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  1. I for one am really enjoying Photos.app Also a bit miffed about iPhoto being gone but I feel much more at home in Photos. So much easier to edit my photos. Plus SO MUCH EASIER to drag a bunch of photos out. For some reason I couldn't drag photos out of iPhoto.
  2. macboer

    iMovie folders when doing a wipe/clean install

    As far as I know you can. Just do it before you open it for the first time.
  3. macboer

    Installation drive: SD card vs USB

    Thanks a lot.
  4. Is there any Pros or Cons in choosing an SD card for my Mavericks Install disk? (or vice a versa)
  5. macboer

    iTunes crashing every time

    After installing the Firmware update for my MBP, I can't open iTunes yesterday. It crashes every time I try to open it. Identifier: com.apple.iTunes Version: 11.1 (11.1) Build Info: iTunes-1111011001000126~1 Code Type: X86-64 (Native) Please help!
  6. macboer

    iTunes crashing every time

    I repaired permisions and then lauched the app while offline. This worked. Will check 64 bit but I didn't change it so why would it be changed. thanks.
  7. Does it show up in Disk Utility?
  8. macboer

    Apple product's Upgradeability: The Future

    Thanks johnfoster. There's no Apple Care in my Country.
  9. I'd like to hear what your opinion is on the fact that Apple is locking down their products more and more. Without the ability to upgrade RAM or HDD it seems that we will be spending even more $ on fixing and upgrading. For me, the problem is not not having the fastest machine around. I just want to be able to run the applications that I'm running when I buy the machine, for at 4-5 years. It's, what if the HDD fails after 3 years or what if I don't want to spend money on 32GB of RAM at the moment. I think one of the reasons I feel like this is because where I'm form we don't have Apple Stores only "Authorized Retailers". And the service we get here is not half as good as what you'd get in the States. Believe me when I say there aren't any stories of people getting free replacements after a couple of months etc. I'm not looking forward to spend more that $3000 on a computer every 2-3 years. Anywho, sorry for the somber tone. I'm sure Apple will still be making products that they themselves are excited about. Should people like me not be using Apple gear?
  10. macboer

    Best 13" MBP backpack?

    Which MBP backpacks would you recommend? Should I rather go with a suitcase type of vibe? I will be traveling with my notebook quite often by train/bus.
  11. macboer

    App to tell me where my big files are

    Okay you guys got me. I should have said "relatively expensive". In my country you can buy 10 delicious beers with that money.
  12. macboer

    App to tell me where my big files are

    It's a little expensive but DaisyDisk is freakin' awesome.
  13. Why aren't you guys answering the question? I guess no one here has tried it before. Anywho, I'm not the biggest geek around but I can't see why this won't work. It's at least worth a shot. Having said that, I do agree with the others that this should not be the first option, as FW might not be as fast as the person would like/are used to.
  14. macboer

    Best 13" MBP backpack?

    Yes Johnfoster I think I agree on the " first buy a cheaper bag" point. Even though I like well designed things I've taken a look at Thule bags and they are quite expensive and not very easy on the eyes. They seem to be very useful though. I don't mind spending a bit more if I know I'll like it, because bags usually lasts for a while. I thinks one of my concerns with an Al Cheapo is that it won't protect my shtuff against wet weather. Graham, that looks nice.
  15. macboer

    Lion for Dummies: Setup

    I recommended that my father get a macbook pro. Now he has the machine but I've been very disappointed with how many problems he has had with LION! The latest issue is with Safari "canceling the shut down" and when you want to quit Safari you can't. MY QUESTION IS: How do you guys recommend I set Lion up for a beginner user. How do you do it? Thanks for the help.
  16. macboer

    Lion for Dummies: Setup

    Safari didn't want to quit so that the machine could shut down.
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    This is kindof a stupid post, but i've been wondering what you (especially those in the US) think about rugby. Too me it's definitly one of the best sport to watch, but then again i'm from South Africa and here it's like a religion. Bred into us from youth . I guess i'm asking this because i don't know any other cool forums where i can post a question to americans. lol.
  18. I connected my late 2011 macbookPro to a Sony Bravia via HDMi. Got everything to work. Audio works fine in iTunes and Quicktime. BUT VLC does not seem to support audio over HDMi. My question is did VLC support it before 2.0.1? thx
  19. macboer

    Buy now or wait? Apple products.

    I TOTALLY agree with @Huskermn I do think that if there's a possibility that a new product will come out in less than 2 months AND you can afford to wait, then you should wait. Waiting is always good, but not always the smart choice. There is a super slim chance of disappointment if you buy a device that gets replaced a month later.
  20. Here in South Africa there is a reseller called Core that is the only co. that can legally distribute Apple products in the counrty. They have a bad rep on not caring about customers and puts a "Core-TAX" ontop of the so-called "Apple-TAX". MacBook Pro 13-inch: 2.7GHz (MC724) R14799 = +-$1850 There's also nothing here like the customer-service you get in an Official Apple Store. So, my question is: Would you buy an Apple product if you didn't have the security of thought and customer service that's so integrated into the experience at an official Apple Store?
  21. macboer

    iPhone 4S thoughts

    I coundn't care less, but I think '4S' is the correct naming. I wonder how they would improve the design though... PS. Is there any other cellphone that have kept it's design for 2 generations? I still don't understand why there's no other co. that can actually get a well designed phone/device out.
  22. macboer

    iTunes 10.5 DJ

    When trying to manually order the songs in the iTunes DJ list, I can't. It goes into "rename mode". Anyone else? any help? thanks
  23. Can't believe it's been 4 years!

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    Jip, the Haka is pretty awesome.