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  1. Hi everyone: I'm trying to ad custom ring-tones and text-tones to my iPhone 4. however the conversion process through garage-band, then exporting the ring-tone to iTunes is VERY tedious as i want to export about 80ringtones to my phone in the .m4r format. is there a way to batch export EVERY song and sound to iTunes? maybe using Automator or garage-band?
  2. pwnusmaximus

    Podcasting Technical Audio routing issue...

    so looks like i need to invest in a analog mixer.. darn i was hoping i didn't have to spend much more money. but thanks for the detailed reply. should help a bunch!
  3. I'm producing a podcast (or trying) and I've hit a few technical hurdles that I'm having trouble overcoming. my Goals: 1. Have a live monitor of what I'm saying so i can change how I'm talking or tell if there is any other noise making it into the recording (like tapping the table etc.) 2. Have a skype conversation with my fellow podcaster 3. Record all system audio, and skype conversation to disk. 4. take all the audio, me, my partner, my computer etc and stream it on UStream live. my equipment: -iMac 27" -Blue Yeti Microphone -3.5mm headphones (for monitoring the conversation, plugged directly into the Yeti) -Macbook pro (for partner) -Blue Snowball microphone (for partner) My software: {can buy more if needs be} -Audio Hijack Pro (from rouge ameoba software) -Sound Flower -Skype -SoundBoard (from ambrosia software) -UStream Now how exactly to I get to my goal with the equipment that I have? -Thanks in advance guys!
  4. pwnusmaximus

    HTTPS everywhere for Safari

    the reason I'm concerned is because i am currently a college student and take my macbook pro with me pretty much everywhere, and the WIFI at the college is OPEN. (no encryption of any kind) that is the exact type of network that is vulnerable to FireSheep and I'm concerned that (being at a college) some douche bag with a moderate knowledge of computers could start wreaking havoc on my and others social network sites. (and changing my password does not protect against the attack... i know because I've tested it at home) i could either stop using HTTP sites while at college. or switch to firefox and use HTTPS Everywhere. but i really just want a safari plug-in that does the same thing.. does it exist?
  5. pwnusmaximus

    HTTPS everywhere for Safari

    hey guys: after the release of firesheep and listening to Security Now! for the past several months ive become more security conscious and i want to keep my data traffic as anonymous as possible. i know there is a plug in for firefox called HTTPs Everywhere. however i dislike Firefox as a browser (just personal preference) and i want to continue using safari. is there a plug in similar to HTTPS everywhere for safari? thanks in advance
  6. i have a bit of a complicated issue so ill try to keep it as short and sweet as i can. my Goal: 1. to get windows 7 on my old MacBook white. my Obsticals/attempts 1. the mac does not have a DVD drive as it is broken 2. macbook air external DVD drive does not work\ 3. will not boot from USB pc, external disk drive 4. tried booting into 'target disk mode' and installing windows from another functioning Macbook Pro. but turns out windows does not support installing over IEEE. (firewire) 5. tried removing the HDD (macbook) and installing it in a PC (tower), installing windows normaly then re-inserting it (the macbook's HDD) back in the mac. it now fails to boot and Microsoft repair fails every time. 6. do not know how to make bootable USB drive with windows. (note: i have access to; Macbook (no dvd drive), Macbook Pro 17", iMac 27", many 8GB USB drives, firewire cables, old tower PC, SATA to USB adaptor, and legitimate windows 7 DVDs (32 and 64)) help please.
  7. pwnusmaximus

    Mac osX scripting/browser scipting

    Im Running Mac OSX 10.6 and Safari 4.i have a subscription to lynda.com but am often on the road or plane and would love to keep the videos with me so that i can view them while traveling. anyways I've figured out that if i go to lynda.com and click on a video, then open the ACTIVITY pane i can view all the files loaded for the video page and easily pick out the FLV video file and download it by Option clicking on it to download to my Desktop. unfortunatly this only works one video at a time and to download an entire training seminar is very tedious. whats the best way to either write a script or a plug-in or a application that will: -open all the videos in a current lynda series-download the FLV files-place them in a folder on my desktopfrom here i usually toss them into VideoMonkey to convert them for viewing on my iPod Touch.thank you in advance!
  8. hi fellow mac geeks at my office i have a fairly big network (60 computers or so) all wired into my internet connection. i also have a wireless access point for employees that is hidden and password protected. now i want to offer wireless access to my customers for the waiting room but i DONT want them to even be able to see my other computers. i want the customer wireless on its own separate network. however with routers when i plug them into an end port on my network and set them up they cannot find the internet at all and that doesnt seem to work. i know the airport extreme can do what i want but i would have to have it be the MAIN router and i already have a server downstairs that is the businesses router. is there a way to either use a wireless accesspoint or an airport express to have a walled off. internet only wireless connection? -makay
  9. pwnusmaximus

    Opera Mini

    one of the big things ive noticed is that the Opera browser keeps the entire webpage rendered ALL the time. what i mean by this is that in Opera, when you zoom in close and scroll around you just scroll over to that section of the webpage, however in safari when you zoom in and scroll you glide over a section of grey and white squares witch wait a second then load the rest of the web page. because of this ive found opera much nicer for looking through large web pages because i don't have to wait for it to re-render the page.
  10. pwnusmaximus

    Finder preview feature broken

    are the files openable? like if the file in question is a .DOC can you open it in word? or do you get a corruption error? secondly are the files on your local HDD? or in an external USB drive or external Hard Drive Enclosure? (like a "Western Digital My Book")
  11. pwnusmaximus

    Keeping my iMac cool

    i know this thread is super old by now, but i never cleared up weather or not you were measuring the CPU temperature using Fahrenheit or Celsius? if you where measuring ºC then 100ºC is where your computer will shut down, but if you where measuring in ºF then 212ºF is where the CPU will shut down.
  12. pwnusmaximus

    17" iMac CANNOT boot. no matter what ive tried

    ok i tried resetting the SMC. no effect. i still get the same grey screen with the apple logo and no spinning wheel. im going to just take to an apple store and take the $200-300 hit.
  13. pwnusmaximus

    17" iMac CANNOT boot. no matter what ive tried

    I did try booting from both the retail copy of Leopard and Snow Leopard install DVDs. They both just got me to the screen with the grey apple and no spinning ball. even in target disk mode it seems to crash after a few seconds of activity the light grey 'firewire' symbol stops moving and the master mac accessing the imac cannot read the disk anymore... hope that helps narrow it down.
  14. Hello fellow mac geeks: My friend asked me to fix his 17" intel iMac and I've tried and failed too many times to count. so I'm turning to you to give me a hand. I will provide what steps I've tried in list form as to make it easyer to read and see if there is anything i have missed. -Attempt to boot iMac using its internal DVD drive with a copy of OSX 10.6........gets to grey screen with apple logo, no spinning wheel -Attempt to boot iMac using its internal HDD........ Gets a grey folder with a question mark. -Attempt to mount it on another mac using Target Disk mode............disk mounts but after about 20seconds becomes un-responcive and the firewire logo tears and stops moving. -Attempt to boot from ANOTHER macs HDD using TGM on that mac and using OPTION to pick it as the boot device.........gets to grey screen with apple logo, no spinning wheel -Attempt to boot from a DVD in anther macs DVD drive accessed through TGM........grey screen with apple logo and no spinning whee -Attempt to boot in Single user mode (Command+S)..........i get two paragraphs of text the last line of which says that apple loaded the CPUmanagement bundle and it never advances l -also tried clearing PVRAM same result -can anyone help me!?
  15. Hey Guys, i know this may seem like a radical question. I keep hearing about how reviewers and bloggers get sent free stuff to review or look over all the time. Now I'm just a cheap guy and want a second mac laptop for use on the road where I don't have to care if it comes back or not. whats the best way to get a free laptop given to me? -youtube video? -plea to apple? -donation button on a website? -other? -thanks in advance.