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  1. Thor

    all new folders to view as list

    I was trying to find the solution to this problem as well. The only software that can do this is Pathfinder but there should be another way. I want to see it always as columns. Tks again for all the help
  2. Thor

    Dvix on Apple TV?

    Hi all, The main function of the apple TV is to provide a connection between the computer and the TV. As it seems the apple TV will only work with any file that can be seen on iTunes so I tried to import a dvix file into iTunes with no luck . I hope there is a way to make them visible in iTunes without converting them which would make it a nightmare. If anyone has any suggestions I would really appreciate it. I was thinking of buying one instead of a mac mini so all the info would help. Tks again Thor
  3. Thor

    Video Ipod

    What do you think... Possible? http://www.engadget.com/entry/1234000683061846/
  4. Hi everyone, I need your help. I need advice on a photo management software that guarantees the quality of the pictures I take. I am only an amateur but I want my photos to last many years so if I decide to print them in 20 years the quality should be the same as when I took the photo. My concern started with one simple thing that didn't involved a lot of image editing. Many photos are taken in a vertical way and once they are imported into my other photo management software I rotated them. As paranoiac as I am, I checked the image size and it changed, it got less. I don't want to edit all my photos on Photoshop so I can guarantee the quality since I am looking for a simple way to manage them. That is why I am seeking for advice. Should I use Iphoto 5 to manage my photo? Should I leave the photos on its original position on Iphoto 5 or can I rotate them without loosing quality? Thanks in advance for any help!