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    What kind of iPod do you have?

    I have a 30 gigabyte 5th gen and a 40 gig photo. The photo is in need of a batt and HD replacement.
  2. cfsporn

    Least Used Bundled Mac App

    I almost never use automator, Quicken, iPhoto (All aperture all the time), iMovie (I dont have a video camera. yet), iDVD (same reasons), MS office, sherlock, dashboard, stickies, address book, iCal, iSync (if anybody knows how I can get it to sync with my Nokia 6102 tell me!), Art Director's tookit (what is it?), calculator, Safari, Dictionary ( in a cocoa app, I can just press cmd+ctrl+d), DVD player, Image Capture, Internet connect, Stuffit Expander, Zino, AirPort Setup Assistant, AirPort Admin Utility, and every other app in the utilities folder save for Terminal, Activity monitor, Disk Util, X11, Bluetooth File Exchange and the console. I use the Omni apps all the time, and same with Mail and TextEdit (Gmaill can work with Mail, just not imap), I used to use iWeb all the time, but now I use wordpress. Another thing I get rid of is all of the printer drivers and spare languages. The only app that screws up when I remove languages is Adobe Reader which kinda sucks anyway.
  3. cfsporn

    Wordpress help.

    I got it back up and working again! It turns out that I had a plugin that was screwing up my site. For the record, the plugin was Translator.
  4. cfsporn

    Wordpress help.

    I am having a bit of trouble with my wordpress blog on freecasts.net. mainly it is that the sidebar does not show up, which squishes all the little banner ads in the bottom and screws up the formating. i have tried everything including a clean install of Wordpress (on the same MySQL database) what should I do? I know this is not a WordPress forum, but since so many of us have wordpress blogs, I thought I could get some help here.
  5. cfsporn

    Wordpress help.

    I did, but this problem showes up in untoched themes too. I will try putting it on it's own MySQL database and see if that works.
  6. cfsporn

    How to properly value a used mac

    What he said / \ |
  7. cfsporn

    HELP!!!! I have very little time left

    How about iPod shuffles? You can get a refurb 512 for under $50 now.
  8. cfsporn

    Bloggers wanted!

    I would not call this a job opportunity as there is jno pay involved.
  9. Besides the 5th avenue Apple store opening, there seems to be a derth of Apple events in NY/the east cost. Do you all know of any?
  10. cfsporn

    Bloggers wanted!

    Yes. This is for http://freecasts.net.
  11. cfsporn

    New name for podcasts

    How about Freecasts! Sorry I could not resist.
  12. cfsporn

    November Customization.

    Well, since nobody else made one and the last customization is from August, I will get the ball rolling again. Dock (Wow, I need to go thru all of those URLs!) The apps listed in order are... Finder, Feeder, Garageband, Pages, Mail, Firefox, Flock, Voice Candy, iChat, System prefs, Activity monitor, Terminal, Disk util, Script editor, Aperture, iTunes 7, ARD3, Appzapper, Plist editor, Bluetooth File Exchange, Quicksilver, Auzueus, SerialBox (I know I know), Pzizz (I am an insomniac), KCNScrew (Again I know I know), Cyberduck, Textedit, Disco, Fairgame, Indy, HamachiX, Visual Hub, TextWrangler, Google Picasa uploader. It looks like the URLs are not the only thing for me to clean out! Menubar Spotlight, Fast user switching, Displays, Volume, Batt left, Bluetooth, Classic, Ink, ARD, Processor, CPU monitor, iChat, Timbaktu, Vesion Cue, Synergy, Ejector, and Quicksilver. System Prefs
  13. cfsporn

    I am back!

    I took some well needed time off the Maccast forum. and now I am back and glad to be so. Also I would like to take this time to plug my new website. (I think this makes 15, but who is counting?) It is http://freecasts.net and it is the new home of Fredric's Fantastic Freeware, and it's rather good blog.
  14. cfsporn

    Web Hosting

    I have 1and1 and love it. They are much less expensive than godaddy and you get more space and bandwith. Whenever I call tech support, I am on the phone with someone within 15 mins at most, and they always help. Also I would be more than happy to help with your hosting.
  15. A lot of it is legal in the fact that a family member bought the Family pack and I used it.
  16. I am selling my PowerBook. It has a lot of good software on it including CS2 Premium, FCS, FCE, Shake 4.1, iLife 06, all those Macromedia Web design apps, iWork 06, and a whole lot more. For the hardware info check my sig. It also includes some hardware goodies. I am asking about $1400-1500 to it. I do not want to go the ebay or craigslist route because, as crazy as it sounds, I would like to make sure that my beloved PowerBook is in a good home. It is in near mint condision with a few scratches on the bottom. I am selling this because I am a student and I need all the money I can get. Thank you.
  17. cfsporn

    Help Me Get A Free SpyMac Account

    I wouldn't say it is spamming.
  18. cfsporn

    MacCast software

    Count me in! I am starting to learn AppleScript and I would love to learn more!
  19. cfsporn

    Word Processing

    Back when I was allowed to take my laptop into school (long story), I used a combo of Pages, NeoOffice, OmniGraffle, and OmniOutliner. I would use pages for standard word processing, NeoOffice for spreadsheets OmniGraffle for flowcharts and OmniOutliner for outlines. I used Pages and outline the most. I am also proud to say that I have not corrupted my Laptop by putting office on it.
  20. The price has been lowered to 1400. For all the software you get, it is a bargain!
  21. cfsporn


    I think I will have to follow the same suit as Basden. As always you can catch me on my podcast http://web.mac.com/cfsporn and on AIM at cfsporn@mac.com Bye
  22. cfsporn

    An excel alternative

    Is there a free excel alternative out there? I really hate office and the last remaining part of it that I have yet to erase is microsoft excel. Thank you
  23. cfsporn


    I have a USB key that has some important data on it. However it will not mount in Finder or Disk Util. I need to format that drive. How can I get to it. It showes up in my hardware under system profiler. PLEASE HELP. So much depends on this working!
  24. cfsporn


    We will miss you!
  25. cfsporn

    Apple Ipod Video Announced!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just after I got an el Gato eyeTV!