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  1. MrCooms

    Best BitTorrent client for OS X?

    I personally use azureus, has always worked well for me.
  2. MrCooms

    Let me see your Mac!

    yeah BT stands for Bit Torrent. Thanks for the comments, I got the cd from Howard Storage world which is real handy. The eMac is a great machine with a really nice screen, just wish it had a bit quicker processor in it
  3. MrCooms

    Steve Jobs made from icons

    Heres an interesting shot of steve that just popped up on digg, which i thought was pretty cleaver. http://static.flickr.com/26/88343420_6c1febcf5e_b.jpg
  4. MrCooms

    Let me see your Mac!

    Here's my latest setup. This is my first mac and im loving it. As you can see my PC is still sitting beside it which is still used for gaming and BT. http://static.flickr.com/18/89474991_7e779d7ce9_o.jpg
  5. MrCooms

    My switcher story

    Yeah its starting to show its age speed wise working with all my photo's music etc, the ram upgrade did help but she still struggles a bit. Im just haning out to hopefully get a new laptop the first half of this year (assuming steve announces the Intel mac)
  6. MrCooms

    Speed up Safari

    Hey Matt thanks for the tip has definetly helped. Just one thing, when you are talking about firefox's tabbed browsing are you saying that they are better than safari's tabbed browsing option which i couldnt live without. cheers
  7. MrCooms

    File sharing between Mac and PC

    If you are using Xp its easy. just right click on the folder or drive that you wish to share over the network hit "properties" then "sharing" tab. from there you select to "share this folder on the network" and give it a name. ensure that you have the PC on the same workgroup as the Mac and now you should be able to see the computer name under network on the Mac.
  8. MrCooms

    My switcher story

    Ive been floating around the forums for a while now and am an avid listener of the Maccast and i thought it was about time i introduced myself. Here's my story. For many years i've been an avid windows user, always having a go at my dad for being a apple user as he has been for as long as i remember. Starting of with the Macintosh SE (which he still has) which means he now has built up quite a museum of retired Macs which recently we have been re-formatting and bring back to life for the fun of it. The past year or two i've been avidly watching Steve's keynotes which seem to suck us all in, (convinced me the day after the Nano came out to go and buy one ). As well has his keynotes, the development that has been made over the years on the operating system have been amazing starting of in 2001 with the introduction of OS X and now with Tiger it just rocks. not to mention the pure elegance of the computers. My eMac is the earlier 700Mhz with 640 mb ram, which isnt bad for a start. as many of us are i can't wait to finally see the release of the first intel mac, the wait for Macworld is painful which hopefully Steve wont put us in suspense for any longer. Finally a big thanks to Adam and the maccast which is a fantastic pod-cast and what in the end drew me away from the dark side . Happy new year
  9. MrCooms

    Australian iPod & iTunes

    This iTunes music store rocks, been waiting for it for ages and now im going nuts buying songs, its great
  10. MrCooms

    Skinning windows to look like a mac

    Im in the same boat, i have been using windows machines for the past 10 years and now im just fed up with it. but with the new Intel Mac's coming out sometime next year i dont want to jump ship just yet. Its quite ironic as my fahter has been using Mac's for as long as i can remember and i was always critisizing him for that fact, until i got some sense and realised how good they are. It has been fun of late as we have been resurecting all his superseeded mac's, starting with pre power pc machines. when u look back its amazing where Apple have come from to be where they are today. Bring on intel Mac's!