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  1. Jubilee

    New Laptops (MacBook/MacBook Pro/MacBook Air)

    DOn't even get me started on the firewire. That is the biggest complaint for us who image machines all day long via firewire drives. We can do it via usb but takes twice as long. Now i am playing with netinstall to image machines via our xserve. I guess people just have to learn to do things differently but would love to know apple's explanation of why get rid of it on the macbook but have it on the macbook pro??
  2. Jubilee

    Netinstall Question

    Anyone use an xserve with 10.5 or use netinstall? My question is I made 2 different images on netinstall yet when i hold the n key down it defaults to the first image. Anyway i can have it show a screen so I can choose which Image I want to image from? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! P.S. Long time no see.
  3. Jubilee

    Leopard Issue

    I guess this is something they changed in Leopard Only admins can add printers which in a large company is a HUGE problem. Anyone know a work around so any user can add any printer?? HELP!
  4. Jubilee

    Question on activating phone and switching carriers

    yea well it was free so hell yea i am using it. I am just going to explain its for work and i have been a verizon user since the beginning and if it wasn't for business needs i would still be using them. Which is partially true. It is for work.
  5. Jubilee

    Question on activating phone and switching carriers

    Thanks for the info. The fact that they are billing me the cancellation fee helps alot. I guess it doesn't hurt to call verizon and ask politely for a "Fair solution" I am the only one on my account. My husband has his own verizon account. The only thing is i don't want verizon to cancel my account before i can move over my number to AT&T Very important that i keep the same number.
  6. Ok so I finally got my iphone from apple. YEAAA! But i have to pay the crappy $175.00 cancellation fee with verizon when i move over. Question is.....when you activate your phone in itunes does AT&T automatically cancel your verizon service at the same time? If so how does verizon bill you the breaking contract fee? I have been holding onto this phone for about 5 days and its killing me not activating it only because I cant afford the 175.00 fee just yet.
  7. Jubilee

    Apple sold 525,000 Iphones over the weekend!

    It was like that in our store too. I was trying to get in there to clean them and i didn't even bother after a while. lol
  8. Jubilee

    Just a thought..should we do a Iphone Subject?

    yea definitely worth it. Easier to find too!
  9. Wow! That's amazing!!!!
  10. Jubilee

    iPhone Purchase - the shortest wait ever!

    They made the opening as organized and stress free as possible. We had over 100 people in line on Friday night and in true Apple style before we opened we went out and greeted the customers and hooted and hollered and high fived. Then as we opened we clapped and cheered as the first few people got their iphones. It was really exciting and fun! Over 100 people and by 7pm they all had iphones and were on their way home to set it up. I can't wait to get mine!
  11. Jubilee

    Test iPhones in stores?

    No phones until Friday. Stores will close at 2PM to get the store Ready and then open at 6PM. I am sure there will be lines at all apple stores and AT&T stores so get there early if you want your hands on them.
  12. Jubilee

    Just a thought..should we do a Iphone Subject?

    The Apple iphone wise guy! The reason i recommend it is there is alot of articles and thoughts i want to post and i am sure alot of people are going to post their reviews when they get it on Friday and i never know where to go for it....hardware? Software? Other?
  13. Since this thing is about to take on a life of its own. lol
  14. Jubilee

    iPhone pricing

    They should have at least given a choice of carriers. I am hoping after the original 2 years they expand to verizon and other carriers. That would definitely benefit apple. Alot of people aren't buying the iphone because its not with their carrier.