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  1. apakuni

    10.5.1 RELEASED!

    I tracked down the Mail 3.1 issue. I had a lingering preference pane from an old Daylite installation. After trying every other solution on the Apple Mail boards to no avail, I started poking around under the hood. In ~/Library/Mail/Bundles , I found and deleted the culprit. Mail started without a hiccup right afterwards. Yay. I hope this helps someone else down the road. Doug
  2. apakuni

    10.5.1 RELEASED!

    Yep. The irony is, I was not experiencing the lock up issue previously. Go figure. And, it appears I am not alone. http://discussions.apple.com/search.jspa?t...mp;rankBy=10001 Doug
  3. apakuni

    10.5.1 RELEASED!

    Is anyone having issues with Mail 3.0 locking up after the upgrade? Thanks, Doug
  4. apakuni

    G5 Quad Upgrades

    Thanks for the info. I assume any SATA drive will do? Does anyone reccomend a specific vendor for RAM?
  5. apakuni

    G5 Quad Upgrades

    I have a new G5 Quad. I want to bump up the had drive space and maybe the RAM. I've built lots of PCs but never had my hands inside of a Mac. Can anyone offer guidance? Are there special issues with adding HDs? How many can I cram in the box? Is there a vendor you guys recommend for RAM? Thanks, Doug
  6. apakuni

    Odd keyboard issue...

    I have the same issue. It appears to be derived from the last mega-update. This "sleep" issue also extends to the trackpad. I have no external devices attached besides my ipod. It is annoying!
  7. apakuni

    Best Mac OSX PIM?

    I am not a big fan of Mail. Address Book and iCal are ok. Maybe Mail is better in Tiger,which I have not upgraded to yet. Thoughts?
  8. apakuni

    Best Mac OSX PIM?

    Hey everyone, I just discovered the MacCast podcast and really enjoyed it. I am a recent Mac convert from Windows. I started on the original Mac a long time ago but switched to PCs in 1990. Now, I am back in the fold with a 15" G4 TiBook and loving it. The only thing I am struggling with is finding a good all-around Personal Information Manager (PIM) for OSX. I love the robustness of Outlook for XP, and think Entourage is pretty cool, but I do not like the fact that it has no real SPAM killing capabilities. I'd love switch to Mozilla Thunderbird, but it does not have the color-coding abilities of Entourage or the ability sync cleanly with my Palm Treo. Any help reccomendations you can provide would be most welcome. Thanks, Apakuni