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  1. cfsporn

    Internet Service

    My mom has DSL, my dad has RCN Mega Modem Mach 10 (which is blazing fast). However, a lot of the time I just end up poaching. Both of them have wifi routers.
  2. cfsporn

    Post your Dashboard!

    I am not a big dashboard person. The only widget I use a lot is the temerture monitor widget, which I drag to my desktop. P.S. You need to host your image on a website. Imagshack or Flickr would work well.
  3. cfsporn

    Printer Suggestions

    I am in love with my cannon pixma ip4200.
  4. After over 6 months of being online, my website still has not been indexed by google. What can I do to make it so that it is indexed?
  5. cfsporn

    accessing old iWeb

    You have to move the domain.sites from your old Mac's ~/library/application support/iweb folder to your new Mac's ~/library/application support/iweb folder.
  6. cfsporn

    Qtz. Converter

    Try iScreensaver.
  7. cfsporn

    ITunes Issue

    Aiff is not apple's lossless format. It is a universalish uncompressed audio format. Their lossless format is called "Apple Lossless."
  8. cfsporn

    Anyone using iPod linux etc.

    Why do you ask that?
  9. cfsporn

    Lapotop battery replacement shiiping observation

    There must be a huge shortage on 15 inch PB batteries. I have waited 2 weeks when the tech support guy told me it would be less than one. I live in the US. Also I went thru hell and back trying to get my battery replaced. But that is another story.
  10. cfsporn

    Boot from USB drive

    Because I have several USB disks and no firewire ones.
  11. cfsporn

    Wild Speculation on 9/12 announcement

    I think a new iPod and/or a Merom MBP. The MBPs are in need of an update, and since Apple seems to be updating their intel macs in chronological order based on their release, then it would seem likely that a MBP is in the works.
  12. cfsporn

    start up chime

    Am I the only one who can make the chime come out of my headphones?
  13. cfsporn

    Ipod Video and Movie Size

    However, iSquint can not convert directly to DVD. It can convert from mov .mp4 .avi .dv .mpg .vob .3gp .asf .wmv .flv .m4v and many other formats to iPod (h.264 or mpeg4.)
  14. Very funny X. Just because after 2 days, your blog was on the top of the google index, you do not have to rub it in.
  15. cfsporn

    Ipod Video and Movie Size

    Use iSquint. http://isquint.org
  16. cfsporn

    Burning TIVO programs using iDVD

    Try converting them into .mov files in iSquint. Just remember to set the dimensions to TV.
  17. cfsporn

    start up chime

    Here is what I found based on the research of my iMac G5 and my PowerBook. My iMac will chime if the volume is set higher than mute in accordence with how high the volume is. Plugging in headphones does not stop the mute. On my PowerBook it is the same only if I plug in headphones, the chime plays thru the headphones. Neither made the sound go to my iMic even when it is selected under the audio pref pane. Hope that helps.
  18. cfsporn

    New Forum Software

    I have gotten lazy! Before the software switch, I used to HAVE to read all the topics because if I did not, and I closed the window, they would all be marked read. Now I say, oh I can get back to that later.
  19. How did you get the voicemail line.
  20. Well, the end of the season is near for my Fredric's Fantastic Freeware podcast, and I as usal, am holding a contest. The winner gets 5 iTunes songs (or something of equal value on iTunes). How do you enter? Listen the the Fredric's Fantastic Freeware podcast at http://web.mac.com/cfsporn
  21. cfsporn

    Your Christmas Wishlist

    I have changed my mind. I want nothing for Xmas. I celebrate Chanukah.
  22. cfsporn

    Maccast forum theme

    That would go a long way towards making this forum look better
  23. cfsporn

    Apple ProCare Expectations

    I have Procare. It is nice, but hardly a neccity. I sometimes go in for training sessions, but rarely.
  24. cfsporn


    As I said before in a previous post, I feel fine downloading commercial apps like FCS and CS2 because they are made by huge companies that make tons of money selling overpriced apps to you. A few hundred thousand dollars will not hurt their bottom line. However, I feel sick when I pirate a sharewear app because those were coded by a single person who NEEDS the money. And of course I steal microsoft apps just out of spite. Part of me wants to get sued by microsoft just so that I can look their lawers in the eye and shout at them: "Yeah microsoft, I pirate your apps. WHATCHA GONA DO ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU FORCED ME TO RUN WINDOWS FOR 14 YEARS OF MY LIFE! THOSE YEARS CAN NOT BE TAKEN BACK!" I have a slightly different idea on music, but that is a different story for a different time. Oh, and I am a student who has about 10 dollars to his name. And of course, MS office is not worth stealing. And I am in love with freeare ( I host the Fredric's Fantastic Freeware podcast @ http://web.mac.com/cfsporn
  25. cfsporn


    Here is what I did. I only shoot in RAW now. Import the photos from my D50 to my PowerBook and Aperture. Do simple editing there (crop, brightness, contrast). Then after that is done, I export it to a 16 bit tiff (and it is such a wonder why I am running out of HD space:) and edit that in photoshop CS2.