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    Ways to convert VHS tapes to digital- DVD using an iMAC

    Thanks for your reply and link to your blog. (You have a nice site) I am curious what else you tried to end up with these choices to know what doesn't work so well. These hardware items are more pricey, for example, than buying an under $100 VHS-DVD Recorder (not updconverter) machine. Is the difference in quality that much better? Also, can you copy commercial VHS movies (we have a ton). Or are they somehow protected for copyng. I would only be using it for my own use. I wanted to be able to convert our VHS movie library to DVD and not worry about havng a VHS tape player. When you used Toast- could you have just used iDVD?
  2. minimejdh

    Ways to convert VHS tapes to digital- DVD using an iMAC

    Unfortunately, I don't have a digital camcorder. I have a VHS-C camcorder.
  3. I plan on switching from a PC to the iMac after the first of the year. One of the projects I would like to tackle is convering both home VHS-C tapes and commercial movie VHS tapes to DVDs. I am discovering there may be a number of ways to do this- some involving the computer and others not. All would involve some outlay of money for equipment (VCR-DVR player; DVR player; EyeTV, other). What experiences doing this have you had? What approach to doing this would you recommend? In the approach that you use- what are the advantages and downsides? After the task is done is there any other use for the hardware/software you recommended? How were you able to copy commercial VHS movie tapes if they are protected? Thanks for your thoughts.