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  1. Oliver Barker

    Safari download then slow, then stop.

    I doubt their throlling us. The download speed is fine for games,
  2. Well for some remarkable reason that I can't figure out. I can be happily downloading a file through safari or any other browser, it'll work for a short amount of time. Then the speed will slow down. It is still downloading. But the speed slows. Finally it gets to 0 and the file stops. Any ideas why? This is a bitch when I'm trying to download files more than 10Mb. And at the moment its stopping me from completing work. If I play an online game like Modern Warfare it works absolutely fine. No lag of any sort. Any help?? Ollie.
  3. Oliver Barker

    iPod Shuffle 2nd Generation not showing in iTunes.

    Maybe I should have added more to my original post. Its nothing to do with the iPod itself. it is working absolutely fine. It simply is not recognised by iTunes. It is indeed the 2nd gen, with the clip. And I reverted back to iTunes 7 to see if the problem was with iTunes itself though it made no difference. I still use iTunes 9.0.3 (the latest) Aparantly this is a wide spread problem which is why i posted here just in case somebody has a solution. If it comes to it I shall take it back even though it wasn't from an apple store. It was from curry's digital. Hopefully they'll replace it!
  4. Well. I bought by mum an ipod shuffle second generation. We synced some music onto it and it was fine. Though for her birthday she received an itunes gift card so she made a list of items she wanted to buy. However after not syncing it with itunes in some time iTunes is no longer recognizing the shuffle. In system profiler it recognizes the ipod, all the information about it yet still a mystery. I've been looking around for ages looking for a fix but nobody seems to have any idea what to do! I tried installing itunes 7 but still nothing. No different on 10.6.2 or 10.5.7. This is really fustrating, any help? I'm really against having to buy a new shuffle because of this. Any help appreciated, Ollie.
  5. After receiving a Mac Mini for christmas I immediately realised I would have to use some sort of migration assistant to transfer well over 100Gb's of DATA from my 1st Gen MacBook over to the Mini. However both have different firewire ports and I'd rather avoid purchasing an adapter if possible. Over wireless it is impossibly slow so thats out of the question (left it over night, 15% in 10hours). I read that it is possible using an ethernet lead, plugged directly from one machine to the other however i cannot link the two machines together using it and it still tries over WIFI. Any ideas?
  6. Oliver Barker

    MacBook 2 External Monitors

    Well at the present I have one elevated MacBook with a Mini-DVI port connected to a HD TV. However I'd like to expand on this for my graphic and media... needs. Is there a way to split the Mini-DVI output so that it'll connect to two screens?
  7. Does anybody here have any experience with Skype Cordless Phones on the Mac? The only ones I'm able to find say there compatible with XP and Vista and as I'm sure you understand from experience, you don't want to go out and buy something that you find doesn't work! ~Oliver Barker
  8. Oliver Barker

    Mini DisplayPort output problem

    If your using two displays rather than mirroring the two you might find that if you couldn't already, you can use the computer screen as the entire screen? Without any black spaces around the screen that I sometimes got. Try using interlaced resolutions for this, it solved the problem for me!
  9. Oliver Barker

    Refresh Rate Problem

    With a HD TV plugged into my MacBook 1st Gen, I get a strange flickering when using the 1920 by 1080px setting. This is on a 19inch TV btw. The refresh rate is on 50Htz Pal because I get the least flickering! Is there any way to reduce this? I only get the option of 50htz Pal and 60Htz NTSC which is worse.
  10. Oliver Barker

    Dual Routers

    Alright, thanks! I'll give it a go.
  11. Oliver Barker

    Dual Routers

    What I mean is that our house has very thick walls, that limit the signal and we'd like to have a wireless router in both floors to increase the signal strength wherether you are. What I mean is that if we put the two routers on different wireless channels would we be able to connect to the router that's on the same floor as me? None of our computers are hard wired. All wireless.
  12. Oliver Barker

    Dual Routers

    Is there a way to use 2 wireless routers at the same time? If you put each one on a different channel...
  13. Oliver Barker

    MacBook wont sleep.

    For some reason when I close the lid of my MacBook it goes to sleep. Though after a few minutes it turns back on again! And because the screen is closed. The computer thinks that it isn't there so doesn't show anything. Luckily its plugged into an external TV and when I turn that on and switch it to HDMI it shows me my screen with the laptop screen just not there! I've tried closing everything, turning airport off but nothing works. Any ideas why this is happening? I searched on google and found a number of sleeping problems yet none of them are like mine... I need to fix this since it is using a lot of power having it constantly on for days and days. The only way to stop it is to simple hold the power button down until it force shuts down the computer.
  14. Oliver Barker

    Show off your Desktop

  15. Oliver Barker

    Show off your Desktop

    well technically it can't break the law in the UK since you bought the software, as long as you don't give it to people you cand o what you want with it! Same with the iPhone and iPod Touch jailbreaking, you bought it you can do what you want. And IRMac, whats that circle thing? lol