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  1. Danny

    Are you upgrading to iLife '06?

    I'd think you'd want Aperture not iPhoto, anyway.
  2. Danny

    Kevin Rose get's dugg

    why is this posted at the MacCast forums and not DiggNation? I think it's all silly. A Powerbook is a Powerbook. If he didn't know about the new one, it wouldn't change the speed of his Powerbook.
  3. I sold my used 20gig 4th gen on eBay for $220.
  4. Danny


    I think there are other pieces of software that can help, like USB OverDrive or something... Maybe.
  5. Danny

    Google earth for OS X beta released

    Google Earth is really slow, buggy, and unresponsive since it's really alpha software at the moment for Mac. That being said, after playing with Google Earth for 20 minutes, it's the most impressive technology I've seen in 2005. It's stunning. I feel like God when I'm flying over the Grand Canyon.
  6. Danny

    Google earth for OS X beta released

    wow... not officially released by Google.. scary. Link 1: http://s38.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=01H260I...TZ3OTEBSWPXG48L 8) Link 2 http://homepage.mac.com/hogfish/.Public/Go...oogle_Earth.zip 8) [/color]
  7. Danny

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    all thanksgiving dinner all the men in the family discussed was how to get 16mm film as hi-def onto our sony camera for Final Cut. i feel bad for the women.
  8. Danny

    scratches on 5th Gen Screen?

    dear god, you took off the plastic protective layer your iPod came in? :evil: :shock:
  9. if you listen to the iLounge podcast, there is interviews with the nice people at Griffin, and they clearly state that they ARE working on it. iTunes Link: http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore...43441&i=1356574 :wink:
  10. Danny

    iTunes Podcast no-auto-download-feed trick

    Yes. Select the Feed in the Podcast list. Press unsubscribe.
  11. Danny

    Cases for 5th gen (video) ipods

    I suggest the Agent 18 Videoshield. If it's like the Clickshield for 4th gen, I'm going to love it. ships late November. http://www.agent18.com
  12. Danny

    DRM and the Mac Cast

    I believe it's because the eMacCast uses the Apple Chapter Tool to make the chapters. I don't think this is the same thing as a song from the iTunes Music Store.
  13. Danny

    Saturday night live

    yes, it was pretty funny, although not to surprising. if anyone missed it: http://kellydutton.com/video/SteveJobsSNL.mov
  14. Danny

    My iTunes

    can you give more details? you're referring to the folder in the Mac OS Finder, not iTunes, right?
  15. Danny


    how bout the videos only appear in the eMacCast feed?