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  1. jchndler

    10.4.7 fried my lower memory module

    That is what one would think. I have no idea why Apple is ignoring us, knowing, we have the same exact issue and symptoms of those inside the serial range.
  2. jchndler

    10.4.7 fried my lower memory module

    http://lowermemoryslot.editkid.com/index.php?view=yes Amazing how many people have this issue, but are out of the serial number range Apple has specified for the repair extension program. I really wish Apple would acknowledge us and include us in this repair extension program. After all, we do have the same exact symptoms. I am completely perplexed. Ok, just wanted to vent some more.
  3. jchndler

    10.4.7 fried my lower memory module

    This is the most ridiculous thing I have heard in a long time. However from looking at the engadget page it appears there are other people having this problem. How about doing a fresh install and seeing if that doesn't fix things. Also I would say take it in anyway. They may very well help you regardless of the serial number. After calling AppleCare they said since I'm out of the serial range (even though they agreed my machine has the symptoms of the machines within the serial range) I would have to pay for the repair, which in my guess it would be paying for a new logic board. I've even read that people have went through 3 logic boards because of the same issue. So... is it worth to pay for a new logic board? To me, absolutely not.
  4. jchndler

    10.4.7 fried my lower memory module

    This has nothing to do with 10.4.7. A software update like that will not fry hardware. It seems most likely that your RAM has gone bad. You should see if the manufacturer will replace it since most good RAM is lifetime guaranteed. I hate to say this, but you're completely wrong. It's wide spread and like I said apple has a program to replace the logic board but my serial just missed the range. The RAM is fine... I've tried 3 different sticks in that module and they all don't work, but they all work in the top module. A lot of people had their lower memory module go bad after an os x update. http://www.engadget.com/2005/12/28/mac-os-...emory-hardware/
  5. After the 10.4.7 OS X update I had this problem. If I reseat the RAM it will boot up -- WITH CHIME (if it doesn't recognize all ram modules you won't get the chime) and recognize the RAM. Usually within 20 min of activity it will either freeze the machine or give a kernel panic. After reboot it will sometimes ignore the lower memory module or it will recognize it again and of course crash soon after. But if it doesn't recognize the lower memory module it will run fine with just the top memory module showing there's RAM. This is unfortunate, as my 15 inch Powerbook (1.67 GHz) is out of the serial range on memory slot repair extension program. My only choice is to pay for a repair, and who knows if that would do any good or not. For now I'll just be running 1 gig of ram instead of 2 gigs.
  6. jchndler

    iTunes: Post 10.4.7

    I have a 15 inch - 1.67 GHz PowerBook G4. It's definitely not an iTunes issue... it's either a OS X or hardware issue. I'm almost positive it's an OS X issue, though.
  7. jchndler

    iTunes: Post 10.4.7

    I guess I spoke too soon. It is still doing it. I will play a song and it will cut out and come back on. When it cuts out in system preferences it will change the output to "Headphones" and of course, when it says that I can plug headphones in and sure enough there's sound... I just can't figure out why it will randomly change the output to "Headphones" when there isn't headphones plugged in.
  8. jchndler

    iTunes: Post 10.4.7

    Don't know if I'm the only one having this issue or not, but when playing a song in iTunes after the 10.4.7 update my sound would just cut out. After a few seconds it would come back on... sometimes it would take longer, sometimes it wouldn't at all. Courious if anyone else has had the issue after the update. Thanks guys. EDIT: Actually... it's not specific to iTunes. Sometimes I get sound now... sometimes I do not. Odd. Edit x2: Hopefully the last edit. I opened up System Preferences and went to sound--> Output and while there was no sound coming out it said "Headphones" all of a sudden it changed to "Internal Speakers" and sound was coming out... changed back to "Headphones" and again, no sound. Why in the hell is it changing and acting like headphones are plugged in when there aren't? Keeps getting more interesting. Edit: So... yea... another EDIT. I went ahead and downloaded the 64 meg PPC 10.4.7 update. (In System Update I got the 39.8 meg 10.4.7 update.) Anyway, I installed the 64 meg update and now everything seems to be fine... at least so far. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
  9. jchndler

    10.4.7 Update is Out!

    On my PowerBook 10.4.7 was 39.8 meg via system update.
  10. jchndler


  11. jchndler

    Terminal Oddness

    Yea, none of those tips worked. I created a new user and still got the same problem when I logged in and opened terminal under that account. As far as bbombadil's tip of setting the window size, I would change it but when I would go back it would change the dimensions to "2,047 Columns" and "5 Rows". I really have no idea what's going on, but would LOVE to be able to get this issue fixed. Thanks for trying guys. - Josh UPDATE: OK. I fixed it. It Looks like I was having some font issues. Is there anyway to restore all the fonts that Tiger comes with on your machine?
  12. jchndler

    Terminal Oddness

    Try renaming or deleting .bash_profile in your home folder. I think you know about hidden files. If you have an SSH client and there is an sshd running on the machine you might be able to ssh to localhost to at least have a window to work in. Thanks, but that still didn't work. This is really odd. Hmm...
  13. jchndler

    Terminal Oddness

    So, when I open Terminal app it opens as a red button that I can close and that's it. I can't pull down the bottom right corner to make the window (shell) larger. I posted a screenshot below to show you what's happening. I've repaired permissions and deleted the terminal plist file. Thanks in advance. - Josh
  14. jchndler

    10.4.6 Update Just came out!

    I have a 15" PowerBook 1.67 GHz and Dashboard runs better for me and the widgets are a bit smoother. ... or so it seems after the update.
  15. jchndler

    10.4.6 Update Just came out!

    First difference I notice. When I repair disk permissions before 10.4.6 it would always repair something, not matter if I ran it one time after another, it always seemed to find something (seemed to me to be the same files) to repair. Since I've installed 10.4.6, I've ran the repair disk permissions one time after another and it finds nothing to repair. A minute change, but a change to me none the less.