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  1. All, I'm unable to access Mobile Me services after setting up a new account. Furthermore, I'm unable to access any type of support from Apple. The 'email' link on the contact page on support.apple.com, simply forward you to the Mobile ME FAQ. Chat is not available. I'm using the @me.com as directed, and know the account was correctly setup, as I can login into the iForgot site and adjust/view my account. I was UNABLE to complete the 'setup' for Mobile Me after signing up - I received a page not found error. Any advice? Is there a way to complete the 'setup' now? O does it just bring you to instructions, not further activation information? I've NEVER had trouble with Apple, nor have I found the support site lacking in the past, but getting a run around, including a link to a site, with no option to send a support email seems a bit off the mark. I realize they are getting SLAMMED due to the iPhone release, and the MobileMe release, but it was Apple's decision to roll these services out concurrently. I guess as time has gone on - I'm concerned that Mac users are being left behind, and customer service is starting to erode at Apple.
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    How to post audio questions?

    I hear folks posting questions to Adam on the show? Who do you do that? Via Skype?