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  1. I concur. I use Airshare to store PDFs and they always display properly. They look great. On a side note: When I travel I use the "Print to PDF", feature that is part of Mac OC X to make copies all of my travel documents (itinerary, boarding passes, etc) and then use the Airshare application to store them on my iPhone for reference and back-up.
  2. Larabees

    iphone sync

    I did eliminate some of my apps (I had 51 installed apps plus the perma-apps) and updated my iTunes software and the iPhone is syncing much faster now. I'm still at iPhone software version 2.0.2, so maybe I can get even more improvement with an update to that.
  3. Larabees

    iphone sync

    I downloaded the latest iTunes (version 8.0 Mac OS) and now I am syncing my 1st gen iPhone. So far it has been backing up for 1 hr 40 minutes and the progress bar shows that it is about 1/3 through. I'm hoping that after this first sync with the new iTunes that the backup times will improve. Otherwise I might have to cull my 52 apps.
  4. Larabees

    Apple Store or AT&T Store

    After having just posted that the person at the genius bar told me (two days ago) she had no idea if the new phone would be on sale at the Apple Store, I saw this new update to the Apple website: http://www.apple.com/iphone/buy/ ...where it says "iPhone 3G is coming soon to an Apple Retail Store near you."
  5. Larabees

    Apple Store or AT&T Store

    I had to take my current iPhone in to the genius bar on the Fourth (everybody was at the beach, so the store was uncharacteristically empty). My phone had an area of white discoloration in the upper right hand corner of the screen. This is the second one in a row to have this problem. While the genius was cheerfully replacing my iPhone with a new one (Apple Care paid off this time), I asked her if she knew if they the new iPhone would be available at the Apple Store. She told me that she had no idea and that she wished that she herself knew because she wants to get one. Last year when I purchased mine, I started off at my local ATT store, but left in disgust after an hour or so. The line was slow and the store staff were trying to upsell their captive audience to their stupid wifi hotspot plans and other services. I left and drove a few miles to the Apple Store where I walked right in and two minutes later walked out iPhone in hand. I don't want to have to even look at an ATT store if I decided to get the new phone.
  6. Larabees


    The Mozy back-up finally finished a few days ago. Since then I also started two incremental back-ups. One complaint I have is the program's feedback. When you sleep or shut down you Mac, Mozy tells you "Back up failed" or "cancelled by user" when in reality, it just didn't complete. Unfortunately, upon restart or awakening it doesn't start up automatically to finish the job. Maybe I'll experiment with actually recovering a file or two.
  7. Larabees


    I bit the bullet and purchased Mozy a few days ago. I started my back-up upload two or three days ago and it still has 11 days and 20 hours until it finishes (that's what it tells me anyway). I'll let you know how that goes. I'm a little disappointed because over on my windows computer (ugh, I know) I use Carbonite and it works wonderfully. I'll give Mozy a chance, but when Carbonite comes to Mac I might have switch. I'll update this message board when it's finished with this back-up. To be fair, it is a big one: over 45 GB and my cable upload speed isn't as fast as I had hoped.
  8. Larabees

    Names for the "spinning gear"

    Grinding Gear of Purgatory or Pernicious Gear of Purgatory ?
  9. Larabees

    Migrate from XP-Treo to Mac-iPhone

    Thanks for the suggestions. I think I'll try both methods just to be belted and braced: I'll have her sign up for a Plaxo account and I'll also try exporting V-Cards.
  10. Larabees

    Migrate from XP-Treo to Mac-iPhone

    Hi, My cousin bought a Mac Book Pro a few months ago. She liked it so much that she bought an iMac to replace her Sony desktop. She currently has a Sprint Palm Treo 750. She wants to buy an iPhone, but wants to migrate her data to iPhone. I think step one is to get the data off of the Treo, then import it into Apple Address Book, Apple Mail, etc. Once we get it into the mac, the sync to iPhone should be seamless. Can anyone help me to get the data off of the Treo? It doesn't have to be an elegant solution, I would be happy with a simple text file. Thanks
  11. Larabees

    Ipod crash when surfing Safari

    Happens to me all the time, especially with certain websites (especially The Los Angeles Times site). It must be a pretty common problem because I mentioned it to an employee at my local Apple store and he just rolled his eyes and sighed in sympathy. I did notice that it got better after the iPhone software update. Maybe it will improve with the next update. I have had the Maps problem, but not very often.
  12. I have always been the local "IT Guy" for my family and the people with whom I work (At work we actually do have a professional IT department, so they do all the heavy lifting, I just help people use their windows apps, especially Word, Excel and Access). At home I just let people see how easy it is to use the Mac, so I don't have to convert anyone, I let the Mac do the talking. One thing I have RAVE about is the Screen Sharing feature using iChat on Leopard. Wow, I feel like a real IT guy now! Today, my cousin wanted to know how to do something on the Mac, I just took control of her screen (as she sat at her Mac, several miles away) and walked her through it. Screen Sharing is a very powerful tool.
  13. Does anyone know where I can download/purchase the song at the end of Maccast 2007.09.28. It's not on the one album I found on iTunes, nor can I find it on the new Amazon mp3 store. The song is "Chains of Love" by Kellin Watson. Thanks
  14. Larabees

    safari crashing

    I take that back. I went to the Houston website again I was able to view the webpage, but when I navigated away to look at one of the news stories, my Safari crashed.
  15. Larabees

    safari crashing

    I was able to go to first website without a problem. Keep an eye on your iPhone's performance. Previously, I was having problems with my iPhone, not just with browsing, but also with the maps, and the iPod playback and coverflow. It progressively got worse until eventually I got to the point where the phone would not respond to my finger touch. Restoring did not help. I took it to the Apple store and they cheerfully tested it, found it had problems, and gave me a new one.