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  1. djacobs003

    Core 2 Duo MacBook RAM upgrade

    Anyone notice that the RAM upgrade from 1 to 2 Gig from Apple is actually very reasonable? By my count, it's only about $20 more than buying third party. First time I have seen them come in at market price.
  2. djacobs003

    MacBook Pro with Intel Core 2 Duo

    Very nice, but what about "the rest of us" who are on a low budget? Macbook? Hello? Your biggest seller? I just read that the MacBooks (both types I guess) are accounting for up to 60% of Mac sales.
  3. djacobs003

    I messed up isync - won't run

    In trashing around trying to get my new Nokia E62 to sync to the mac I so messed up isync that it won't even run anymore. Actually, I deleted the whole program, thinking it was corrupted. To re-install, I ran the latest combo updater and it did put isync back but with a generic document icon, not the full graphic icon and the program won't run at all. I need to re-install isync....help! Thanks David
  4. djacobs003

    Force window to top on Tiger

    How can I force a window to remain on top when I switch apps. Like if I have a video running in Quicktime and I am browsing the web, I want the Quciktime window to remain on top even with the browser as the frontmost app. This is for Tiger. Thanks David Jacobs
  5. djacobs003

    iTunes Phone coming soon?

    Yes, that's the Moto driver, and it's been there for quite a while. iPhone, yawn. Maybe but I'm hot for the new Palm 750 on Cingular. Hopefully coming this Oct.
  6. djacobs003

    New iPods are a dissappointment?

    If you expect every Apple announcement to be a mind blower, you will almost always be disappointed. The new Nanos are very cool, love the new shuffle. Movies are fine but I want rentals as well as purchase. As for the 6G iPod. Better screen, better battery, more capacity, lower price. Not a revolution, but might just be enough to get a few million more people to buy. All in all, a very solid batch of products heading into the Christmas buying season. Now if they can just get the Core 2 Duo Macbooks out.
  7. djacobs003

    iTunes 7

    I don't like the fact that video podcasts don't show up in the video section anymore. Now it's strictly TV shows. Wish they had a Podcast and Video Podcast section so I can quickly find them. I also wish they had a movie rental option. There are many movies that I would like to watch, but have no desire to own or keep.
  8. djacobs003

    NEW Shuffle is awesome!

    Wow, for $79 the new shuffle is great. I would use it exclusively for working out so I don't need more than 1gig. The design is beautiful, love the built in clip. They're probably not, but Apple should sell these at cost or near cost and treat it like iPod crack. Once you start buying stuff from the iTunes store and get into the Apple experience, there is nowhere to go but upgrade.
  9. djacobs003

    iChat and Automator

    I would like to use Automator to script an action for when a buddy comes online in iChat. I can't find any iChat Automator actions for this. Do I have to custom script it? Basically, when a certain buddy comes online, I want to send an email or SMS message. I may also want to start Audacity and tell it to record for two hours and then save a file and quit. Thanks David
  10. djacobs003

    Another iPod feature gone!!!

    And people wonder why they can never outdo the iPod. You can clone the look and feel all day long, but it's the little features like this that make the magic.
  11. djacobs003


    Bookmarkable MP3 is a deal killer for me I must have it. Kerry, can the group here get a copy of your script. Sounds great! I would love to try moving to NNW. Already use it for text blogs and it rocks. Tranistr is a shame. Very surprising they have not given any updates. Whatever customer base and goodwill they had is all gone now.
  12. djacobs003

    To Do list on ipod

    When you view the To Do's on an iPod, they appear in alphabetical order. Is there a way to get them to list in priority order or anything else other than alphabetical? Thanks David
  13. djacobs003

    Hello Video iPod

    Hello, Santa. yo, Santa! Now I have something to say when people ask me "What do you want to xmas" If the TV guys are smart (like the music guys are NOT), this could be a goldmine for them, and Apple. I think eventually we will have to see a larger format video iPod that is optimal for viewing video, like the psp.
  14. djacobs003

    Nano won't sync with USB hub

    Doh! In my maze of wires below my desk, the power plug for the USB hub did come out. Plugged it back in the walla, except it's a USB 1.1 not 2.0 hub. Very Very slow. I'm going out to get a 2.0 hub tomorrow. Other than that, the Nano is fantastic! I love this thing. Remember the days when Sony used to make products this cool? What happened to them? Apple stole their mojo.
  15. This is with a d-link hub. Will sync if plugged directly into Mac Mini, but I need to use a hub. Is there any hubs that we know will work? Thanks David