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  1. I've got two Macs in my house and the MBP connects just fine to our Airport Extreme. The Macbook however has very poor signal strength and can only connect to the AE when very, very close to it. I bought an Airport Express thinking for whatever reason the signal strength needed to be boosted via setting it up in a WDS network (basically a booster). The Macbook still cannot connect to the network. There are no other nearby networks on the same channel as our network and no cordless phones in the house. Any ideas on why one Mac works fine and the other does not?
  2. kfordham281

    Elgato EyeTV EZ

    RailRider said it correctly, EyeTV hooks into your existing cable/sat/antenna system and allows you to record those shows. I have the EyeTV Hybrid and like it a lot.
  3. kfordham281

    Family Tree

    Doesn't look like it. Look here for some programs though.
  4. kfordham281

    SuperDuper! is back

    On the 2.5 version? They said it would support TM and SD on the same drives.