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    I hate the new look. And while I know Adam is busy, and I know that this forum is supposed to be function over form, I have stopped coming here as often as I used to simply because of the look. I mean come on, we are a bunch of Mac Heads! If we can not cook up something that looks nice, than who can? That is my 2 cents.
  2. cfsporn

    Your Christmas Wishlist

    Hey, I can dream can't I? And while I am dreaming, I would love some new lenses for my new Nikon D50.
  3. If you remember, a long time ago, when you unplugged your headphones from your iPod, then it paused. I loved this feature. It turns out it is gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What can I do to get it back?
  4. I often see CD cover art with a label that says "Made in iTunes." How do I do that?
  5. cfsporn

    Are there any good speach-to-text programs?

    Try orator. http://web.mac.com/dougeverly/iWeb/Softwar...tor/Orator.html
  6. cfsporn

    An excel alternative

    After several months, I am still very happy with iWork and NeoOffice. I so rarly get spreadsheets that it does not matter if NeoOffice is slow. Just as long as it is not MS. However the MS office icons do look good. Also I am in school and I have 100% compatibility with MS office for windows. I chose NeoOffice over OpenOffice because OpenOffice requires x11 and NeoOffice does not.
  7. Well I agree about the fact that office should not be on the Macs. In fact whenever I go to an apple store, I rescue the comps from office.
  8. cfsporn

    custom ipod cases

    Yes I would. Email me.
  9. cfsporn

    Why My Dell is Better than My MacBook Pro

    My dad has that. It was very easy to add ram to, but besides that it was a piece of crap.
  10. cfsporn

    the eject button on a mac pro

    YOu have to press option+eject.
  11. cfsporn


    Or you could do a secure empty trash. From the finder menu you will see it.
  12. cfsporn

    AppleScript Error, How Do i fix it

    Archive and install. That is the only thing that worked forme.
  13. cfsporn

    iPhoto reduced all of my photo sizes

    And those thumbnails are okay to erase. They are also the reason why I moved to Aperture.
  14. cfsporn

    HD space disapeared... ACK!!!

    Make sure that when you run Monolingual, you uncheck all the boxes for architectures and keyboard layouts.
  15. cfsporn

    How do I install a program?

    If you want to go to a chatroom, then press "cmd+shift+G" and then type the name. But that is in iChat.
  16. cfsporn

    System Maintenance software

    Try Onyx
  17. cfsporn

    MacBook Glossy Screen

    I use my PowerBook outside.
  18. cfsporn

    Your Christmas Wishlist

    I would love a Mac Pro. Midrange.
  19. cfsporn

    is it weird that i missed my mac

    I miss my Mac when I do not travel with it.
  20. cfsporn

    anyone w/ XCode installed...pls help!

    I can email it to you. What is your email?
  21. Whenever I unplug my PowerBook, it shuts down, and it will not restart unless it is plugged in. I have zapped the PRAM and the NVRAM, I think I reset the PMU, I cleard some caches, and I repaired my permissions. The PowerBook notices the battery, but it just does not run on it. Thanks
  22. cfsporn

    PowerBook will not work on battery!

    I have the latest G4.
  23. What happened to the chatroom, "Themaccast?" Also Mitch, how did you change your name?
  24. cfsporn

    PowerBook will not work on battery!

    Apple is sending a new battery.