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  1. chrishoo

    Little addition to Apple.com

    Has anyone noted that all over the Apple.com site there are colored shuffles clipped on the side of various pages?
  2. chrishoo

    Apple Myths

    Might be hard to believe, but I still get the ancient 'But Macs can't open MS Office documents'! or Macs are not very good for multitasking (clearly misinformed there...)
  3. What is IPv6? Well, I know it stands for internet protocol v. 6 and wikipedia says that it's something to do with addresses? What would it impact on the typical user if it is switched off? or on for that matter?
  4. chrishoo

    Using a 3rd party remote and iMac built in IR

    I have programed my Philips prestigo universal remote with the apple remote, and it works fine - though a bit sluggish with the controls. The remote works exactly like the apple remote - including Media central and VLC and apple's frontrow of course
  5. chrishoo

    Alright... MacRoundTable

    it's been going on for quite a few podcasts! (macround table that is) Isn't it one of the soundpacks provided by Adium? Maybe we should start a topic trying to identify the sound
  6. chrishoo

    Zen vs. iPod

    it's not as much the player that matters, it is iTunes that matters! iTunes allows easy organisation of your media; not only music and video but one that most people overlook, podcasts! It is very difficult to tell a newbie how to download a podcast. Already hard enough to get people to use iTunes to get podcasts, imagine if you have to use some other program. First downloading the program to access podcasts, then search, then subscribe, then download to your player... iTunes just lets you do everything within the program, then transfer it easily to your iPod (almost) seamlessly! Of course, iTunes only works seamlessly with iPod. I love my iPod BTW, the scroll wheel is superior to anything out there in terms of searching large files, and I'll reserve judgement on the new iPhone interface (the flick scroll or whatever) until I see it. Sure Zen has OLEDs, FM radio (don't use it much, I have the iPod controller that provides FM), recording options etc, but you have to remember to calculate the whole experience of using your MP3 player. Much like buying a Mac Vs PC, people look at the specs, but forget about having to deal with the mountain of pain that comes with Windows (viruses, malware, etc etc etc)
  7. chrishoo


    The subcribe model for podcasts does not work - several have tried and failed. Advertising is definitely the way forward for some sort of financial compensation for the time spent producing this podcast, and personally I'd still listen to it - up to the point it becomes like public radio - 20-40% total ad time.... Good job at Macworld btw adam!
  8. chrishoo

    Age Of Empires 3

    you might want to change that URL to www.macsoftgames.com
  9. I had to option of mail in when I had trouble with my powerbook... that was beginning of November though... and I'm in Northern Ireland...
  10. Unlike NYC, London shuts down after midnight - all buses, underground; most shops etc.. so unlikely to see a 24 hour Apple store in London
  11. Does anyone know how do you 'unpair' a bluetooth mouse? I have the old BT mouse (non-MM), which happens to be paired to both my desktop and laptop. THis of course, causes havoc when both computers are in close proximity and it's a lottery which computer picks up the mouse first... Thanks in advance
  12. chrishoo

    OFFICIAL: New MacBooks

    Well, while sulking, I managed to reach for the phone and called Sales And as testament to the fantastic Apple sales, the person on the other end (who only received the news of the upgrade 5 minutes prior), told me that when the package arrives, just hold on to it, email her and a 'replacement (ie newer C2D unit)' would be sent out. Also I had one of those interest free loans going, and she said they'll ammend the amount (basically I save a few £££ because I have the newer unit and not having to upgrade the RAM or HD). So the cost to me is just a few more days... Very satisfied apple customer here!
  13. chrishoo

    OFFICIAL: New MacBooks

    I ordered a Macbook last week, the mid version with a 1Gb upgrade... got an email to say it was dispatched yesterday.... *goes into corner to sulk*
  14. chrishoo

    Another dumb ipod question

    That's a dock adaptor, it's for things like the iPod Hi-Fi, which has a dock for the largest of the ipods, then you have to use your adaptor so that your iPod Min-erm, I mean Nano, sits on it snugly
  15. chrishoo

    Apple FM radio for iPod

    The FM remote for the iPod, everyone has to remember is still an FM receiver - thus the quality is subject to your position/location. Overall, I would rate the FM receiving 'strength' as average, simply because it does not have an antena - but above average when compared to other DAPs. Apparently it uses the earphones as its antena... so move your head around to find the sweet spot My work has a simple radio (old and looks like its on the last mile) with a long antena and of course it is deskbound, receives stations perfectly. The only other gripe I have with the FM receiver/remote is that, I can't seem to scroll less than 0.2 increments... very annoying when you have stations which are broadcasting at an even number (e.g. 97.4FM) - if anyone knows otherwise, pls let me know!! Update - I just found my own answer - my radio region was set to Australia (with remote attached, see Settings>Radio Region)- not sure why they don't have even numbered stations... but switch to Europe settings, now I'm able to go 0.1 increments and get all my even numbered stations!