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  1. tripperharrison

    Toast 7.1.2 not working with Leopard?

    Hi, Has anyone else had trouble using Toast 7 in Leopard? I can't burn data or media DVDs. I continually receive the the following error message: Could not record the disc because of a Mac OS error Result code= -13780 Any ideas to get it working would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Chris
  2. tripperharrison

    M-Audio Leopard Drivers

    I figured it out...I didn't have the latest 10.4 driver downloaded. I downloaded and it seems to be working fine with Leopard, which is good, because I see M-Audio has taken the Leopard support link off their main page. Thanks for the response. --Chris
  3. tripperharrison

    M-Audio Leopard Drivers

    Hmm...that's odd. Mine's got the flashing blue light on it ever since I installed Leopard, and I can't get my iMac G5 to recognize it. Any suggestions?
  4. tripperharrison

    M-Audio Leopard Drivers

    Hi, I've been monitoring the M-Audio website daily since the release of Leopard to see when they'll post a driver for their 410 Firewire device. Does anyone have a guess on how long we might have to wait (possibly based on how long it took them to update drivers when Tiger was released). It's terrible not being able to use GarageBand with external mics (or my M-Audio keyboard) since upgrading to Leopard. Thanks for any insight. Best, Chris
  5. tripperharrison

    Palm Question (sorry, slightly off topic)

    Thanks a million, roog. Forwarding it to my own e-mail did it. I wasn't even sure if that was a possibility until you suggested it. --Chris
  6. tripperharrison

    Palm Question (sorry, slightly off topic)

    Hi, Sorry if this is in the wrong forum. I wasn't sure where to post it. I'm curious if anyone here knows how to retrieve photos attached to text messages from a Palm Treo. I was able to use the Palm software for the Mac to sync to my Mac photos I take with the phone's camera, but I can't seem to get any photos attached to text messages on the phone. I tried buying a USB card reader, but the SM chip is unreadable on the Mac (I get asked if I want to reformat), and it doesn't seem to show up on my PC, either. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance... Chris
  7. tripperharrison

    Consolidating data on multiple external hard drives

    Great! Thanks a lot. I appreciate it. --Chris
  8. Hi, I've got three separate external hard drives with all of my data strewn over them in a pretty inefficient manner. Better late than never, I think it's high time to do some spring cleaning. Is there a good program (hopefully freeware or a cheap download) that anyone here can recommend that will allow me to easily consolidate my files, getting rid of unneeded duplicates? Thanks in advance, Chris
  9. tripperharrison

    Why buy iLife '07 before Leopard?

    Thanks. That solves my problem. I didn't realize that.
  10. tripperharrison

    Why buy iLife '07 before Leopard?

    Hi, I want to buy iLife '07 this week, but I also will be buying Leopard, so why wouldn't I just wait and get it as part of Leopard in a couple months? It seems to me an awkward bit of marketing timing for Apple. What are your thoughts?
  11. tripperharrison

    Drag and Drop and the Finder icon in the dock

    I hope so. That'll be just one more reason I'll be lining up to buy Leopard the day it's released.
  12. Hi, I've been using a Mac for sixteen months now, and I really love it, but I do have a few small irksome issues I wish I could iron out. For one, I love the drag and drop and spring-loaded folder functionality built into OS X (especially when used in conjuntion with Expose). What I don't understand is why you can't launch a Finder window by hovering a file or folder over it, the way you can launch other relevant applications in the dock. If I receive an attachment on an e-mail, for instance, I would like to be able to just grab the attached file from the e-mail and take it to the Finder icon in the dock to launch a Finder window and then use the spring loaded folder navigation to place the attached file where I'd like to save it. I can do all of that very smoothly and elegantly, except for the first step. I have to first go down and click on the Finder icon to open a window, and then click on the e-mail program to make it again the active window, and only then can I return to my drag and drop dreamworld. It feels like having to get out of a warm bed on a cold morning to turn off an alarm clock across the room. Is there a way to work around this? A way to launch a new first Finder window with a keyboard shortcut would be helpful, if not ideal. Thanks, Chris
  13. Hi, Does anyone remember the name of the heat-absorbing lap cushion for PowerBook that Adam mentioned a few shows back? If so, would you also know of a place where I could buy one online? Thanks, Chris
  14. tripperharrison

    PowerBook won't go to sleep with lid open anymore...

    Yes, the same thing is happening to me...I tried setting display and computer to 1 minute, and the display would go to sleep, but the computer wouldn't. I've posted this question over at the Apple forums also, and so far haven't got any word. You're the first person who seems to have had a similar experience. It's weird. I'm pretty sure mine started post-10.4.7 --Chris
  15. tripperharrison

    PowerBook won't go to sleep with lid open anymore...

    I haven't clean installed since I bought the machine in late April 2005. I'm not sure how to do that. Do you have to clone the hard drive first, and then reinstall the System and then re-instate the clone? I don't think I have the means to do that. It's still not going to sleep, when the lid is up. I've taken to hitting control + eject, followed by s, which makes it go to sleep with the lid up, but it'd be nice if it would do it on its own. Thanks for any help. Chris