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  1. Which finder view do you prefer? Personaly I like Icon View for my Applications folder and my Pictures folder because I recognize the icon before the name. And because of that I started using Icon View all around. But I have heard many people say is sucks, so I was wondering what you all used.
  2. cfsporn

    MacBook for sale

    I am selling my beloved MacBook. It is full of pro apps like: Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, Mainstage, Aperture, Office 2008 VMware Fusion, AfterEffects, Photoshop CS3, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto Vice City, Toast (the latest version), CS3 Master Suite (!!!!), iWork 08, iLife 08, Soundtrack Pro, DVD Studio Pro, and much much more. The specs are also nothing to be sneezed at: 2.0 GHZ Core2Duo Processor, Dual Layer Superdrive, a brand new screen, 4 GB (!!!) of DDR2 RAM, and a 120 GB HD. This is the 5th fastest MacBook in the world to take the xBench benchmark program. It is in very good visual condition too. (Another bonus, it has been kept in a non smoking home.) However, the keyboard is currently dead, but that is a cheap repair. The reason why I am selling it is because the keyboard is dead, and I don't have enough money to fix it. I am asking a mere $1000 dollars OBO, trades considered, but cash is recommended. I am flexible in where you want to meet. It is currently running Leopard, but I can put Vista, Tiger, XP, or any flavor of linux you want on it. Please send offers to csporn@gmail.com
  3. The bluetooth on my MacBook (Core2Duo, black, 2 ghz) will not turn off. I have tried going thru the system preference pane where the option for turning it off was greyed out. Also, the menu in the menu bar won't give me the option to turn it off. What is wrong?
  4. cfsporn

    MacBook Bluetooth Won't Turn Off

    I meant that I have root access because I can enable a root user on my mac. Update: It still won't go off in another account.
  5. cfsporn

    What made you fall in love with a mac?

    Well, it all started one strange night in vegas. I had been a hard core pc user for all my life. Little did I know that my views would be forever changed, and to think it all started when I lost $5000 in a blackjack game. I was so depressed I spent the rest of my money on a bottle of vodka. I am not too sure what happened after that, but I awoke a week later, handcuffed to a bed, with an iMac G5 and a PowerBook gently massaging my chest. Since then, I have been a Mac guy.
  6. cfsporn

    MacBook Bluetooth Won't Turn Off

    I have both admin access and access to the root user.
  7. cfsporn

    What is your preferred finder view?

    It is amazing how much things can change. I am now always using column mode, even to the point that whenever I am using a friend's comp, I switch the view. I don't know what caused me to change, but I have been in column mode for a long time now.
  8. cfsporn

    Macs are like crack

    Has anybody noticed that once you buy your first Mac, that you often buy several more? I have. I got an iMac as a present, and a month later I was in dept up to my eyeballs paying for a PowerBook.
  9. cfsporn

    Too much VM?

    I recently upgraded to Leopard (after getting my MacBook fixed, Yay!!!) and am loving it, but one thing puzzles me: The activity monitor. Before, I knew what everything meant, but thanks to the addition of the VM size indicator, I am now confused. I always thought that VM=Swap file, but appearently I was wrong. Also how come it always says that such a large amount of VM is in used? Can someone please help me shed some light on this?
  10. cfsporn

    Favorite Mac ever made.

    What is your favorite Mac? Old Apple computers count too.
  11. cfsporn

    Ideas for 3rd Party apps on Iphone

    podcasts, IM, games.
  12. cfsporn

    Firefox or Safari

    This post begs for a story. A story that stretches from my begaining of Mac userdom to my current life. At first I used safari non stop. At that time I also was trying out any and every mac web browser I could find. (If you don't believe me then look at my dock screenshots from winter of 2006 F-ing massive.) However, I just used safari. Then I heard of many prolems with safari, so I switched to firefox. I used Firefox until I found Mac Optimized versions of firefox which I used. Then I entered a period of using Safari, Flock, and FIrefox which insured that my bookmarks were never in sync. THen I switched back to firefox until Safari 3 came out. When it came out, I was a total firefox fanboy, if I saw someone using safari I would laugh. But I downloaded Safari 3 for shits and giggles, and used firefox some more. THen I got my iPohone and my copy of Leopard beta. On that copy of leopard, safari sung, not to mention that I could only get my safari bookmarks on my iPhone. Then I downgraded back to leopard and continued Safari use. Then I got my PowerBook G3, I decided to try camino on it and used it for a while until I came back to safari 3.
  13. cfsporn

    MacBook iSight problem

    My iSight is really annoying me. Whenever I open PhotoBooth, iMovie or iChat AV, it says that my iSight camera is in use by another application even though it is not! The weird thing is whenever it works fine in quicktime. WHat is going on here? I have tried reinstalling 10.4.10 twice to no avail.
  14. cfsporn

    Apple stickers?

    I put one on my guitar, one on my Dell tower (took off the dell logo), on on my dell monitor, one on my TV, on above my bed (I pray to it every night ), and one above my little brother's bed. I had some on my PowerBook, but that was just redundant.
  15. cfsporn

    GUI Based SSH Cleint - Putty for OSX

    Although MacFusion or Cyberduck will do the trick. And a slightly off topic question, is this for an iPhone?
  16. cfsporn

    XBench fun

    Um... that is my old PowerBook. I must have posted the wrong link. Hereis my MacBook's test.
  17. cfsporn

    What to do with a perfectly good G5?

    @Graham I will trade my MacBook for your pro any day of the week One thing you could try to do is make your iMac a web server and try to sell space on it. That way you can keep it, and make some money.
  18. cfsporn

    I eat Brainz!!!

    Run monlingual to get rid of languages, not architectures.
  19. cfsporn

    XBench fun

    I hate to bring up an old topic, but I love to brag http://db.xbench.com/merge.xhtml?doc1=2388...nsetCookie=true
  20. Well, not stupid. I guess I used the wrong word there. But it can be very time consuming.
  21. cfsporn

    I have invites!

    *NOTE TO MOD* Can this be stickified and made the offical place to ask for an invite? Also I have Pownce, Skitch, and Joost invites.
  22. cfsporn

    Video Compression

    In that case you might want to try h.264 compression. However, keep the DV tapes if you will want to edit.
  23. cfsporn

    Half my hard drive gone to the OP?

    Also delete your /Previous Systems folder.
  24. cfsporn

    Video Compression

    What format is the source video?
  25. I used to download and listen to all previous podcasts before the current one. Then I realized that that was stupid.