will be better than that...and better than that...you get it right?


    If you absolutely need a laptop: get one.  If you can make due with what you have right now, then by all means hold off.  It's all about NEED.  If you're running something that is so painfully slow then I think you should upgrade.  There's always going to be a faster processor out...something will always trump what you have.  The Core Duos are FAAAAAAAST compared to my 1ghz iBook.  Yeah, merom is supposed to be 20% faster, but battery life should remain the same according to Intel.  I'm not too concerned about it.



    Rstroud is completely right, base your desision on if you need a new machine. There will always be something better, and the second you step out of the Apple Store your computer is obsolete. You just have to decide whether you need a new computer. Like rstroud said, if you're computer is so painfully slow you can't use it, get a new one. If your current computer is sufficient, wait for something better.

  10. whenever i do powerpoint presentations on my mac, they have to be compatible with powerpoint on the Peecees at school.



    Well Keynote is a much better tool and pretty much everything you do will work fine in PowerPoint format, so I would really recommend getting iWork.


    well that answers my question, thanks! you have pretty much freed me from office. hmm, no microsoft apps on HD, check.



    Happy to help :D .

  11. whenever i do powerpoint presentations on my mac, they have to be compatible with powerpoint on the Peecees at school.



    Well Keynote is a much better tool and pretty much everything you do will work fine in PowerPoint format, so I would really recommend getting iWork.

  12. will keynote presentations work in powerpoint and vice versa.



    Well the default Keynote format doesn't support PowerPoint, but you can save and open PowerPoint documents in Keynote, so basically yes.

  13. Google works on a lot of projects, and very few of them go public. Google was probably working on this for a while and decided they didn't have enough extra money or it was too hard or there were to many bugs or something, they just see it being worth it. Also, it could've been a complete red herring. We Mac Geeks know from Apple that a lot of rumors are just fake.

  14. Well the backgrounds are pretty much always black, but the font is tougher. Apple uses their own modified version of Myriad Pro, and you can only get that font if you have Photoshop. If you want Apple's old font, you can get Apple Garamond. Apple Garamond was used until right around the iMac G4.