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  1. bb121993

    A good Place to get a mac

    thanks guys i'll see how that works out for me!
  2. I am set on getting a 2.0 Ghz Core 2 Duo Macbook with 80 gig hard drive and a combo drive. I was wondering if i could get one for cheaper on any other site. (I would prefer a new macbook)
  3. bb121993

    Printing CD cover art in iTunes

    That's right!!!!!
  4. bb121993

    adding an rss feed to itunes...

    not in the radio section but you can drag it into the library........i think.
  5. bb121993

    4th Gen iPod has Died on me!

    If this ever hapens again put your ear to the back of the iPod and listen for the spinning of the drive. if there is nothing then your iPod's drive is dead. If this is so then you would be better off with a new 5th gen ipod.
  6. bb121993


    I would greatly appreciate anybody who is selling an iBook for cheap or knows of one selling for cheap. Please tell me if you happen to know of these.
  7. Just if you want your sub-menus to go faster your shouldn't have a lot of clocks on at once because they sloe it down.
  8. bb121993

    Purchased Music

    I got about $60 spent but i downloaded 160 songs.
  9. bb121993

    My iTunes

    I actually mean to take the music out of your iPod. It is $19.95.
  10. I think a nano with 16 GB would be cool but I would rather buy an iPod video because it would have more storage and you can watch video on it.
  11. bb121993


    If you don't want it why don't you just return it?
  12. bb121993

    Funny Comic

    It was a nano. I sometimes read the comic.
  13. bb121993

    My iTunes

    I had my music copied in a seperate folder so all I had to do is copy it into the iTunes folder and then drag it from ther into iTunes. Alternate solution: Get some third party software so you can take the songs out of iTunes. You can find it at Best Buy.
  14. bb121993

    Song Combining

    I need to do it on a pc. Yes, Windows(IT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).
  15. bb121993

    Song Combining

    What computer?