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  1. Thank You for your help Huskermn and car1son! I wish I was cleverer at all this! Methinks I need more practice... Will try and sort out those ports tomorrow. Many Thanks, Sim.
  2. Hi, Some help would be most appreciated. I have a Belkin 54g F5D7632-4 wireless router and Im running an iMac Intel on this. Im new to this torrent lark, but would like to increase the speed of my downloads as they are painfully slow! I've gone into the Firewall>Virtual Servers, entered the IP address of my computer and added both 6346 and 6881 each on seperate rows, but the same for both LAN and Public ports. Is this right? I've checked TCP&UDP, then checked Enable and clicked Set. Ive then also gone into Mac OS X 'Sharing' then Firewall and added a new port, named it Acquisition and added the numbers seperated by a comma on each line again. So, all traffic should be being let through both ports, right? Wrong! Sadly, when I use http://www.yougetsignal.com/ it tells me that port 6881 is open but that port 6346 is closed :-/ What's going on? Any help with fixing this would be most appreciated. Can I get by downloading just through this port 6881? Also, which Torrent download site should I be using? BitTorrent, Transmission, Azareus or Acquisition or any better ones?! Many Thanks, Simeon.