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    I'm an officer at Tucson Macintosh Users Group (TMUG). I never miss a MacWorld Expo. I'm a designer/consumer product developer. I work with a company in China and travel there often.
  1. AZCurt

    Dual monitor question

    I have a 13” MacBook - widescreen format. I have it parked with its lid closed behind a 20” Dell monitor – 4:3 format. The MacBook only drives the 20” monitor unless I am traveling. This arrangement works very well for me. In the Displays pref panel, I have mirroring turned off since I only am using the 20” monitor. I don’t have to use the Arrangement positioning, but since I can’t disable it, I have the MacBook screen placed to the left of the 20” monitor. I’m not offered the option to NOT show the MacBook screen at all. Here’s the problem – When I drag the cursor to the left side of the 20” monitor, it disappears off the edge because the Displays>Arrangement panel says that there is another monitor over there. My question: How can I constrain the cursor to stay within the edges of the 20” monitor only? Thanks, --AZCurt
  2. AZCurt

    any way to lock the keyboard?

    Yes, there is a way to temporarily disable your keyboard. It's called Keyboard Cleaner and can be found by typing the name in VersionTracker. It's freeware. Here's the URL: http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo/macosx/31521 Useful when you are away from you desk and you have kids or pets around. Also useful when you need to clean your laptop keys and don't want to turn off the machine.