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    Favorite Software

    Perian ~ Allows me to play damn near any video format in quicktime iFuntastic ~ Makes hacking my iPhone easy! Jailbreak and iPhoneInterface ~ For when I really want to get hacky with the iPhone MacFusion ~ Allows me to mount ftp and ssh with read/write access SuperDuper ~ My favorite backup program SpamSive ~ Nobody likes spam, and this gets rid of it all. VisualHub ~ Can convert any video to many formats and very quickly. VMware Fusion ~ Because Parallels has broken my computer 4 times.
  2. Um... Before my iPod died I listened to nothing but podcasts. Once it died I used my phone as my main portable media player and during that time my podlistening sunk. Then I discovered podlinez which allowed me to call a phone number to listen to a podcast. This led to a rebirth of podcast listening for me. Today my phone is still my main portable media player (it is an iPhone), but I no longer use podlinez. I just download and listen.
  3. cfsporn

    Show off your Desktop

    Why do you use MSN if you have Adium?
  4. cfsporn

    Show off your Desktop

    Dock: Desktop: (I have it rotating every minute.)
  5. cfsporn

    Lynda.com + Safari

    Or you could open the activity monitor by pressing cmd+option+A and find the video in there.
  6. cfsporn

    Bloggers wanted!

    Yes I am still looking. Email me.
  7. cfsporn

    Bloggers wanted!

    As you know I just got a website, and I am looking for some bloggers. Basicly as long as you have a pulse, have OK english grammer (you have to type english good ) and a tiney knowlege of wordpress, you can join. I don't care if you have never blogged before, it is OK. Contact me at csporn@gmail.com
  8. At the MacWorld keynote, Steve Jobs said that it was possible to view change the view properity of the mail app from having a split screen preview to having the full screen. How can I do this?
  9. cfsporn

    Installing Kubuntu on a Dell

    It should work. It is the card in the dell that matters.
  10. cfsporn


    I do, pm me with your email.
  11. Sometimes when I start up my MacBook, a process called Airport starts hogging all of my CPU power. It isn't running as root and when I quit that process nothing bad happens. I asked Apple Tech support about it and I was told to reinstall and not put any more 3rd party software on my computer. (yeah and do you want my hands too?) So I have decided to turn to a bunch of Mac Geeks to help me. What is that process, why is it consuming all my CPU, am I going to screw up my Macbook if I keep killing it, and what caused it to start consuming my CPU. Thanks!
  12. cfsporn

    who got one?

    I have a 4 gig and I want it to have my children.
  13. cfsporn

    Show off your Desktop

    100% leopard
  14. cfsporn

    Forcing WIFI

    My iPhone logs on to my access point, choses edge, and then bitches b/c it "Can't connect to edge" weirdly this doesn't effect safari, just Mail and Google Maps.
  15. cfsporn

    Final Cut Express/Macbook problem

    Can Motion work on a Core2 2.0 ghz macbook?
  16. cfsporn

    Boot Camp Fails me for the last time!!!

    WAIT!! DO NOT BRING IN YOU LAPTOP! All you have to do is boot from your OSX install disk and run repair disk from there. You can not repair a mounted disk.
  17. cfsporn

    Let me see your Mac!

    Here is my setup. From left to right: PowerBook, MacClassic (with a very fashionable LaCie drive for a hat:P), a bottle of beer;), and my MacBook. Not shown: the Dell from Hell, my iMac and my future G4 tower. Behind my setup is my home built (by me) home theatre system.
  18. cfsporn

    JOIN THE MacCast Folding@home Team

    I am having some problems. I installed the client, I see it taking up my CPU power, but I am not advancing in the ranks. Can someone point me to a guide. (I tried the FAQ on the folding site, but it wasn't helpful.) I am on a MacBook using the intel mac version.
  19. cfsporn

    Many MacBook Problems

    My problems started on monday when my MacBook wouldn't boot. It would boot into vista, but not anything unix (so I couldn't run Applejack) or mac. Then I tried booting it off of the DVD to repair the disk/permissions when I got an invalid node error. I reformated the disk, zeroed over everything, and then reinstalled and my problems still continue. I can not repair permissions AT ALL. I have tried Disk Util and I get a "Disk Utility has lost its connection with the Disk Management Tool and cannot continue. Please quit and reluanch Disk Utility." I do that and it still doesn't work. I get the same error if I boot off of the DVD also. Onyx and AppleJack hang for over 30 mins when I try to repair permissions there. I have many other iTunes related problems that are caused by screwed up permissions and I have no way to fix them. And now I can not log in to any user account. Please help!
  20. cfsporn

    DVD to iPod? Your best space saving settings!

    I used to use HandBrake, but then I stopped. I found that it was taking around 6 hours to convert a dvd. Then I realised that it wasn't my CPU (G4) that was the bottleneck, but my optical drive. So now I rip the DVDs using MacTheRipper, and convert them using visual hub. It takes a fraction of the time.
  21. cfsporn

    RAM in Macbook

    Even the MBPs have a limit of 3 GB. I think it is in the chipset.
  22. cfsporn

    Pro Software

    M$ office is a pro app? Also what about Shake and Soundbooth?
  23. cfsporn

    Future Switcher

    I have a Black MacBook c2d and love it. I take it everywhere I go and the only 2 problems I have are the glossy screen (HATE IT) and the airport process. I would recomend getting a ram upgrade, as it will improve your battery life and your performance. I use my MacBook for all sorts of things and I rarely go above 100% CPU (it is dual core so you can go to 200%). Even QuickTime Pro doesn't use both cores! Yet still it converted my 30 min video to a cell phone format in around 2 mins.
  24. cfsporn

    so i really wish i hadn't done that

    Try changing the screen resolution in your virtual machine.
  25. cfsporn

    Show off your Desktop

    If anybody wants, I can upload the vista premium wallpapers.