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  1. What is the best way to run windows xp on my new macbook pro. I am interested in using quicken excel and onenote. I was thinking about crossover which doesn't need a copy of xp installed but I read not all programs work well on this software. Which software is the best for speed and runs all xp programs? Thanks for your help in advance.
  2. I am ready to buy a new laptop. I am replacing an iBook G4. I use it for ilife and iwork mostly, lots of digital photos and some video. I was considering the 15.4 macbook pro with the biggest drive and maxing out the memory at 4 gig. This would cost about 4,000 with apple care. I could probably get by with a macbook, but you can only max out the memory at 2 gig. So my question is if I buy the macbook with 2 gig of memory will this machine last for 4 years? Or will technology improve so much that I would need the 4 gig of memory. What do you guys think? Thanks
  3. GetGo

    Reply to "Needing on the road access"

    Does Spyme work on a PC running windows XP home? I have 2 macs but I would like to connect to my PC for 1 program.
  4. I would like to know if I can remote access my PC which is running windows XP Home Edition with my iBook G4. I was reading that you can do it if you have windows Pro. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks
  5. GetGo

    How Can I Do This?

    I've recorded a show from my TV to my cable DVR. Now I burn the show to a DVD on my DVD recorder. Now I want to get this show from the DVD to my iMovie program. I want to edit the show in iMovie say taking out commercials. What do I have to do or get to do this, or can it even be done? Thanks for your help in advance Steve
  6. GetGo

    Record Streaming Video

    Is there any free software that I can record streaming video from the internet?
  7. GetGo

    New Survey Questions

    Thanks for the feed back. I will put the next survey in the polls section. I did over look the standard Apple mouse.
  8. GetGo

    New Survey Questions

    Nothing, these are just general questions I was curious about. Also I am learning to use this new survey program and thought I would try it in the Maccast forum.
  9. GetGo

    New Survey Questions

    Just some general questions, on what you guys are using. I am also still leaning this survey program so I thought I would ask some questions. Thanks for taking the survey, this will only take a minute to complete. Here's the link http://surveymonkey.com/Users/45868476/Sur..._COPY_THIS_LINK
  10. GetGo

    Desktop Pictures

    I'm getting tried of my desktop pictures. Where do you guys go to get your desktop pics? I'm looking for some real nice stuff, nothing in paticular.
  11. GetGo

    External HD Purchase

    Well I finally bought a new external HD. Western Digital 320 Gig Firewire and USB 2.0. $189.00 with rebates. Hope I did OK with this purchase. Needed a new HD to backup my new iMac G5 20" iSight computer.
  12. GetGo

    New Survey Question

    I will be adding more questions down the road. I am just trying this new survey site out. I want to make sure I have the settings correct. If you have some ideas for questions please let me know. Thanks
  13. GetGo

    New Survey Question

    Please take a minute to answer my survey. Thanks http://surveymonkey.com/Users/45868476/Sur..._COPY_THIS_LINK
  14. GetGo

    External HD Problems

    I have 3 external HD's. Two Iomega drives an 80 and a 120. Both of these drives mounted on my iBook G4 and my PC. I also have a mini HD that I built, a laptop drive in a case. This drive also works with both iBook and PC. When I received my new iMac G5 I plugged in the mini laptop external and it mounted and I copied my files. Since the new update 10.4.3 the laptop drive won't mount. Then I tried the 2 Iomega drive s and they don't mount either. All the drives are firewire. All of these drives are formatted in Fat32 format. Can you guys let me know if other people are having this problem and can it be fixed. I am using my iMac G5 most of the time and I have no way to back it up. I called Apple tech support and they couldn't help he said check Iomega's site fora software update. I think that a bunch of bull.
  15. GetGo

    Looking for DVD Software

    Anyone know of software that is free or that you would buy that would copy DVD's like DVD X-Copy. There is a program for PC's called DVD Shrink do they have this for the Mac? Thanks