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    Burn DVD +R DL, but Unavaliable for Viewing

    I had a similar problem under Tiger with a DVD that I created in iMovie/iDVD. On the very machine that I burned the DVD, I later got the message that the disc was not supported. I found a post somewhere that running repair permissions might fix the problem. I figured that repairing permissions would do about as much good as blowing on the DVD before I put it in the machine. I went ahead and repaired permissions and what do you know, the DVD played fine. Sounds dubious I know; but perhaps you could give it a try and see what happens. Shepherdboy
  2. Shepherdboy

    Quickbooks and emulators

    Greetings, I have been running Quickbooks for Windows using Parallels for over a year now. I have not had any problems with it. I also use th Payroll service and don't have any problems with the communication with Intuit's server. Quickbooks is my primary reason for having Parallels. Pretty much everything else I do is under OS X, but I also have to share the Quickbooks file with Windows users. I am in Quickbooks daily and it runs great in Parallels on my MacBook Pro. Shepherdboy
  3. Shepherdboy

    Toast 7.1.2 not working with Leopard?

    Actually, based on reading the posts in the fourms you directed us to, Roxio is working on a 7.1.3 patch that will allow Toast 7 to work in Leopard. For me, that's fantastic. I'm very happy with version 7 and am very pleased that Roxio would go back and patch a previous version! Shepherdboy
  4. Shepherdboy

    Some issues with my backup drive, any suggestions

    Based on your comments I doubt that this is the issue, but I thought I'd mention it anyway. I had an external backup drive begin to fail--all sorts of errors and then the drive not appearing in finder or disk utility. I ran Disk Warrior and it repaired it, but the next day the same problems had returned. It turned out that the USB hub that I was running the drive through to connect to my Mac was failing. It worked intermittantly -- enough to allow me to try to work with the drive, but not enough to prevent corruption of data. That all to say, make sure that you have plugged the external drive directly into your Mac and if you have an extra USB or Firewire (I can't remember if you said which) cable I'd try that also. Shepherdboy
  5. Shepherdboy

    Toast 7.1.2 not working with Leopard?

    In researching my applications before upgrading I have read that Toast 7.1.2 is not compatible with Leopard, but that 7.1.0 is. I have the same version (7.1.2) and am looking to upgrade to Leopard in the next month. I hate to ditch Toast or have to upgrade to 8 when version 7 does all I need it to do. I'll have to look at my install disc for Toast 7 and see what version it is. Perhaps if I install it and don't patch it to 7.1.2 it will work fine. I also understand that version 8 is going to require a patch to be fully compatible with Leopard. Does anyone know if there are more burning features built into Leopard than there were in Tiger? If I can't get Toast 7 working, perhaps I can make do with just the OS for the time being. Shepherdboy
  6. Shepherdboy

    How can I map a Function Key?

    I created a trigger to start an app on function key press and it works fine with 1 press. I deleted the Hide trigger and recreated it, but it still requires two presses. Odd... Shepherdboy
  7. Shepherdboy

    How can I map a Function Key?

    Yes, they are. I still have to hit the Function key twice to get the hide. Shepherdboy
  8. Shepherdboy

    How can I map a Function Key?

    Thanks, I've been using Quicksilver for a long time, but I confess that I've only used it to launch applications. I had no idea you could set system wide shortcuts with it. This solution works, but I have to press whatever key combination I set twice. I've tried it with several (F2, CMD-`, CMD-F1) and with all I have to press the combination twice to get the current window to hide. Is there something I've done wrong? Shepherdboy
  9. Shepherdboy

    How can I map a Function Key?

    Greetings, I am a switcher of a little over a year. I love my mac (2 now, in fact). I would like to map one of the function keys to a keyboard shortcut. That may sound strange, but I do have a reason. I like to hide windows for apps that I keep running in the background all day (ie. Entourage). I find it really awkward to press the CMD-H key combination to hide the current window. I would like to map a function key (F2, for example) to execute CMD-H and hide the current window. I would even accept some other CMD combination that I find easier to press (perhaps CMD-`). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Shepherdboy
  10. Shepherdboy

    Looking for a mac-compatible "media extender"

    Hey, thanks for the links to the articles. The Mvix MX-760HD looks like it does what I'm looking for. At $300 + HD it's a little more than I was hoping for, but I think I'll save up and give it a shot. I'll report back here with a review when I get one. Shepherdboy
  11. Shepherdboy

    Looking for a mac-compatible "media extender"

    Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, the Mac that I have my media on is a Mac Mini in another part of the house. I really don't want to have to unplug my monitor and connect the video sender and then have to start the video and run to my living room to watch. I'm really looking for something that is the same type of device as the Apple TV that would work over my wireless network and allow me to start and pause videos from the living room. Shepherdboy
  12. Greetings All, I want to find a device to extend video media from my Mac to my television in the other room. I have a regular old tube television--nothing fancy. I would like to be able to play video files from my Mac on the television. I don't really use iTunes for my video podcasts except for MacBreak and CommandN. I usually download Hak.5, DL.TV, etc. manually from the web sites. I also like some of the independent content out there: 1337 from MathClub Productions, Star Trek New Voyages, and Star Wars fan films such as TROOPS and Reign of the Fallen. Basically, I just want to watch these things on my television after having downloaded them on my Mac without having to burn a DVD. I'm not interested in the Apple TV because I don't think it will play the range of video formats that I want and it won't work with my standard television. I don't really want to spend the cost of a Mac Mini either. Does anyone have any experience with such a device or any suggesions? Thank you, Shepherdboy
  13. Greetings All, I am looking to get an External Firewire DVD burner to use with my Mac Mini (which does not have the superdrive). Can anyone recommend a specific drive that they have been happy with. I'd like the drive to have the lightscribe feature for etching the discs. Thanks, Shepherdboy
  14. Greetings Adam and all, I am a recent explorer into the world of the Mac. I have a first generation Mac Mini with OS X 10.3 Panther on it. I have setup a Windows file share on the Mac for my local network. I would like the Mac to wake from sleep mode on network access from my Windows machines. I see in the System Preferences Energy Saver panel the option to Wake for ethernet network administrator access. The help metions something about a special wake-on-LAN packet. Can someone explain this to me and how this would work? I'm not sure that it will acheive what I want if it requires some sort of special packet. I want to be able to open up Windows Explorer on one of the Windows machines and browse to the shares on the Mac. If the Mac is asleep, it will wake up and serve the shared files. Perhaps someone could suggest an add-on piece of software that would accomplish this. Thanks for any assistance and sorry for the long post, Joel Smith