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  1. ebvet

    Project Magazine

    Hey folks: I downloaded the second Project Issue for the ipad and would like to delete the first issue. The website says i can do it, but it is not intuitive. Does anyone know how do delete the first Project Magazine issue? Evan
  2. I am a new iphone owner, and I noticed that there is no way to use my contacts (address book) with my calendar. If i go into my calendar and i want to make an appointment with someone, i have to type it in freehand. What if there was a button to push and it would open my contacts (address book), and i can select a contact and then finish typing appointment out. On the other hand, you be able to do the opposite. Go into your contacts app, choose a contact, and hit a calendar button that would open up the calendar so you can set an appointment that way. I have searched the apple store and cannot find an application that will do this. Any opinions out there? Thanks Ebvet Evan Blonder East Village Green Animal Hospital Levittown, NY
  3. Does anyone know of a Broadband wireless service that airport ibooks and powerbooks can use in the car or on the train? since: Evan
  4. ebvet

    ipodsafe music?

    I have a Beatles cover band that plays in Long Island area. I would like to submit a song for the MacCast but i am unsure of copywrite issues. Can you explain what can be done about submitting a cover song for the MacCast or for any podcast for that matter. Keep up the good work> Evan