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    Cant Open SMS meesages in iPhone

    Sorry id this has been covered (I cant find any references to it). Last night I got some sms messages. Went to the phone to retrieve them. It shows 3 messahes on home screen bubble. However, when I go to open sms messages, it looks for a while like it will, then it just goes back to main screen every time. I have turned on and off many times. No solution. I have reset "Reset All Settings"- no solution. I am sure I am not the only miserable chap with this problem. Any ideas you guys? Thanks in advance. Ross
  2. rosskuwait

    Cant Open SMS meesages in iPhone

    It's a 1st Gen iPhone (jailbroken) running 3.0. I have not updated further and there has never been an issue, but it will not let me open any sms.
  3. Hi All, Well like most of you, I have been waiting for WWDC podcast etc, but the last show I have sent on the feed is 27/05/2009. I see on the Maccast website and see there are now two Maccasts there but they are simply not available on my iTunes. Yes, I have checked my settings. Yes, I have updated. Yes I have even unsubscribed and then resubscribed. Guess what, the 27/05/2009 show downloads and that is it? This is weird. And, driving me crazy! Any ideas from you blokes/sheilas out there? They will be gratefully received. Ross, Kuwait
  4. rosskuwait

    iPhone 2.0 Unlocked

    G'Day, Just a quick note to say I followed iClarified's in-depth tutorial on how to unlock the iPhone (in my case how to un-brick my useless iPhone after downloading and installing iPhone 2.0 and iTunes 7.7), and after a couple of false starts (mainly not exactly following timing procedures for going into DFU mode), I am thrilled to report that it worked! I am a Mac geek, but I am by no means a technical person and it was only sheer desperation that made me try the process myself. I now have my iphone back, running 2.0 and have access to apps as well. I still have a nasty taste in my mouth over Apple doing this in the first place, but I suppose those who laugh last laugh the loudest eh? Many thanks too to those who wrote to offer advice/support. Ross Kuwait (on hols in Oz).
  5. rosskuwait

    iPhone 2.0 Unlocked

    Dear Graham, You fail to see huh? Well, well. Spoken like someone who has legal iPhone sales in his own country. Try coming to the Middle East and buying a "legal" iPhone. Even now, no iphone. So spare me the holier than thou moral high ground. We dont all live or work in the Big Apple mate!
  6. rosskuwait

    Iphone 2.0 = Bricked iPhone

    Bought an iPhone whilst in SF in March. Apple had o problems taking my money. Back to Kuwait and had it unlocked etc and been using it no problems with my local sim card. Love my iPhone. Or, at least i did! Downloaded iPhone 2.0 after being prompted last week. Result? My iPhone is TOTALLY useless; a brick; emergency calls only. Why? Apple Why? Why disable every feature, not just the phone? Why do this to a loyal Apple customer when there is no "legitimate" way to use it in my country (Kuwait)? I could understand if I were in the USA and they wanted to keep me an AT&T. This is so pathetic. My phone is bricked and any solution to roll-back to 1.4 or iTunes 7.5 has simply not worked. Anyone else been fu*#ed-over in this way? More importantly, any suggestions as to how I might go about getting my iPhone back to life? ~Ross (Kuwait)
  7. rosskuwait

    PowerBookG4 Putting Itself to Sleep

    Hi guys and thanks for your kind help. I suspected heat may be a problem too. When cool, first thing in morning it will last two hours. Then when I can restart again, it is much reduced. Seems consistent with heat problems, but I am no expert. I have disconnected the battery and am trying it out just with adapter. Let's see what happens. Cheers and Happy new year, Ross
  8. G'Day, Before I start, yes my Powerbook is three years old and still running the original battery. Lately (over last month), the powerbook just puts itself to sleep after it has been running up to two hours. I can usually restart it again by simply pushing a key, but it quickly shuts down again. If I leave it a few hours, it will be fine, but only for a reduced time. The battery charge shows 100% but when the charger is removed, it immediately says it is running on reserve power. Is this simply a battery issue? Will a new battery solve this problem? Would appreciate any opinions. Thanks, Ross
  9. Hi, I have a Panasonic CCD digital camcorder. It only has a USB connection to connect to my Powerbook. As we all know, this makes it useless; the Mac will not recognise it. I have been everywhere in the Middle East (including Alexandria) to places like radio Shack etc, and have been told I cant use firewire on this camera. Do I just give up? I love this camcorder and its perfect in every other respect: it's CCD, its got great resolution etc, but I cant copy to Imovie etc. Is there any solution? Something outside the box? Trust me, there is no digital Mini DV outlet...only the USB. HELP!! PS: is it common American pronunciation to call NIKON with the "I" as in "Nike"? I cringe every time I hear Adam say "Nyekon" instead of "NIKON" with the "i" as in "nip" or "sit".
  10. I have to get used to the new layout features etc but the "update" feature in itunes for podcasts which used to be in top right corner is now gone. I have noticed that although new episodes are available of podcasts, it will not automatically update, even though I have made sure my preferences are set to auto update every day. Anyone else having this issues or is there something I am doing wrong?
  11. I love my new 60Gig Video Ipod, I really do. BUT.............. Can Apple be forgiven for: a) not supplying a Manual as standard with the iPod? Once you DO download Manual, finding that there is NO REFERENCE to deleting pics/videos whatsoever? I mean.......how short-sighted is that? So, my question is, and apologies if this has been answered before, HOW the f*#k do I delete EASILY?????? I mean Easy, simple so that even I can understand it!!!! If its been answered previously, my apologies and maybe direct me to the relevant place/string. Thanks, Ross
  12. G'Day, This happened same day to me in Kuwait and my twin brother in Hong Kong. Steve Jobs has created sympathy ipods that crash together around the world ????? My brother and I got this after downloading 5.1 Itunes. Never had problems prior. On syching, message received was "itunes cant recognise ipod". It then advised to update ipod to factory settings. Upon clicking ok, everything was deleted...everything. Thank god for dvd burners and back ups. But, Mr Jobs, Itunes 5.1 is a piece of sh*t. Why fix something that aint broke? How can Apple get it so badly wrong? I dont blieve my brother and I are alone in this happening. Anyone else having issues like this? AND....what's Apple saying? (nothing as usual or is it 0.05% of our users have experienced issues.....blah blah blah) Cheers Mates, Ross