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  1. Dear SIR MATT: I shall always speak to you in a respectfull way in future opportunities. I would like to apologize for the horrible language I used that maybe insulted your great, advanced, and sophisticated intelligence. With those great and helpfull commentaries of yours, this forum may succeed. Ivan Paiz, MCSE PD: Thank you Inis for understanding.
  2. NEED A MACGEEK ADVICE: I own a powerbook with mac os tiger, 667mhz, What usb 2.0 pccard would you recommend me.
  3. Because I have a 667mhz, powerbook G4, I had to install a pcmcia usb 2.0 card, brand: compucable, it started to give me problem that does not recognize mi external usb 2.0 hard drive (200GB) and sometimes it also does not recognize my usb memory. I do not know if that is because of the latest mac os update. If any one can help me with that??
  4. Can anyone help me again please!!!! I have a 200GB external USB 2.0 hard drive because my powermac g4 is only 30gb, I own a 60GB 5Gen Ipod, how can I include the music in my external drive into my iTunes library so I can use it on my ipod withouth filling the hard drive of my powerbook? I will appreciate very much your help MAC CAST LISTENERS.
  5. ipaiz

    Problems with H.264? using handbrake with video ipods?

    Yes you can watch mp4 files from handbrake, but use also mp4 audio conversion, I am having problem with the h.2...
  6. ipaiz

    Scrateches in IPOD NANOS

    For minor scratches, those no so deep, it is ok only tu use BRASSO or 3m polishing compound, turtle wax rubbing compound may be also right.
  7. ipaiz

    Scrateches in IPOD NANOS

    Hey Nano user, try polishing it with the tips we gave before. For that kind of scratches only polish it do not sand it with sandpaper, sanding is only for relally heavy scratches. Hope these work.
  8. If anyone can help me. I have 60 gb of mp3 but a lot of it does not have the album picture, correct names of artist and song, and also would like to include the lyrics. All these in an automatic procedure due the quantity of songs. I would appreciate if someone knows a freeware software that can help me with that. Hope to heard you soon.
  9. Thank you VERY VERY much for the incredible fast response, within the first 3 minutes. WOW!!!!
  10. I am very interested in that matter, but you can only download the handbrake. The MACTHERIPPER page shows: "THIS PAGE HAS BEEN CLOSED DUE TO LEGAL THREATS BY MACROVISION." Can anyone help me which program can I use, or where can I find the mactheripper. Thank you macgeeks. Ivan
  11. ipaiz


    Imagine at the hour of really heavy traffic, don´t you think it would be great to listen the podcast and at any available space to also watch it, imagine Adam showing us pictures of new stuff, or showing us new products. AUDIO VISUAL will be always better than ONLY AUDIO. VIDEO PODCAST DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU CAN NOT ONLY HEAR THEM. See ya.
  12. ipaiz

    Scrateches in IPOD NANOS

    That is what I said, Plastics is like butter for regular polishments. Scratches in plastics= no problem. Congratulation for your new old screen, Adam.!!!
  13. ipaiz


  14. The one I use is 3m Rubbing Compound 5973, but I think the polishing compound can work too. About the sand paper, the numbers 1200 or 1500 are really smooth, as you can feel you can notice it is no such rough, you feel it like normal bond paper. Sand papers number 1200, 1500 and 2000 are also called polishing papers because they even polish because of their soft abrasives. The term polish not also means only brightness, in jewerly to get a bright finish you must level all imperfections into the same level, scratches are at a lower level, so you must transform all the surface into the same level, that is the function of sand paper. And the Rubbing compound will level the microcopic scratches made made by the sand paper and that is what gives the LIKE NEW FINISH!!
  15. The Ipod nano is made of the same plastic of the 4th generation ipods, POLYCARBONATE, this plastic is used to make eyeglasses, and the front lights of cars, the polyshment (3m rubbing compound) is 100% safe and will give you a NEW IPOD again, the only thing is that you must be polishing it like for about 30 minutes to get a crisp and crystal look!!! Believe me, Ok!